Kiwi Collection

The Kiwi Collection is a flagship product for NZSG and a powerful online research tool for members. It represents the past and ongoing work of hundreds of NZSG members and projects, and your purchase supports that ongoing effort as well as the Society’s other work.

Whether you’re starting out on your family research journey or you’ve made some progress in piecing things together, the Kiwi Collection will introduce you to resources every New Zealand family historian should be using. It’s your go-to for those missing links that can move you through roadblocks and open new avenues of investigation.

The Kiwi Collection is an online service that contains nearly 15 million records. A minor release of the Kiwi Collection at the end of February 2024 has remediated some of the location data of the NZSG Cemetery Collection and includes corrections notified by members.

We have three tiers of access:

  • Non-members - can access a limited number of records by clicking on the "Kiwi Collection" button below
  • NZSG members - can access a greater number of records without subscribing either through their dashboard or the same button below
  • Subscribers - can access all records and images.

What Can I Find?

The Kiwi Collection is the gateway to a vast, meticulously compiled index of nearly 15 million records over 415 record sets, allowing you to locate the records you need and find exactly where and how to access them.

Kiwi Collection is the ideal resource to help you compile your research to-do list before you go any further – saving you a lot of time and helping you ‘connect the dots’ across resources.

Have a look at what you can find!

Any record found in the Kiwi Collection which is held by the NZSG Library/FRC can be requested by completing the look-up form.  Please ensure you include all details from the Kiwi Collection entry.

Key Features of the Online Kiwi Collection

  • Accessible on any device with an internet connection and web browser
  • Integrated search across all records and record sets, ranging from NZSG’s member-only Record Collections, Gazette notices, cemetery records, shipping passengers and hotel licenses to rolls of honour, land applicants, probates, school records and a wide range of other publications.
  • Integrated help files for every record set
  • Responsive display to fit large and small device screens
  • Comprehensive, printable online user guide
  • Regular updates to existing collections, periodic addition of new collections, and continuous release of school records and certificates no longer under privacy time restrictions
  • Non-renewing online subscription options – annual or monthly – catering for members’ short-term as well as regular ongoing research needs

How to Subscribe


Non-members can access a tiny fraction of what it available, as the Kiwi Collection is only fully available to our individual members. Click on the Login button at the bottom of the page to go to the Kiwi Collection. If you would like to access more, become a member today. Then follow the NZSG Members steps below.

NZSG Members

  • Login and go to the Shop to purchase your preferred subscription option.
  • Please ensure you read the Terms of Reference.
  • You can login to the Kiwi Collection at any time by going to your Dashboard under My NZSG and clicking on the "Login to Kiwi Collection" button under Quick Links.

User Information

If you have any problems logging into the Kiwi Collection after you have subscribed it might be because you have a "filter" assigned to your web browser, causing the Kiwi Collection to be blocked with a pop-up message. Check the address line of your web browser  and select “Allow pop-ups for". For more help on this, see About the Website



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