About the Website

Welcome to our new website which went live on 1 June 2021. We hope you enjoy looking around and exploring the new features.

NZSG members will see a lot more content once logged in. (Previously the Members Only menu items showed to everyone but had a padlock to show they were locked.) Members can update their own details under "My NZSG - Manage".

Home Page

To return to the Home Page click on the NZSG logo in the masthead.

Arrow back or changing the URL address to genealogy.org.nz also works.

Members Interests

If you want to update your Members Interests, you can do this under Research - Members Interests - Manage Interests.

Broken Links

If you come across any links that don't work, please email the Webmaster

Website Issues

There have been a few issues that have arisen since the website went live - we hope the following guidelines will help.


User passwords were migrated across from the previous website to the new. Some passwords were automatically rejected because they were considered to be "weak". The first step is to reset your password by following the prompts through this process. If you remain unsuccessful, please notify us for assistance at Webmaster@genealogy.org.nz


There was an issue with some browsers not being able to access Discovery after migration to our new website. This has now been resolved.

Shop Purchases

If you are having trouble purchasing something in our Shop and it wants to update your details, make sure both Physical and Postal address are ticked on the Address tab. 

Kiwi Collection

Some people have had problems accessing the Kiwi after subscribing. The main reason is related to "filters" you have assigned to your web browser, causing the Kiwi to be blocked with a pop-up message. Check the address line of your web browser as depicted below and select “Allow pop-ups for genealogy.org.nz".




Read more information about disabling pop-up blockers.



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