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We are your first point of call for New Zealand family history and genealogical research. Whether you are new to genealogy or have years of experience building your family tree, we can provide research resources and educational opportunities to help you develop your family history knowledge and skills. We also welcome volunteers who are keen to share their knowledge and experience with others.

Searching the Website

If you can't find what you are looking for in the Quick Links above or the footer below, do a search on Google for "NZSG:xxx" where xxx is your search term and you will generally find the page you are looking for, e.g. look at the results for "NZSG:DNA".


New to genealogy or in need of a refresher? See Getting It Right. We can also provide help on Sourcing and Best Practice.


Our DNA resources will help you to interpret your results. NZSG members have access to our Online DNA Group* and classroom.


NZSG has been collecting and indexing New Zealand records since 1967. You will find millions of records in our Kiwi Collection which has regular additions.


Our Library in Panmure, Auckland holds thousands of resources. If you can't visit our library, use our Research Service* for look-ups or to get research help.


Kiwi Resources will help you find records in New Zealand. If you are looking further afield see our extensive Overseas Resources. Members also have free access to Gale Newspapers and Discovery (UK National Archives).


Meet other genealogists through our Branches and Interest Groups, our fortnightly e-KIT newsletter* and The New Zealand Genealogist. We also have online groups, Mem-List* and a Facebook page.


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