The Lucy Marshall Award

This award for a "how to" article in the NZSG magazine was set up to honour our founding member Lucy Marshall who called a meeting in 1967 from which the Society was formed. Lucy was President of the NZSG October 1967 - February 1970, Vice-President February 1970-1971 and Editor of the Newsletter and The New Zealand Genealogist 1967-1986.  Lucy continued her interest in the Society and regularly attended Branch meetings until she passed away in 2020.


The Lucy Marshall Award was introduced to encourage all members to share their "how to" experiences with others.


  • The work must be the original work of the submitter sharing their ‘how to’ experience.
  • The author must be an individual person who is a current financial member of the NZSG at the time the article is published.
  • The article must have been published in The New Zealand Genealogist during the previous calendar year, must be previously unpublished, and be of no less than 500 words.
  • It must explain in depth a source or sources for an area of research and its use, explain the reasons why the information is valuable or significant and state where the source or sources are located and how the information can be accessed.
  • It is desirable for a bibliography to be included.


The award and the Prize of $100.00 is to be presented at the NZSG Annual General Meeting.

If the recipient is not present, a letter and the certificate, citation, and prize is to be presented at another genealogical function, or sent directly to the recipient by the NZSG Manager.

2021 Winners

The Board has commemorated Lucy in the year of her death by giving two awards in her name. They go to:

  • Pauline Weeks, #23015, for 'Remembering Women who served in WW2' published in December 2020  Citation: The judges all agreed this article was well resourced.
  • Sam Jaffe, #27695, for 'Searching for Nate' published in April 2020  Citation: The sources for this article were well-researched and it is well referenced.



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