Kiwi Collection Record Sets

The NZSG's Kiwi Collection is made up of over 370 different record sets! You can search all of them at once, or use the "Record Type" drop-down box to search a particular set of records.

To see the full list, download this Excel spreadsheet with record sets as at the December 2023 update. You can sort and filter the categories to see what is in there.

Collection Highlights

We've split the Kiwi Collection into different categories. Here are some of the highlights from each Category (index entries in brackets).

BDM - Births, Deaths and Marriages (3,321,661)

Our BDM collections range from national such as Archives - ITMs (Intentions to Marry) and Indexes to NZSG Certificates Collection and Pre-1856 Marriages Collection, to local registers, newspaper notices and a few divorces.

Cemeteries (2,684,061)

From the top of New Zealand to the bottom, our members have been collecting information from Andersons Bay to Whenua Tapu (alphabetical rather than geographical!).Now includes the NZSG Cemeteries Collection.

Electoral Rolls (175,930)

Find out who was the first woman in your family to vote with our Electoral Roll (1893) - Women! We also have various other Electoral Rolls from around the country.

Families (440,602)

In addition to indexes to the NZSG's First Families and Pedigree Collections, we have the Central Otago Family Register Index.

Immigration (70,950)

We have aliens and immigrants from various parts of Europe. Check out the spreadsheet list above!

Memorials (5,462)

We hold indexes of memorials in Dunedin and Onehunga.

Military (431,352)

Our military records start with the British in New Zealand and go through to WWI. It includes Kiwis serving in other militaries, armed constabularies, nurses and war brides.

Nominal (2,396,570)

Our nominal records are an eclectic collection of anything and everything that might have a name on it. It includes staff records, sheepowners and an index to The New Zealand Genealogist.

Obituaries (92,537)

In addition to the NZSG Obituaries Collection, you'll find obituaries from various publications around the country.

Probates Indexes (1,200,786)

In addition to the NZ Probate Index of those held at Archives New Zealand, we have records relating to land that changed hand due to those probates.

Schools (3,192,467)

The NZSG Schools collection is one of the most useful collections we have! We also have rolls for Industrial and Native schools, as well as teachers and school inspectors.

Shipping Records (460,238)

Looking for that relative that swam here? Perhaps they're in our shipping records collections. (You should also try our Library, we have more there.)

Undertaker Records (333,914)

In addition to an index of the various Undertaker Records we hold, we have an index to the NZSG Funeral Service Sheet Collection.

Thank you!

Many people have contributed to the Kiwi Collection over the years. Thank you! Your hard work has made it easier for us to find our family's history.

Adding to the Kiwi Collection

If you have a record set you'd like to donate the Kiwi Collection, please contact

If you would like to ask about a project to potentially add to the Kiwi Collection then email the Project Coordinator



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