Kevin McAnulty Award

The Kevin McAnulty Award is for a published Family History and was set up to honour the memory of Kevin McAnulty who served on the Council of the NZSG from 1986 to 1992 and set up projects on a more formal basis.  Kevin was particularly interested in the writing of family histories and that they were referenced correctly. Sadly he passed away suddenly in 1992 before completing his own family history.


This award is to encourage members to publish their family histories, to foster scholarly publication and to deposit a copy of completed works in the NZSG Library. The publication may be in the form of a hard copy book, an optical disc or an e-book.  Any family history donated to the NZSG Library within the past calendar year will be evaluated.


  • The donor must be the author and be a financial member of the NZSG at the time of selection, and have been a member at the time of publication.
  • The family which is the subject of the family history must be related to the author.
  • If the publication is co-authored, one of the authors must be a financial member of the NZSG at the time of selection and have been a member at the time of publication.
  • On the recommendation of an Evaluation Panel, more than one publication may be selected for an award in any one year so long as they meet the award criteria.
  • As a guide, when considering each publication, the Evaluation Panel is looking for:
    • content
    • layout and presentation
    • production and research
    • style and literary merit
    • completeness – including title page, contents listing, bibliography, reference and source citations
  • And all publications must include both contents and an index. However, in a digital publication "contents" may be in a different format, and an “index” may mean that the publication is searchable.


The award is to be presented at the NZSG Annual General Meeting.

If the recipient is not present, a letter, the certificate, bookplate and copy of the citation is to be presented at another genealogical function or sent directly to the recipient by the NZSG Manager.

2021 Winners

Two members this year are joint recipients of the award:

  • Carolyn Adams, #26177, for 'History - One Family At A Time' Citation: A brilliant read, well set out and how the family was placed genetically and historically was fascinating… the judges agreed many of the technical boxes had been ticked…
  • Russell Tregonning, #27879, for 'They Made Me'  Citation: It is very well written and fascinating to read. Russell’s research has been wide-ranging and thorough. Excellent proof reading is apparent all through the story. 



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