Benefits of NZSG Membership

Being a member, you get to be part of a community of amazing people with access to a wealth of information that members have put together for over 50 years. You can contribute to that information, either by writing articles about your own research, or helping with projects such as indexing school records in your area of interest.  You'll get direct help with your own research from other members or by joining one of our online or in person courses. Or you can help other members with their challenges. It's all about sharing your passion and knowledge with people who get it, and as a bonus, making new friends!


Become a better researcher. Add to your skills and knowledge by using our online resources, attending training courses and conferences, or listening to speakers at local events. Find out about new research techniques and resources, or just enjoy reading the stories in our award-winning digital magazine, The New Zealand Genealogist.


Discover new resources. Visit our Family Research Centre and Library or get one-on-one email or phone-based assistance from our knowledgeable and friendly volunteers. Our Library contains a huge array of resources including books, maps, microfiche and pay-to-view websites. You can borrow books in person or by post.

Access a huge range of genealogical resources from your home, including online databases and other collections built up by our members over the last fifty years. You can subscribe to millions of records on our Kiwi Collection. Get regular updates on genealogy news and developments through our e-KIT newsletter.


Save money on your research Get discounts on popular user-pays genealogy websites, free access to Gale Newspapers and The National Archives' (UK) digitised content as well as access to records already purchased by others (such as in the NZSG Certificates Collection) and research on your family lines that has already been completed.


Share your research and skills. Publish articles in The New Zealand Genealogist and share short stories in our e-KIT newsletter. Get help, or help other members through our Members Mailing List (mem-list), social media platforms or join a local branch or interest group.


Help preserve resources for future researchers. Get involved in projects that preserve the historical record for New Zealand. Help digitising old school records, transcribing information from headstones or contribute to a local area project.


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