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The New Zealand Genealogist is your opportunity to discover more about family history with a New Zealand emphasis. Published quarterly, it promotes the study of genealogy, and contains articles of interest to members, as well as new members' interests, advertisements, and members' queries.

Members are encouraged to submit articles on their research or "how to's". We have themes for each issue but articles on any topic are welcome. For further information on submissions see our Editor's Notes.

In Our June Issue



48 Gillian Knox Jonathan Lucas Hunt ONZ PC - Obituary
49 Joanna McKinnon Scene on the Coast off Kopuru
50 Editor Wanted - The New Zealand Genealogist
51 Deborah Shuker A Genealogical Memorial
52 Biography Project - Le Quesnoy Surviving Soldiers
53 Project - NZSG Shipping Collection
54 Jenny Robertson Robert Henry Wyche
56 Barbara J Tibbles In Search of Hugh Cameron
58 Keston Ruxton William Stewart Hanna - An Unexpectedly Interesting Story
61 Simon Nathan Joseph Divis - a Forgotten Photographer
66 Emma Philpott Kōtuia ngā Kete: Connecting our Collections to Family History
68 Keston Ruxton James Rugg (1831-1918) - New Zealand Story and English Origins
71 Rae Wilson Split in Two
72 Jenny Robertson Martha Addington - What Became of You?
75 Antonia Jones Thoughts on Medical Spelling From a Writing Group
76 Jeffrey Kennedy The Power and Perils of Google Searches
84 Papakura Branch Jean Phillpotts 1939-2024
84 Pat Liddell Leon (Pip) Piper 1924-2024
85 Rodney King Allen Penney 1940-2024 

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