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The New Zealand Genealogist is your opportunity to discover more about family history with a New Zealand emphasis. Published quarterly, it promotes the study of genealogy, and contains articles of interest to members, as well as new members' interests, advertisements, and members' queries.

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In Our December Issue



140 June Stratford Appreciation for Francie Smith
141 Christine Barbour The Le Quesnoy Surviving Soldiers Project 2022
144 Terri Foley Joan Manning Shepherd (1932-2023)
145 Mike Guest Joan Bray (1932-2023)
146 Leena Taylor Farewell to Empire
150 Sarah Hewitt The Silver Cup
152 Jeanette Grant Indian Mutiny
153 Fay Brett William Demain
154 Alison Howell and Kaye Batchelor Finding Ancestors Through Collaboration and DNA
157 Sharon Harper Joseph (Joe) Astbury Warbrick 1861-1903
160 Lynda Richards Rail Accident at Machavie, Transvaal, South Africa 1902
161 Jan Sherwood Fatal Accident of a Jockey
162 Bruce Ralston Cause and Impact
164 Jania Berryman The Famous Blind Cattle Dealer
165 Petina Fowler Danenberg A Drowning in the Tomomairaro River
166 Trisha Dunn Accident Death
167 Christine Clement Not All Were Killed in Action
170 Bryce Johnson Roman, Pomerania to Normanby, New Zealand
173 Rodney King The Answer Was Right Here at Home

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