New Zealand Place Names

Superseded, Changed and Also Known As

These came from:

  • Every Place In New Zealand - The New Zealand Index 1903
  • Dollimore, Edward Stewart The New Zealand Guide - A Comprehensive Gazetteer Geographical Reference and Travel Guide (1962 A Wise Publication: Dunedin)
  • Startup R M New Zealand Post Offices (1977 Postal History Society of New Zealand: Hastings)
  • Reed A W The Reed Dictionary of New Zealand Place Names
  • Reed A W Supplement to Place Names of New Zealand
  • McLauchlan Gordon The Saltwater Highway - The Story of Ports and Shipping in New Zealand - many from old maritime maps
  • Christine Clement's own research and others were given by fellow genealogists.

Please note some of these places were so small that they were included as a postal address in the nearest "big" settlement which of course may also have shrunk/disappeared etc. since.

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Many thanks to Christine Clement for supplying this list.

2nd River Wellington [a location in the lower Hutt Valley 1840/50s]
31 Mile Camp Wanganui Lakes Hill Camp
3rd River Wellington [a location in the lower Hutt Valley 1840/50s]
40 Mile Bush Wairarapa Forty Mile Bush
Abbotsford Hawke's Bay Waipawa
Abel Head North Auckland Puponga Point
Abel Tasman Roads Marlborough Admiralty Bay
Aberfeldie Wanganui Aberfeldy
Aberfeldie Wanganui Kakatihi
Aberfeldy Wanganui Aberfeldie
Acheron Head Otago Grassy Point
Adair Canterbury Pig Hunting Flat
Adams Flat Otago Adam's Flat
Adam's Flat Otago Adams Flat
Addison's West Coast Addison's Flat
Addison's West Coast Skibbereen
Addison's Flat West Coast Addison's
Adele Island Nelson Fisherman Island
Adele Island Nelson Motuareoiti
Admiralty Bay Marlborough Abel Tasman Roads
Aglionby Wellington Hutt
Aglionby River West Coast Buller River
Ahiaruhe Wairarapa Ponatahi (School)
Ahiaruhe Wairarapa Stony Hill
Ahimia Thames Manaia (Dunbar's)
Ahipara North Auckland Waro
Ahipara North Auckland Wharo
Ahu North Auckland Kaitaia
Ahu Ahu Wanganui Te Tuhi
Ahuahu Auckland Great Mercury Island
Ahuahu Auckland Mercury Island
Ahuriri Hawke's Bay Napier (original settlement)
Ahuriri Flat Otago Glenoamaru
Ahuriri Harbour Hawke's Bay McDonald's Cove
Ahuriri Harbour Hawke's Bay McDonnell's Cove
Ahuroa Auckland Komokoriki
Aickens West Coast Aicken's
Aickens West Coast Lower Otira
Aicken's West Coast Aickens
Aitchenson's Otago Aitchison's
Aitchenson's Otago Awamko
Aitchison's Otago Awamko
Ajax West Coast Awatea
Aka Aka Auckland Akaaka
Akaaka Auckland Aka Aka
Akaloa Bay Canterbury Little Akaloa
Akarana Auckland Auckland
Akaroa Canterbury Akeroa
Akaroa Canterbury Hakaroa
Akaroa Canterbury Port Philipe
Ake Ake Bay of Islands Purerua
Akeroa Canterbury Akaroa
Akiteo Hawke's Bay Akitio
Akitio Hawke's Bay Akiteo
Akuaku East Coast Mataahu
Alam Otago Weston
Alarm River Fiordland Seaforth River
Albany Auckland Lisburn
Albany Auckland Lucas Creek
Albert Crossing Otago Albert Town
Albert Ferry Otago Albert Town
Albert Glacier West Coast Fox Glacier
Albert Park Auckland Barrack Hill
Albert Town Otago Albert Crossing
Albert Town Otago Albert Ferry
Albert Town Otago Newcastle
Albert Town Otago Wanaka
Albertland Auckland Port Albert
Albertland North Auckland Oruawharo North
Albertown Otago Albert Crossing
Albertown Otago Albert Ferry
Albertown Otago Albert Town
Albertown Otago Wanaka
Albion Canterbury Ashburton Forks
Albury Canterbury Cave
Albury Canterbury Coal Creek
Alexandra Otago Junction, The
Alexandra Otago Lower Township
Alexandra Waikato Alexandra North
Alexandra Otago Alexandra South
Alexandra Otago Lower Dunstan
Alexandra Waikato Pirongia
Alexandra South Otago Alexandra
Alexandra South Otago Butcher's Gully
Alexandra South Otago Manuherikia
Alfredton Wairarapa Maroa
Alfredton Wairarapa Moroa
Alfriston Auckland Papakura Valley (School)
Alicetown Wellington Ava (Railway name)
Allandale Otago Shag Point
Allanton Otago Greytown
Allanton Otago Greytown South
Allanton Otago Scrogg's Creek Landing
Allday Bay Otago Kakanui
Allenton Canterbury Ashburton West
Allerton Hawke's Bay Pakipaki
Alma Otago Deborah (Railway name)
Alma River Hawke's Bay Tukituki River
Alpine Hill West Coast Eight Mile
Alpine Hill West Coast Zalatown
Altimarloch Marlborough Altimarlock
Altimarlock Marlborough Altimarloch
Alton Taranaki Ball Road (Railway name)
Alton Taranaki Otoia
Alton Taranaki Woodville
Amberley Canterbury Greeney's Road
Amblethorn Hawke's Bay Tamumu
Amuri Canterbury Haumuri
Amuri Canterbury Highfield
Amuri Canterbury Waiau
Anahau Nelson Takaka
Anakoa Bay Marlborough Okoha
Anakoha Bay Marlborough Okoha
Anakoha Bay Marlborough South Guards Bay
Anama Canterbury Hikeao
Anaroa Hawke's Bay Argyle Settlement
Anaroa Hawke's Bay Raukawa
Anaroa Hawke's Bay Taheke
Anatimo Nelson Wainui
Anatohia Bay Marlborough Gilbert Bay
Anatoki Nelson Takaka
Anatuera Nelson Sandy Bay
Anderson Road Taranaki Rawhitiroa
Anderson's Bay Otago Bay Town
Anderson's Crossing Auckland Tokatoka
Andrews (Hutt Valley) Wellington Pitcaithleys
Aniseed Marlborough Rakautara
Aniwaniwa Waikato Aniwhaniwha
Aniwaniwa Waikato Horahora
Aniwhaniwha Waikato Aniwaniwa
Annandale Southland Wrey's Bush
Annat Canterbury Malvern
Annat Canterbury Russell's Flat
Annendale Wairarapa Te Nui
Annesbrook Nelson Wakatu
Annieburn Otago Gentle Annie
Ansdale Hawke's Bay Tamumu
Anuanu Thames Mananu
Aohanga Manawatu Ohonga
Aohanga Manawatu Ohonga Ferry
Aohanga Manawatu Owahanga
Aokautere Manawatu Fitzherbert East
Aorangi East Coast Hikurangi
Aorangi East Coast Makarika
Aorangi East Coast Marumoko
Aorangi Canterbury Mount Cook
Aorere Nelson Golden Bay
Aorere Nelson Lower Kaituna
Aorere Nelson Massacre Bay
Aotea Marlborough Awatere Valley
Aotea Auckland Great Barrier Island
Aotea Waikato Rauraukauera
Aotea Waikato Ruapuke
Aotea North Auckland Shelley Beach
Aotea South Waikato Kawhia
Aparima Southland Riverton
Aparima River Southland Jacobs River
Aparima River Southland Knowsley River
Aporo Nelson Applelands
Aporo Nelson Tasman Applelands
Appleby Southland Invercargill South
Appleby Southland Seaward Bush
Applelands Nelson Aporo
Arahura West Coast Harcourt's Ferry
Arakura Wellington Wainuiomata North
Aranga North Auckland Maunganui Bluff
Aranui Canterbury Flemington
Aranui Canterbury Flemington
Arapae Waikato Ridge Road
Arapawa Marlborough Te Awaite
Arapawanui Hawke's Bay Aropaoanui
Arapito West Coast Promised Land
Arapohoue Auckland Mititai
Ararimu Auckland Ararimu South
Ararimu West Coast Waipuna
Ararimu North Auckland Ararimu
Ararimu North Auckland Kumeu Flat
Ararimu North Auckland Riverhead
Ararimu South Auckland Ararimu
Ararimu South Auckland Opaheke
Ararua Auckland Matakope
Arataha East Coast Takapau
Arataha East Coast Wigan
Aratapu (Kaipara) North Auckland Heawa
Aratika Nelson Craig's Siding
Aratora Waikato Aratoro
Aratoro Waikato Aratora
Arawata West Coast Jackson's Bay
Arch Hill Auckland Newton West
Ardgowan Otago Weston
Ardmore Auckland Wairoa
Arero East Coast Hikuwai
Argyle Southland Waianiwa
Argyle East Hawke's Bay Argyle Settlement
Argyle Settlement Hawke's Bay Anaroa
Aria King Country Mangapapa
Aria King Country Mokauiti
Arid Island Auckland Rakitu
Aridale Otago Weston
Arno Canterbury McLean's
Arnold West Coast Arnold's Siding
Arnold West Coast Maori Gully
Arnold West Coast Stillwater
Arnold's Line Wairarapa Dalefield
Arnold's Siding West Coast Arnold
Aroha Waikato Te Aroha
Aropaoanui Hawke's Bay Arapawanui
Arowenua Canterbury Arowenua Bush
Arowenua Canterbury Arowhenua
Arowenua Bush Canterbury Arowenua
Arowhenua Canterbury Arowenua
Arowhenua Canterbury Temuka (District name)
Arrow Otago Arrowtown
Arrow Diggings Otago Arrowtown
Arrow River Otago Arrow Town
Arrow Rock Nelson Harbour Fifeshire Rock
Arrow Town Otago Arrow River
Arrowtown Otago Arrow
Arrowtown Otago Arrow Diggings
Arrowtown Otago Fox's
Arthur, Lake Rotiti, Lake
Arthurs Bay Marlborough Cannibal Cove
Arthurs Pass Canterbury Arthur's Pass
Arthur's Pass Canterbury Arthurs Pass
Arthur's Point Otago Shotover Diggings
Arthurstown West Coast Woodstock
Arthurton Otago Otaraia
Arundel Canterbury Marshall's Ferry
Arundel Canterbury Rangitata Ferry
Arundel Canterbury Arundell
Arundel Canterbury Rangitata
Arundel Canterbury Rangitata North
Arundell Canterbury Arundel
Ashburton Canterbury Hampstead
Ashburton Canterbury Turton's
Ashburton Canterbury Wakanui
Ashburton Forks Canterbury Albion
Ashburton Forks Canterbury Spreadeagle
Ashburton Gorge Canterbury Hakatere
Ashburton River Canterbury Hakatere
Ashburton West Canterbury Allenton
Ashburton, Forks of Canterbury Forktown
Ashhurst Manawatu Ashurst
Ashley Canterbury Ashley Bank
Ashley Bank Canterbury Ashley
Ashley Clinton Hawke's Bay Makeretu
Ashley Downs Otago Waiwera South
Ashley River Canterbury Rakahuri
Ashurst Manawatu Ashhurst
Ashurst Manawatu Raukawa
Ashwick Canterbury Opuha
Ashwick Canterbury Pleasant Point
Ashwick Flat Canterbury Clayton
Ashwick Flat Canterbury Sherwood Downs
Astrolabe Channel Auckland Prince Regent Channel
Astrolabe Channel Auckland Rangitoto Channel
Ataahua Canterbury Big Bay
Ataahua Canterbury Big Bay (School name)
Ataahua Canterbury Birdling's Flat
Ataahua Canterbury Kaituna
Ataahua Valley Canterbury Kaituna Valley
Atapo Nelson Rainy River
Atarau West Coast Moonlight
Atarau West Coast Moonlight Creek
Atawhai Nelson Dodson's Valley
Atawhai Nelson Oldham's Creek
Atene Wanganui Athens
Athenree Bay of Plenty Frazer's Point
Athenree Bay of Plenty Willow Bank
Athens Wanganui Atene
Athol Southland Nokomai
Athol Southland Parrawa
Athol Waikato Pineall
Atholl Southland Athol
Atiamuri Taupo Orakeikorako
Atiamuri Taupo Pohaturoa
Atuakahae Bay of Plenty Rereatukahia
Auckland Auckland Akarana
Auckland North Auckland Mangatu
Auckland Harbour Auckland Waitemata Harbour
Auripo Otago Poolburn (Railway name)
Auroa Taranaki Ratanui (School name)
Auruhoe Waimarino Mt Ngauruhoe
Ava (Railway name) Wellington Alicetown
Avalon Wellington Wingate
Avenal Southland Harrisville
Avoca Auckland Babylon
Avoca North Auckland Onetea
Avoca Auckland Parkhurst
Avon River Canterbury Otakaro
Avon River Canterbury Shakespeare River
Avondale Canterbury Chisnallwood
Avondale Southland Tiromaunga
Avondale (Auckland) Auckland Whau
Avondale South Auckland Blockhouse Bay
Avonville Canterbury Christchurch
Awa Nelson Churchill
Awa-Awaroa Auckland Cowes
Awahou Manawatu Awahou North
Awahou Manawatu Foxton
Awahou Bay of Plenty Taniwha Springs
Awahou North Manawatu Awahou
Awahuri (Dairy Factory) Manawatu Kauwhata
Awa-iti Nelson Awarua
Awa-iti Nelson Awarua
Awa-kairangi Wellington Hutt River
Awakokomuka Otago Awamoa
Awamangu Otago Awamunga
Awamangu Otago Blackburn
Awamangu Otago Dullburn
Awamoa Otago Awakokomuka
Awamoa Otago Weston
Awamoko Otago Aitchenson's
Awamoko Otago Aitchison's
Awamutu North Auckland Dargaville
Awana Auckland Awanga
Awanga Auckland Awana
Awanga Auckland Owana
Awanui North Auckland Mangatete
Awanui North Auckland Waipapakauri
Awanui-o-Peretu Auckland Rangitoto Channel
Awapoto Southland Rannock
Awapuni Manawatu Milford
Awapurua Manawatu Ngaawapurua
Awarata Waikato Toroto Road
Awareo Otago Hyde Township
Awarere West Coast Ajax
Awarere West Coast Awatea
Awaroa North Auckland Pareokawa
Awaroa Nelson Totaranui
Awarua Nelson Awa-iti
Awarua Southland Bluff Harbour
Awarua North Auckland Mangakahia
Awatea West Coast Ajax
Awatea West Coast Awarere
Awatere Marlborough Flaxbourne
Awatere Marlborough Starborough
Awatere Crossing Marlborough Awatere
Awatere Valley Marlborough Aotea
Awatuna Taranaki Eels Creek
Awatuna Auckland Kaihu
Awatuna West Coast Lamplough
Aylesbury Canterbury Bealey's Road
Aylesbury Canterbury Lovet
Aylesbury Canterbury Yorktown
Babylon Auckland Avoca
Babylon Auckland Flaxmill
Babylon Auckland Parkhurst
Babylon Auckland Roto
Babylon Auckland Rotu
Babylon Auckland Waitohu
Back Lead West Coast Charleston
Bainesse Manawatu Simpson's
Bainham Nelson Quartz Ranges
Bainham Nelson Riverdale
Balclutha Otago Clutha Ferry
Bald Hill Otago Bald Hill Flat
Bald Hill Otago Speargrass Flat
Bald Hill Flat Otago Bald Hill
Bald Hill Flat Otago Fruitlands
Balfour Southland Black Swamp
Balfour Southland Longridge
Balfour Southland St Patrick's
Balgownie Wanganui Kokohuia
Ball Road (Railway name) Taranaki Alton
Ballarat Otago Mosgiel
Ballarat Creek West Coast Ballarat Rush
Ballarat Rush West Coast Ballarat Creek
Ballarat Rush West Coast Staffordtown
Balmoral Otago Pukepito
Balmoral Canterbury Tekapo Military Camp
Bannockburn Otago Kawarau
Bannockburn Otago Smith's Gully
Barbriderry Otago Maruakoa
Bare Island Hawke's Bay L'Isle Sterile
Bare Island Hawke's Bay Motukura
Barewood Otago Pukerangi
Barewood Reefs Otago Reefs, The
Barkley Village Southland Barkly Village
Barkly Southland Lady Barkly (Railway name)
Barkly Southland Barkly Village
Barkly Village Southland Barkely Village
Barkly Village Southland Barkly
Barrack Hill Auckland Albert Park
Barrhill Canterbury Marawiti
Barrington Canterbury Somerfield
Barrys Bay Canterbury Barry's Bay
Barrys Bay Canterbury Kaituna
Barry's Bay Canterbury French Farm
Barry's Bay Canterbury Te Kau
Barrytown West Coast Fosberry
Barrytown West Coast Fosbery
Barryville West Coast Barrytown
Bartletts East Coast Bartlett's
Bartlett's East Coast Bartletts
Bartlett's East Coast Kopua
Bartlett's East Coast Kopua
Bastings Otago Rae's Junction
Batley North Auckland Oahau
Batley North Auckland Otamatea
Battery Thames Tererenga
Battery Hill Wellington Kakahimakatea
Bay of Islands Bay of Islands Port Marion
Bay Town Otago Anderson's Bay
Bay View (Napier) Hawke's Bay Petane
Bayfield's Flat Nelson Mokihinui
Bayfield's Flat Nelson Seddonville
Bayswater Auckland O'Neill's Point
Beach Haven Auckland Beachhaven
Beach Haven Auckland Hellyer's Creek
Beachhaven Auckland Beach Haven
Beaconsfield Manawatu Cunningham's
Beaconsfield Canterbury Pareora
Beaconsfield Taranaki Stanley Road
Beaconsfield Marlborough Wairau Valley
Beaconsfield (1/2) Canterbury Otipua
Beaconsfield (2/2) Canterbury Pareora
Bealey Canterbury Bealey Township
Bealey Canterbury Bealey, The
Bealey Crossing Canterbury Bealey's Road
Bealey Flat Canterbury Arthurs Pass
Bealey Flat Canterbury Camping Flat
Bealey Flat Canterbury Camping Flat
Bealey Township Canterbury Bealey
Bealey, The Canterbury Bealey
Bealey's Road Canterbury Aylesbury
Bealey's Road Canterbury Bealey Crossing (Railway name)
Bealey's Road Canterbury Yorktown
Bealey's Track Canterbury Selwyn Forks
Bean Rock Auckland Kapetaua
Beatrix Bay Marlborough Waimaru
Beaumont Otago Dunkeld
Beaumont Southland Ngaro
Beaumont Otago Tallaburn
Beaver Marlborough Blenheim
Beaver Station Marlborough Blenheim
Beaver, The Marlborough Blenheim
Beavertown Marlborough Blenheim
Beckenham Canterbury Fisherton
Beck's Otago White Horse
Bedstead Gully Nelson Collingwood
Beef Creek Manawatu Mangarimu
Bel Air Wellington Kenakena
Bel Air Wellington North Beach
Belgrove Nelson Bellgrove
Bell Block Taranaki Mangaiti
Bell Block Taranaki Mangati
Bell Block Taranaki Tikokupu
Belle View North Auckland Marsden Point
Bellemont Southland Belmont
Bellgrove Nelson Belgrove
Bellmount Southland Belmont
Bell's Island Auckland Pakatoa
Belmont Southland Bellemont
Belmont Southland Bellmount
Belmont Southland Mangapiri
Ben More Otago Benmore
Ben Ohau Canterbury Ruataniwha
Bench Island Southland Ruapuke Island
Bendigo Otago Lindis Crossing
Bendigo Otago Logantown
Benger Burn Otago Ettrick
Bengerburn Otago Ettrick
Benmore Otago Ben More
Benmore Otago Clearburn
Benmore Otago Fernhills
Benmore Otago Harrington's
Benmore Otago Otematata
Bennetts Canterbury Bennett's
Bennetts Canterbury Carleton
Bennett's Canterbury Bennetts
Bennett's Canterbury Carleton
Bens Bay Stewart Island Spar Cove
Berlin's West Coast Old Diggings
Berlin's West Coast Rocklands
Bernadin, Cape Southland Bluff Harbour
Berneygoosal Nelson Kerrs Hill
Bertha Island Fiordland Dome Island
Berwick Otago Lake Waipori
Berwick Otago Waipori, Lake
Bethany Hawke's Bay Petane
Bethells (Beach) Auckland Te Henga
Bethlehem Bay of Plenty Peterehema
Beuckville Nelson Nelson
Beverley Hills Auckland Woodlands Park
Bexley Canterbury Kiri Kiri
Bickerstaffe North Auckland Marohemo
Bickerstaffe Wairarapa Upper Taueru
Bideford Wairarapa Upper Taueru
Big Bay Canterbury Ataahua
Big Bay Marlborough Punaruawhiti
Big Bush Marlborough Grovetown
Big Dam West Coast Goldsborough
Big Manly Auckland Manly
Big Omaha Auckland Big Omaha
Big Omaha Auckland Leigh
Big River Junction West Coast Merrijigs
Bingsland Canterbury North Avon
Bingsland Canterbury Richmond
Bingsland Canterbury Stanmore Road
Birch Hill Canterbury Puketowai
Birchfield West Coast Griffiths
Birdling's Flat Canterbury Ataahua
Birdling's Flat Canterbury Oasbore
Birdling's Flat Canterbury Poranui
Birdwood Auckland Massey
Birkdale Auckland Beach Haven
Birkdale Auckland Hellyer's Creek
Birkenhead Auckland Freemans
Birkenhead Auckland Highbury
Birkenhead Auckland Mayfield
Birkenhead Auckland Woodside
Birmingham Manawatu Fowlers
Birmingham Manawatu Kimbolton
Birthday Mine West Coast Waiuta
Bishop's Otago Hillend
Bittle's Marlborough Mahau
Black Burn Otago Awamangu
Black Burn Otago Blackburn
Black Cleugh Otago Kowai
Black Knob Mountain Otago Grandview
Black Swamp Southland Balfour
Blackball Mine West Coast Jolliffetown
Blackburn Otago Awamangu
Blackburn Black Burn
Blackhead Hawke's Bay Waipawa
Blackhorn Southland Blackhorn Mill
Blackhorn Mill Southland Blackhorn
Blackpool (School name) Auckland Oneroa
Blacks Otago Black's
Blacks Otago Ophir
Black's Otago Ophir
Blacks Diggings Otago Ophir
Black's Diggings Otago Ophir
Black's Point West Coast Crushington
Black's Point West Coast Murray Creek
Blackstone Hill Otago Hill's Creek
Blackstone Hill Otago Hill's Creek
Blackwater West Coast Hukarere
Blackwater West Coast Ikamatua
Blackwater West Coast Lloyd's
Blair Taieri Otago Middlemarch
Blairlogie Wairarapa Carswell's
Blairtanner Otago Sutton
Blandville Canterbury Springston Railway
Blenheim Marlborough Beaver
Blenheim Marlborough Beaver Station
Blenheim Marlborough Beaver, The
Blenheim Marlborough Beavertown
Blenheim Marlborough Gonland's Ferry
Blenheim Marlborough Wairau
Blenheim Marlborough Wakamarina Gorge
Blenheim Air Force Base Marlborough Woodbourne Air Force Base
Blind Bay Nelson Tasman Bay
Blockhouse Bay Auckland Avondale South
Bloomfield Wairarapa Franklin
Bloomfield Harbour Southland Bluff Harbour
Blue Glen Nelson Kikiwa
Blue Lake (Rotorua) Bay of Plenty Tikitapu
Blueskin Otago Waitati
Blueskin Otago Waiteti
Bluespur West Coast Ho Ho
Bluff Southland Bernadin, Cape
Bluff Southland Campbelltown
Bluff Canterbury Coalgate
Bluff Southland Sterling Point
Bluff Harbour Southland Awarua
Bluff Harbour Southland Bloomfield Harbour
Bluff Harbour Southland Port Macquarie
Bluff Hill Southland Motopohue
Bluff Hill Southland Old Man Bluff
Boanetaone Bay of Plenty Bowantown
Boat Harbour Otago Brighton
Boatmans West Coast Capleston
Bodleytown Hawke's Bay Pohui
Bodleytown Hawke's Bay Te Pohue
Bombay Auckland Paparata
Bombay Auckland Puketutu
Bombay Auckland Williamson's Clearing
Bon Bay Canterbury Le Bon's Bay
Borne Town Thames Waihi
Bothaville North Auckland Okaihau
Bottle Lake Canterbury Marshland
Boulder Bank Marlborough Te Pokohiwi (Wairau River)
Bowantown Bay of Plenty Boanetaone
Bowen Town Bay of Plenty Bowentown
Bowentown Bay of Plenty Bowen Town
Bowentown Bay of Plenty Katikati Heads
Bowentown Bay of Plenty Otawhiwhi
Box Hill Wellington Sentry-box Hill
Brackley Canterbury Ellesmere
Braco Canterbury Fendalton
Braeburn Nelson Tutaki
Braemore Rangitikei Otairi
Brampton Harbour Coromandel Coromandel Harbour
Brett's Corner Canterbury Kirwee
Bridge Inn Southland Kennington
Bridgewater Auckland Kopuku
Bright Town West Coast Brighton
Bright Town West Coast Charleston
Brightlands Marlborough Tuna Bay
Brighton Otago Boat Harbour
Brighton West Coast Charleston
Brighton West Coast Tiromoana
Brightwater Nelson River Terrace
Brightwater Nelson Waimea West
Brightwater Nelson Wairoa
Brightwater Nelson Wairoa Gorge
Brinn's Point Otago Karitane
Britannia Wellington Petone
Broad Bay Otago Dunoon
Broad Bay Otago Oban
Broad Bay Otago Wilson Bay
Broadwood North Auckland Mangaonui-o-wae
Broadwood North Auckland Mangonui-o-wae
Broken Hills Thames Puketui
Bromells Nelson Motupiko Railway
Bromell's Nelson Motupiko Railway
Bronte Nelson Mahana
Brook Green Nelson Stoke
Brookby Auckland Papakura Valley (School)
Brookfield Otago Waiareka Junction
Brookland Canterbury Pareora East
Brooklands Waikato Ruawaro
Brooklands Wairarapa Waterfalls
Brooklyn Wellington Ohiro
Brooklyn Nelson Umukuri
Brooklynn Auckland Muddy Creek
Brooklynn Auckland Nihotapu
Brookside Auckland Glenbrook
Brookside Auckland Packington
Brookside Canterbury South Selwyn
Brookville Auckland Ruakohua
Brown Bay Otago Dublin Bay
Brown Owl Wellington Te Marua
Browns Southland Brown's
Brown's Southland Browns
Brown's Southland Brown's Siding
Brown's Auckland Mahurangi
Browns Bay Auckland Taiaotea
Brown's Bay Auckland Browns Bay
Browns Island Auckland Motukorea
Brown's Siding Southland Brown's
Brownston Wairarapa Hukanui
Brownstown Wairarapa Hukanui
Browntown Wairarapa Tutaekura
Brunner West Coast Brunnerton
Brunner West Coast Dobson
Brunner West Coast Stillwater
Brunner West Coast Taylorville
Brunner West Coast Wallsend
Brunnerton West Coast Brunner
Brunnerton West Coast Dobson
Brunnerton West Coast Maori Gully
Brunnerton West Coast Taylorville
Bruntwood Waikato Fencourt
Brydone Southland Ota Creek
Bryn Avon North Auckland Maungakohatu
Bryndwr Canterbury Elmwood
Bryndwr Canterbury Greer's Road
Bryndwr Canterbury Seven Oaks
Buache Peninsula Auckland Whangaparaoa Peninsula
Buccleugh Canterbury Mount Somers
Buckler's Burn Southland Bucklesburn
Bucklesburn Southland Buckler's Burn
Buckley East Coast Tolaga Bay
Buckleys Manawatu Shannon
Buffalo Coromandel Coromandel (township)
Bull Creek Otago Moanariri
Bull Town Rangitikei Bulls
Bullendale Southland Reefs, The
Bullendale Otago Reefs, The
Bullendale Southland Skippers
Buller West Coast Westport
Buller River West Coast Aglionby River
Buller River Nelson Fox River
Buller River West Coast Kaiwaitiri
Buller River Nelson Kawatiri River
Bulls Rangitikei Bull Town
Bulls Rangitikei Bull's
Bulls Rangitikei Bulltown
Bulls Rangitikei Clifton
Bulls Rangitikei Daniells Bush
Bulls Rangitikei Middle Rangitikei
Bulls Rangitikei Taumaihi
Bull's Rangitikei Bulls
Bulltown Rangitikei Bulls
Bulmer Canterbury Clandeboye
Bulmer Canterbury Orari Swamp
Bulmer Creek Murchison Owen Reefs
Bulwer Marlborough Keto Bay
Bunga Flat Thames Thames
Bunnythorpe Manawatu Mugby Junction
Buried Village, The Bay of Plenty Te Wairoa (Rotorua)
Burkes Otago Burke's
Burkes Otago Burketown
Burke's Otago Burkes
Burke's Pass Canterbury Burkes Pass
Burke's Pass Canterbury Clulee
Burke's Pass Canterbury Te Kapo
Burke's Pass Canterbury Three Creeks
Burketown Otago Burkes
Burlings Wairarapa Featherston
Burling's Wairarapa Featherston
Burnbrae Nelson Frog Flat Junction
Burnbrae Nelson Mariua South
Burnett's Face West Coast Coalbrookdale
Burnett's Face West Coast Port Murton
Burnham Canterbury Leeston Road (Railway name)
Burning Plains Otago Clinton
Burnside Canterbury Braco
Burnside Canterbury Fendalton
Burnside Otago Green Island
Burnt Scrub Creek Otago Little Karoro Creek
Burton's Camp Auckland Papatoitoi
Buscot Otago Busket
Bush Siding Southland Mokotua
Bushmere East Coast Matawhero
Bushside Canterbury New Side
Bushside Canterbury Staveley
Busket Otago Buscot
Butcher's Gully Otago Alexandra South
Butlers West Coast Butler's
Butler's West Coast Butlers
Butler's West Coast Kahikatea
Cabbage Bay Thames Colville
Cabbage Tree Flat Canterbury Motunau
Cabbage Tree Swamp Auckland Kingsland, Sandringham
Caberfeidh Otago Kahuika
Cable Bay Nelson Wakapuaka
Cabo Pieter Boreels Taranaki Cape Egmont
Cabra Southland Orawia
Calcium Southland Isla Bank
Caledonian West Coast Ross
Caledonian Terrace West Coast Giles Terrace
California Taranaki Karaponia
Callaghan's West Coast Callaghan's Gully
Callaghan's Gully West Coast Callaghan's
Cam River Canterbury Kaiapoi River
Cam River Canterbury Ruataniwha
Camberley Hawke's Bay Frimley South
Cambria Auckland Puhinui
Cambrian Otago Vinegar Flat
Cambrian Otago Vinegar Hill
Cambrian Otago Welshmans
Cambridge Waikato Remureti
Cambridge Canterbury Newland
Cambridge West Waikato Leamington
Camels Back Coromandel Kapeahete
Cameron (Tuakau) Auckland Camerontown
Cameron's Crossing North Auckland Tuhipa
Cameron's Terrace West Coast Greymouth
Camerontown Auckland Cameron (Tuakau)
Camp Creek Otago Tarras
Camp Marion Southland Hollyford
Camp No 3 Hawke's Bay Kopuawhara
Camp No 4 Hawke's Bay Kaiangapipi
Camp No 5 East Coast Paritu
Camp, The Wairarapa Dreyerton
Camp, The Bay of Plenty Tauranga
Campbelltown Southland Bluff
Campbelltown Southland Bluff Harbour
Campbelltown Manawatu Rongotea
Campbelltown Wanganui Taylorville
Campbelltown North Manawatu Rongotea
Camping Flat Canterbury Bealey Flat
Camptown West Coast Red Jack's
Canaan Bay of Plenty Kenana
Canavan's Canterbury Orton
Cannibal Bay Otago Pounawea
Cannibal Bay Otago Romeriki
Cannibal Cove Marlborough Arthurs Bay
Cannibal Cove Marlborough Ravenscliff
Cannington Canterbury Cave (Canterbury)
Canoe Creek West Coast Fosbery
Canoe Creek West Coast Pakington
Canterbury Bight Canterbury Ninety Mile Beach (Canterbury)
Canvass Town Marlborough Canvastown
Canvass Town Marlborough Wakamarina
Canvastown Marlborough Canvass Town
Capburn Otago Tiroti
Cape Egmont Taranaki Cabo Pieter Boreels
Cape Foulwind West Coast Omau
Cape Karikari North Auckland Whakapouaka
Cape Runaway East Coast Whangaparaoa
Capleston Inangahua Boatmans
Capleston Inangahua Caplestown
Caplestown Inangahua Capleston
Capstan Bay Campbell Island Windlass Bay
Carie Southland Redan
Carleton Canterbury Bennett's
Carleton Canterbury Oxford
Carluke (Rai Valley) Marlborough Timatanga
Carlyle Taranaki Patea
Carnarvon Manawatu Clydesdale (School name)
Carnarvon Manawatu Tangimoana
Carnarvon Manawatu Motuiti
Carnarvon Junction Manawatu Himatangi (Railway name)
Caroline Southland Josephville
Caroline Bay Canterbury Whale Bay
Carrick River Otago Flood Creek
Carrington Taranaki Huatoki
Carswells Wairarapa Blairlogie
Carswell's Wairarapa Blairlogie
Carter Bay Stewart Island Papatiki Bay
Carter's Beach West Coast Carter's Junction
Carter's Junction West Coast Carter's Beach
Carterton Wairarapa Three Mile Bush
Carterton Wairarapa Waihakeke
Cascade Point West Coast Cascades, The
Cascades, The West Coast Cascade Point
Casebrook Canterbury Northcote
Cashmores Auckland Orere
Castle Hill Canterbury Craigieburn
Castle Point Wairarapa Castle Point (Cape)
Castlecliff Beach Wanganui Kokohuia
Castlepoint Wairarapa Castlepoint (Settlement)
Castlepoint Wairarapa Rangiwhakaoma
Castles Bay Auckland Waitawa
Castor Bay Auckland Castor Oil Bay
Castor Oil Bay Auckland Castor Bay
Catchpole Wellington Catchpool Stream
Catchpool Stream Wellington Catchpole
Cate's Corner Nelson Hau
Catherine Bay Great Barrier Island Katherine Bay
Catherine Bay Great Barrier Island Motairehe
Catlin's Otago Catlin's River
Catlin's Otago Ratanui
Catlins River Otago Owaka
Catlins River Otago Pounawea
Catlin's River Otago Catlin's
Catlin's River Otago Quakerfield
Cattle Valley Canterbury Pusey
Cave Canterbury Cave, The
Cave Canterbury Cannington
Cave Valley Otago Whitstone
Cave, The Canterbury Cave
Caves East Coast Waiapu
Central Heathcote Canterbury Spreydon
Central Takaka Nelson Takaka
Centre Hill Otago Mossburn
Chalky Inlet Fiordland Dark Cloud Inlet
Chalmerston Auckland Mangakura
Chamberlin's Island Auckland Ponui Island
Chamounix Otago Gorge Creek
Chaney's Canterbury Chaney's Corner
Chaney's Canterbury Ouruhia
Chaney's Corner Canterbury Chaney's
Channel Rock Manakau Harbour Cutter Rock
Charles Town West Coast Charleston
Charleston West Coast Back Lead
Charleston West Coast Bright Town
Charleston West Coast Brighton
Charleston West Coast Charles Town
Charleston West Coast Charlie's Town
Charleston Southland Maori Point
Charleston West Coast Pahiki
Charlie's Town West Coast Charleston
Charlton Southland Middlevale
Chasland Otago Chaslands
Chasland Otago Waipati River
Chaslands Otago Chasland
Chaslands Otago Heathfield
Chaslands River Southland Waipati River
Chatham Southland Longbush
Chatham Island Chatham Islands Rekohu
Chatham Island Chatham Islands Wharekauri
Chatto Creek Otago Moutere
Chatton Southland Knapdale
Cheddar Canterbury Doyleston
Cheddar Valley Bay of Plenty Hiwirau
Cheddon Canterbury Doyleston
Chertsey Canterbury Pendarves
Cheviot Canterbury MacKenzie's
Cheviot Canterbury McKenzie's
Cheviot Canterbury Retreat, The
Cheviot Canterbury Takahaka
Chisnallwood Southland Avondale
Cholmondeley River Canterbury Rakaia River
Christchurch Canterbury Avonville
Christchurch Canterbury Bingsland
Christy's Inangahua Christy's Junction
Christy's Junction Inangahua Christy's
Christy's Junction Inangahua Inangahua Junction
Church Bush Canterbury Kaiapoi
Churchill Auckland Manurewa South
Churchill Nelson Awa
Churchill Waikato Opoutia
Churchill Waikato Wereroa
Circle Hill Otago Milburn
Clandeboye Canterbury Bulmer
Clandeboye Canterbury Claudeboye
Clanricarde Canterbury Epworth
Clanricarde Canterbury Tai Tapu
Clarence River Marlborough Waiau-toa
Clareville Wairarapa Taratahi
Claris Great Barrier Island Kaitoke
Claris Great Barrier Island Okupu
Clarkesville Otago Clarksville
Clarkeville Canterbury Clarkville
Clark's Otago Clark's Junction
Clark's Junction Otago Clark's
Clarksville Otago Clarkesville
Clarkville Canterbury Kaiapoi Island North
Claudeboye Canterbury Clandeboye
Claverley Marlborough Conway River
Claybank Nelson Kawatiri
Clayton Canterbury Ashwick Flat
Clearburn Otago Benmore
Clearwater Creek West Coast Ross
Clendon Cove North Auckland Manawaora
Clevedon Auckland Te Wairoa
Clevedon Auckland Otau
Clevedon Auckland Wairoa
Clevedon Auckland Wairoa South
Clifton Rangitikei Bulls
Clifton Southland Cliftonville
Clifton West Coast Dunganville
Clifton Auckland Hauraki Corner
Clifton Southland Hawthorn
Clifton Nelson Motupipi
Clifton Taranaki Pukearuhe
Clifton Canterbury Redcliffs
Clifton Nelson Takaka
Cliftonville Southland Clifton
Clinton Otago Burning Plains
Clinton Otago Dunganville
Clinton Otago Kuriwao
Clinton Otago Popotunoa
Clinton Otago Wairuna
Clinton Valley Southland Glade House
Clive Hawke's Bay Farndon
Clive Grange Hawke's Bay Tahamoana
Clonmore West Coast Kotuku
Clover Valley Waikato Te Hoe
Cluden Otago Tarras
Clulee Canterbury Burkes Pass
Clulee Canterbury Burke's Pass
Clutha Ferry Otago Balclutha
Clutha Ferry Otago Iwikatea
Clutha Junction Otago Inch-Clutha
Clutha River Otago Matau
Clutha River Otago Molyneaux River
Clyde Otago Dunstan
Clyde Otago Dunstan and Hartley Township
Clyde Otago Dunstan, The
Clyde Otago Upper Township
Clyde Hawke's Bay Wairoa
Clydesdale (School name) Manawatu Carnarvon
Coal Bay Nelson Golden Bay
Coal Creek Canterbury Albury
Coal Creek (Westport) West Coast Summerleas
Coal Creek Flat West Coast Greymouth
Coal Hill Auckland Mangawai
Coal Island Southland Cromarty
Coal Mines, Waikato Waikato Rahuipokeka
Coal Pit Hill Otago Gallon Hill
Coal Point Otago Kaitangata
Coalbrookdale West Coast Burnett's Face
Coalbrookdale West Coast Denniston
Coalgate Canterbury Bluff (Railway name)
Coalgate Canterbury Homebush
Coalgate Canterbury Selwyn Bluff (Railway name)
Coatesville Auckland Fernielea
Cobden West Coast Paroa
Cockertown West Coast Kanieri Forks
Codfish Island Stewart Island Whenuahou
Colac Bay Southland Colag Bay
Colac Bay Southland Kollak Bay
Colac Bay Southland Oraka
Colag Bay Southland Colac Bay
Coldstream Canterbury Ealing
Coldstream Canterbury Lowcliffe
Coldstream Canterbury Rangitata
Coleridge Canterbury Lake Coleridge
Coleton Wairarapa Mangaone
Collarbone Thames Thames
Collingwood Nelson Bedstead Gully
Collingwood Nelson Gibbstown
Collingwood Nelson Pakawai
Collingwood Nelson Parahara
Collingwood Nelson Parkeston
Collingwood Nelson Riverdale
Collingwood Nelson Seaford
Collinsville Rangitikei Taihape
Colville Coromandel Cabbage Bay
Colyer Island Southland Jones Island
Colyer's Island Southland Greenhills
Colyton West Coast Larry's Creek
Colyton Manawatu Mangaone
Combermere East Coast Waimata Valley
Condon's West Coast Mahitahi
Conical Hill Otago Pomahaka
Connells Bay Auckland Cowes
Conn's Creek West Coast Waimangaroa
Constant Bay West Coast Pahiki
Conway Canterbury Conway Flat
Conway Camp Canterbury Hundalee Railway
Conway Flat Canterbury Conway
Conway Hills Marlborough Hawkeswood
Conway River Marlborough Claverley
Cook River West Coast Weheka River
Cook Strait Cook Strait Raukawa
Cook's Bay Coromandel Cook's Beach
Cook's Beach Coromandel Cook's Bay
Cook's Harbour Canterbury Lyttelton Harbour
Coonoor Hawke's Bay Makuri
Coonoor Hawke's Bay Rising Sun Settlement
Cooper's Creek West Coast Umere
Cooper's Creek Canterbury Woodside
Coopers Island Southland Ulva Island
Corbys West Coast Seddonville
Corinth Wanganui Koroniti
Corkscrew Otago Kononi
Cormacks Otago Weston
Cornwallis Auckland No Mans Land
Cornwallis Auckland Puponga
Coroglen Coromandel Gumtown
Coromandel (township) Coromandel Buffalo
Coromandel (township) Coromandel Kapanga
Coromandel (township) Coromandel Waiau
Coromandel Harbour Coromandel Brampton Harbour
Corriedale Otago Plunket
Corriedale Otago Windsor
Cosgroves Southland Glenary
Cosgroves Southland Upper Waikaia
Coulhards Bay Auckland Orua Bay
Counsellor Rock Manakau Harbour Channel Rock
Counsellor Rock Manakau Harbour Cutter Rock
Courtenay Canterbury Kirwee
Courtenay River Canterbury Waimakariri River
Coutt's Island Canterbury Kaiapoi Island
Cowes Auckland Awa-Awaroa
Cowes Auckland Connells Bay
Cowes Auckland Waiheke
Cows Creek Otago Kyeburn
Coylton Manawatu Marsden
Cracroft Canterbury Ruapuna
Craigieburn Canterbury Castle Hill
Craigieburn Canterbury Haupapa
Craigieburn Auckland Mahurangi Central
Craigieburn Auckland Matakana
Craig's Siding Nelson Aratika
Cranley Otago Henley West
Crescent City West Coast Greymouth
Creswick Wellington Karori
Crichton Otago Lovell's Flat
Cricklewood Canterbury Mangawhare
Cricklewood Hawke's Bay Turiroa
Crofton Wellington Ngaio
Crofton Rangitikei Tee-total Township
Croisilles Nelson Croixelles
Croisilles Nelson Whangarae
Croixelles Nelson Croisilles
Croixelles Nelson Elaine Bay
Cromarty Southland Coal Island
Cromarty Southland Kisbee Bay
Cromarty Southland Longbeach
Cromarty Southland Puysegar Point
Cromarty Southland Wilson's River
Cromwell Otago Junction, The
Cromwell Marlborough Picton
Cromwell Otago Junction, The
Cromwell Otago Kawarau
Cromwell Otago Morven Hills
Cromwell Otago Point, The
Cronaden West Coast Crowadun
Cronadon West Coast Cronaden
Cronadun West Coast Cronaden
Crookston Otago Crookston Flat
Crookston Otago McKellars Flat
Crookston Flat Otago Crookston
Crosse Estate Manawatu Hopelands
Crowadun West Coast Cronaden
Crows Nest, The Cambridge Pukekura
Croydon Otago Haumuri
Croydon Otago Otamita
Croydon Bush Otago Hokanui
Crushington West Coast Black's Point
Cryers Landing Thames Wharepoa
Cullen Creek Marlborough Mahakipawa
Cullensville Marlborough Mahakipawa
Culverden Canterbury Red Post
Culverden Canterbury St Leonard's
Cunningham's Manawatu Beaconsfield
Curl's Clearing Manawatu Hinau
Cust Canterbury Cust Valley
Cust Canterbury Kapukariki
Cust Canterbury Moeraki Downs
Cust Canterbury Summerhill
Cust Valley Canterbury Cust
Cuthill Auckland Freemans
Cutter Rock Manakau Harbour Counsellor Rock
Cutter Rock Manakau Harbour Sail Rock
Dacre Southland Halfway Bush
Dacre Auckland Opango
Dacre Bay Marlborough Onapua
Dairy Flat Auckland Maitahi
Daitonville Otago Tuapeka
Dalefield Wairarapa Arnold's Line
Dalesford Waikato Silverdale
Dalhousie Otago Tuapeka Mouth
Dallington Canterbury North Linwood
Dalmore Southland Pahia
Dalmore Southland Pahia Village
Danevirke Hawke's Bay Dannevirke
Danger Island Chatham Islands Pukapuka Island
Dangerous Creek Marlborough Havelock
Daniells Bush Rangitikei Bulls
Daniels Crossing Southland Dipton
Daniels Crossing Otago Oreti
Dannevirke Hawke's Bay Danevirk
Dannevirke Hawke's Bay Glenlee
Dannevirke Hawke's Bay Umularoa
Dansey Pass Otago Insolvency Court
Darfield Canterbury Hawkins
Darfield Canterbury Hordon Junction
Darfield Canterbury White Cliffs Junction
Dargaville North Auckland Awamutu
Dargaville North Auckland Kaihu
Dargaville Northland Kaihu
Dargaville North Auckland Newport
Dargaville North Auckland Tangowahine
Dargaville North Auckland Tunatahi
Dargaville North Auckland Tunatahi
Dargaville North Auckland Whapu
Dark Cloud Inlet Fiordland Chalky Inlet
Darlington West Coast Tintown
Dartmoor Southland Kinloch
Dartmoor Southland Kinloch
Dartmoor Hawke's Bay Puketapu
Dartonville Otago Tuapeka West
Dawson Falls Taranaki Taputaemai
Dawson Gate Taranaki Waingongoro
Days Bay Wellington Hawtrey Bay
Day's Bay Wellington Hawtrey Bay
Day's Road Canterbury Wakaipa
Dead Man's Creek West Coast Giles Terrace
Deans Bush Canterbury Riccarton Bush
Deborah (Railway name) Otago Alma
Decanter Bay Canterbury Little Akaloa
Dedwood Auckland Ponsonby
Deep Bay Marlborough Waihohonu
Deep Cove Fiordland Doubtful Sound
Deep Creek Auckland Torbay
Deep Creek Marlborough Woodstock
Deep Stream Otago Deepstream
Deep Water Cove Bay of Islands Maunganui
Deepstream Otago Deep Stream
Deepstream Otago Shannon
Deliverance Cove Wairarapa Castlepoint (harbour)
Denlair Wanganui Fordell (nearby)
Denniston West Coast Coalbrookdale
Deptford North Auckland Horeke
Destruction Gully Auckland Makaka
Devonport Auckland Flagstaff
Devonport Auckland North Shore
Devonport North Auckland Narrow Neck
Diamond Gully West Coast Rutherglen
Dieffenbach Marlborough Onapua
Dieffenbach Marlborough Opua
Dieffenbach Marlborough Te Weka
Dieffenbach Point Marlborough Te Weka
Digbys Bridge Canterbury Ouruhia
Digby's Bridge Canterbury Ouihi
Diggings Nelson Nelson Goldfields
Dillman's West Coast Dillmanstown
Dillman's West Coast Kawhaka
Dillman's Town West Coast Dillmanstown
Dillmanstown West Coast Dillman's
Dillmanstown West Coast Dillman's Town
Dip Creek Otago Kaukau
Dipton Southland Daniels Crossing
Dipton Southland Oreti
Dipton Southland Riverside
Dobson West Coast Brunner
Dobson West Coast Brunnerton
Dodson's Valley Nelson Atawhai
Dog Town Wairarapa Waterfalls
Dolly Varden Wellington Mana (Paremata)
Dome Southland Five Rivers
Dome Creek Marlborough Doom Creek
Dome Island Fiordland Bertha Island
Dome Valley Auckland Streamlands
Donelly's Creek West Coast Ross
Donkey's Tail Falls Fiordland Paulin Falls
Donnelly's North Auckland Donnelly's Crossing
Donnellys Crossing North Auckland Donnelly's Crossing
Donnelly's Crossing North Auckland Donnelly's
Donoghues West Coast Ross
Doom Creek Marlborough Dome Creek
Dorset, Point Wellington Waddell, Point
Double Bay Marlborough Raetihi
Doubtful Sound Fiordland Deep Cove
Douglas Taranaki Oruru
Dove Dale Nelson Thorpe
Doyleston Canterbury Cheddar
Doyleston Canterbury Cheddon
Drayton Canterbury Spaxton
Drevess Valley North Auckland Hikurangi
Dreyers Rock Wairarapa Dreyerton
Dreyerton Wairarapa Camp, The
Dreyerton Wairarapa Dreyer's Rock
Dreyerton Wairarapa Kopuaranga
Dreyerton Wairarapa Kopuranga
Dreyerton Wairarapa Opaki
Driving Creek Coromandel McCaskill's Driving Creek
Drummond Southland Gladfield
Drummond Southland Heddon Bush
Drummonds Ferry Southland Tuatapere
Drunken Bay Auckland Islington Bay
Drury Auckland Tauranga
Dry Creek Otago Tarras
Dry Creek West Coast Te Taho
Dry River Wairarapa Dyer Settlement
Drybread Otago Matakanui
Dryer's Rock Wairarapa Tikitapu
Dublin Bay Otago Brown Bay
Duck Bay Southland Mokomoko Inlet
Duck Creek Southland Waimatua Creek
Duck Point Otago Parere
Duddington Otago Dunedin
Duders Beach Auckland Umupuia
Dudley Road Taranaki Ngatoro
Duffer's Creek West Coast Granville
Dull Burn Otago Awamangu
Dullburn Otago Awamangu
Dumbarton Otago Moa Flat
Dun Edin Otago Dunedin
Dunback Otago Inch Valley
Dunback Otago Waihemo
Dunbars Thames Ahimia
Dunbar's Thames Ahimia
Dunbar's Thames Dunbars
Dunbar's Thames Manaia
Dunedin Otago Duddington
Dunedin Otago Dun Edin
Dunedin Otago New Edinburgh
Dunedin Otago Otepopo
Dunedin Otago Pelichet Bay
Dunganville West Coast Clifton
Dunganville Otago Clinton
Dunganville West Coast Maori Creek
Dungaville Greymouth Maori Creek
Dunkeld Otago Beaumont
Dunoon Otago Broad Bay
Dunoon Otago Whakaoho-iti
Dunsandel Canterbury Killinchy
Dunstan Otago Clyde
Dunstan Otago Clyde
Dunstan Otago Hartley Township
Dunstan Otago Hartley's Township
Dunstan and Hartley Township Otago Clyde
Dunstan Creek Otago St Bathan's
Dunstan, The Otago Clyde
Duntroon Otago Otekaike
Duntroon Otago Waikaoru
Duppa Wellington Oriental Bay
Durham Nelson Mokihinui
Durham Road Taranaki Maketawa
Durietown Wanganui Wanganui
D'Urville Island Marlborough Rangitoto
Dyer Settlement Wairarapa Dyerville
Dyerville Wairarapa Dry River
Dyerville Wairarapa Dyer Settlement
Ealing Canterbury Coldstream
Ealing Canterbury Lower Rangitata
Ealing Canterbury Rangitata
Earls East Coast Wharekakaho Camp
Earnscleugh River Otago Fraser River
East Cape East Coast Matarehua
East Coast East Coast Eastland
East Coast Bays Auckland Sevenbays
East Eyreton Canterbury Eyreton
East Gore Southland Gordon
East Head Auckland Musick Point
East Invercargill Southland Sylvan Bank
East Peak Otago Hokanui
East Side Wairarapa Masterton East
East Taieri Otago Lower Taieri
East Taieri Otago Riccarton
East Tamaki Auckland Farnsworth
East Tamaki Auckland Farnsworth
East Tamaki Auckland Flatbush (School name)
Eastbrook Wanganui Wanganui East
Eastern Bush Southland Wairaki
Eastern Crail Bay Marlborough Hopai
Eastland East Coast East Coast
Eastown Wanganui Wanganui East
Eastport Thames Lower Waihou
Edendale Southland Edendale South
Edendale Otago Kamahi
Edendale Southland Maorirua
Edendale Southland Mataura Plains
Edendale Auckland Mount Albert
Edendale Otago Ota Creek
Edendale Auckland Sandringham
Edendale Southland Scotts Corner
Edendale Southland Stuarts Bush
Edendale North Auckland Sandringham
Edendale South Southland Edendale
Edgecumbe Bay of Plenty Rangitaiki
Edgecumbe Bay Marlborough Pukekoikoi
Edgeware Canterbury Knightstown
Edievale Otago Springfield
Edmonton Auckland Te Atatu South
Edwards Otago Victoria Bridge
Edwards, Mt Otago Makairohia
Eels Creek Taranaki Awatuna
Eely Island Lake Wanaka Ruby Island
Eglinton North Auckland Wangarei
Egmont Taranaki Egmont Village
Egmont Road Taranaki Kaimiro
Egmont Village Taranaki Egmont
Eight Mile West Coast Alpine Hill
Eight Mile Otago Hyde
Eight Mile Junction King Country Taumatawaenga
Eighteen Mile Bush Bay of Plenty Oropi (Tauranga)
Eke Tahuna Wairarapa Eketahuna
Eke-manuka Wairarapa Parkvale
Eketahuna Wairarapa Eke Tahuna
Eketahuna Wairarapa Mellenskov
El Dorado Otago Waipori Falls
Elaine Bay Marlborough Croixelles
Elbow Southland Holmdale
Elbow Southland Lowther
Elbow Southland Lumsden
Elbow, The Southland Lumsden
Elderslie Southland Lochiel
Elephant Hill Canterbury Waihao Forks
Elfin Bay Southland Sandfly Bay
Ellesmere Canterbury Brackley
Ellicott's Block Waikato Wharepapa South
Elliott's Stockade Wellington Porirua
Elmslie's Bay Marlborough French Pass
Elmwood Canterbury Bryndwr
Eltham Taranaki Mangawhero
Eltham Taranaki Rukumoana
Emerald City Otago Hyde
Endeavour Inlet Marlborough West Bay
Enfield Otago Lorne
Enfield Otago Teaneraki
Enfield Otago Teaneraki
Engineer Pass/Col West Coast Harold Pass
Entry Island Wellington Kapiti Island
Eparaima Pa Hawke's Bay Wallingford
Epworth Canterbury Clanricarde
Epworth Canterbury Tai Tapu
Erewhon Rangitikei Inland Patea
Erewhon Rangitikei Oruamatua
Eskdale Hawke's Bay Herepoho
Eskdale Railway Camp Hawke's Bay Matahoura
Eskdale Railway Camp Hawke's Bay Tatara
Eskdale Railway Camp Hawke's Bay Waikoau
Etako Wellington Witako
Etal Creek Southland Pararahi
Ettrick Otago Benger Burn
Ettrick Otago Bengerburn
Ettrick Otago Horse Shoe Bend
Ettrick Otago Millar's Flat
Ettrick Otago Moa Flat
Eureka Hill Thames Thames
Europe Bay of Plenty Oropi
Evans Bay Wellington Kokotahi-te-taniwha
Evan's Flat Otago Evan's Gully
Evan's Flat Otago Munro's Gully
Evan's Gully Otago Evan's Flat
Evansdale Otago Warrington
Evening Island Stewart Island Poutama Island
Evergreen Wairarapa Nireaha
Eweburn Otago Ranfurley
Eyreton Canterbury East Eyreton
Eyreton Canterbury Eyretown
Eyretown Canterbury Eyretown
Fairdown West Coast Fairdown Junction
Fairdown Junction West Coast Fairdown
Fairdown Junction West Coast Junction
Fairfax Southland Gropers
Fairfax Southland Hazlett's
Fairfax Otago Milton
Fairfax Otago Tokoiti
Fairfax Otago Tokomaoriro
Fairfield Canterbury Fairton
Fairfield Otago Loudon's
Fairfield Otago Walton
Fairfield Otago Walton Park
Fairlie Canterbury Silverstream
Fairlie Canterbury Winscombe
Fairlie Canterbury Fairlie Creek
Fairlie Creek Canterbury Fairlie
Fairlie Creek Canterbury Hamilton
Fairlight Southland Nokomai
Fairton Canterbury Fairfield
Fairview Canterbury Seaview
Fairy Cove Nelson Falls River Bay
Fairy Cove Nelson Sandfly Bay
Falls River Bay Nelson Fairy Cove
Falls River Bay Nelson Sandfly Bay
False Bay Wellington Lyall Bay
Farmers Rest Southland Oreti Plains
Farndon Hawke's Bay Clive
Farnsworth Auckland East Tamaki
Favorite Strait Southland Fouveaux Strait
Favourites Straits Southland Foveaux Strait
Featherston Wairarapa Burling's
Featherston Wairarapa Kahoutara
Feldwick Southland Orawia
Feldwick Southland Wairaki
Fencourt Waikato Bruntwood
Fencourt Waikato Hautapu
Fendall Town Canterbury Fendalton
Fendalltown Canterbury Fendalton
Fendalton Canterbury Braco
Fendalton Canterbury Fendall Town
Fendalton Canterbury Fendalltown
Fergusons West Coast Fergusons Bush
Fergusons West Coast Little Waitaha
Fergusons Bush West Coast Fergusons
Ferintosh Canterbury Glenfield
Fern Ground Wellington Upper Hutt
Fernflat North Auckland Peria
Fernhill Hawke's Bay Okawa
Fernhill Marlborough Picton
Fernhills Otago Benmore
Fernhills Southland Harringtons
Fernhills Village Southland Harringtons
Ferniehurst Marlborough Kaikoura
Fernielea Auckland Coatesville
Fernielea Auckland Sunnyside
Ferry Road Canterbury Lower Heathcote
Ferry Road Canterbury Phillipstown
Fifeshire Rock Nelson Harbour Arrow Rock
Fisherman Island Nelson Adele Island
Fisherman Island Nelson Motuareoiti
Fisherton Canterbury Beckenham
FitzGerald Canterbury Geraldine
Fitzherbert East Manawatu Aokautere
Fitzherbert West Manawatu Linton
Five Mile West Coast Kanieri
Five Rivers Southland Dome
Five Rivers Otago Lumsden
Five Rivers Southland Ngawaierimu
Flag Swamp Otago Pleasant River
Flag Swamp Otago Goodwood
Flag Swamp Otago Hawksbury Bush
Flagstaff Auckland Devonport
Flagstaff West Coast Karamea Heads
Flagstaff Hill Auckland Mt Victoria, Devonport
Flat Bush Auckland Flatbush
Flat Creek Marlborough Rai Valley
Flatbush Auckland Flat Bush
Flatbush (School name) Auckland East Tamaki
Flaxbourne Marlborough Awatere
Flaxbourne Marlborough Waiharakeke
Flaxbourne Marlborough Ward
Flaxdale Waikato Rototuna
Flaxmere Hawke's Bay Frimley No 2 (School name)
Flaxmill West Coast Muka
Flaxmill West Coast Parore
Flaxmill North Auckland Babylon
Flea Bay Canterbury Flee Bay
Flee Bay Canterbury Flea Bay
Flemings Homestead East Coast Matawai
Flemington Canterbury Aranui
Flemington Canterbury Aranui
Flints Bush Southland Lennons Bush
Flood Creek Fiordland Carrick River
Flowers Flat Nelson Newton Flat
Flowers Terrace Nelson Kea
Flowery Creek West Coast Stafford
Ford Point Auckland Waiau Pa
Fordell Wanganui Denlair
Fordell Wanganui Warrengate
Forest Hill Southland Hokanui
Forest Hill Southland Winton
Forest Hill Southland Lochiel
Forestdean Auckland Riverhead
Forktown Canterbury Forks of Ashburton
Forsyth Otago Lawrence
Forsyth Bay Marlborough Okoha
Fort Galatea Uruwera Galatea
Fort St George Taranaki Tataraimaka
Fortification Southland Waikawa Downs
Fortification Otago Waronui
Fortrose Southland Otara
Fortrose Southland Russelltown
Fortrose Southland Toe Toes
Fortrose Southland Toi Tois
Fortrose Southland Toitois Ferry
Fortrose Southland Waipapa Beach
Forty Mile Bush Wairarapa 40 Mile Bush
Fosberry West Coast Barrytown
Fosbery West Coast Barrytown
Fosbery West Coast Canoe Creek
Four Fathom Bay Marlborough Tamure Bay
Four Mile Otago Fullertons
Fouveaux Strait Southland Favorite Strait
Foveaux Strait Southland Favourites Straits
Foveaux Strait Southland Knowsley Bay
Foveaux Strait Southland Smith's Strait
Foveaux Strait Southland Tees Strait
Fowlers Manawatu Kimbolton
Fox Glacier West Coast Albert Glacier
Fox Glacier (township) West Coast Weheka
Fox Hill Nelson Foxhill
Fox River Nelson Buller River
Foxhill Nelson Fox Hill
Foxhill Nelson Murchison
Foxhill Nelson Quail Valley
Fox's Otago Arrowtown
Fox's West Coast Goldsborough
Fox's West Coast Kawhaka
Foxton Manawatu Awahou
Foxton Manawatu Moutoa
Foxton Manawatu Port of Manawatu
Foxton Manawatu Te Awahou
Foxton Beach Manawatu Manawatu Heads
Frankleigh Park Taranaki Huatoki
Frankleigh Park Taranaki Woodleigh
Frankley Road Taranaki Huatoki
Franklin Wairarapa Bloomfield
Franklin Wairarapa Woodville Village
Frankton Waikato Frankton Junction
Frankton Otago Franktown
Frankton Waikato Hamilton Junction
Frankton Otago Wakatipu
Frankton Junction Waikato Frankton
Franktown Otago Frankton
Franz Joseph Glacier (township) West Coast Waiau
Franz Joseph Glacier (township) West Coast Waiho Gorge
Fraser River Otago Earnscleugh River
Frazer's Point Bay of Plenty Athenree
Freemans Auckland Birkenhead
Freemans Auckland Cuthill
Freemans Auckland Glenfield
Freemans Auckland Hellyer's Creek
Freemans Auckland Mayfield
French Farm Canterbury Barry's Bay
French Pass Marlborough Elmslie's Bay
Freshford Southland Muddy Creek
Freshford Southland Paru
Frimley No 2 (School name) Hawke's Bay Flaxmere
Frimley South Hawke's Bay Camberley
Frog Flat Junction Nelson Burnbrae
Fruitlands Otago Bald Hill Flat
Fruitlands Otago Limerick
Fruitlands Otago Speargrass Flat
Fullartons Otago Four Mile
Fullartons Otago Macraes Flat
Fyffe, Mt Marlborough Kaitarau
Gabriel's Gully Otago Tuapeka
Galatea Uruwera Fort Galatea
Galatea Bay of Plenty Murupara
Galatea Uruwera Te Houhi
Galatea Wanganui Karatia
Gallon Hill Otago Coal Pit Hill
Gamman's Hawke's Bay Kipua
Gap Southland North Forest Hill (School)
Garden Island Nelson Organs Island
Garfield Southland Orepuki
Garston Otago Nokomai Saddle
Gate Pa Bay of Plenty Pukehinahina
Gatton Taranaki Makahu
Geard's Bay Thames Moehau
Gentle Annie Otago Annieburn
Georgetown Otago Kawarau
Georgetown Otago Kawarau Gorge
Georgetown Otago Kingston
Georgetown West Coast Ross
Georgetown Southland Trafalgar
Georgetown Otago Uxbridge
Geraldine Canterbury FitzGerald
Geraldine Canterbury Raukapuka
Geraldine Canterbury Talbot Forest
German Bay Canterbury Takamatua
German Gully West Coast Ross
German Terrace West Coast Giles Terrace
Gibbston Otago Tucker Flat
Gibbstown Nelson Collingwood
Gibson Marlborough Kaituna
Gibson's Otago Papakaio
Gibsontown Marlborough Gibson
Gibsontown Marlborough Kaituna
Gibsontown Marlborough Kaituna
Giggerigoo Marlborough Kekerengu
Gilbert Bay Marlborough Anatohia Bay
Giles Terrace West Coast Papahaoa
Giles Terrace West Coast Caledonian Terrace
Giles Terrace West Coast Dead Man's Creek
Giles Terrace West Coast German Terrace
Giles Terrace West Coast Sergeant's Hill
Gillespie's Beach West Coast Hunt's Beach
Gillespie's Beach West Coast Kangarua Cooks
Gisborne East Coast Makauri
Gisborne East Coast Toanga
Gisborne East Coast Turanga-a-kiwa
Gisborne East Coast Turanganui
Gisborne East Coast Turanga-nui-a-Kiwa
Gisborne East Coast Waihika
Gisborne East Coast Waipiro
Gisborne East Coast Waitaria
Gisborne East Coast Whatanpoko
Gladbrook Otago Strath Taieri
Glade House Southland Clinton Valley
Gladfield Otago Drummond
Gladfield Southland Heddon Bush
Gladfield Southland Maraekoa
Gladstone West Coast Gladstone Siding
Gladstone Southland Harrisville
Gladstone Canterbury Hawarden
Gladstone East Coast Kahikatea
Gladstone West Coast Kahikatea
Gladstone Wairarapa Tupurupuru
Gladstone Siding West Coast Gladstone
Glasnevin Canterbury Waipara
Glen Eden Auckland Waikumete
Glen Esk Auckland Glen Ness
Glen Lady Otago Glenledi
Glen Ness Auckland Glen Esk
Glen Osborne Auckland Kingsland Gully
Glen Park Otago Shag Valley
Glenary Southland Cosgroves
Glenary Southland Upper Waikaia
Glenavy Canterbury Ikawai
Glenavy Canterbury Redcliff
Glenavy Canterbury Waitaki North
Glenbrook Auckland Brookside
Glenbrook Auckland Packington
Glenbrook Auckland Ruakohua
Glencoe Southland Hedgehope
Glencoe Manawatu Korepo
Glencoe Southland Upper Hedgehope
Glencoe Southland Woolshed
Glendermid Otago Sawyer's Bay
Glenelg Southland Matuku
Glenfalls Hawke's Bay Upper Mohaka
Glenfield Canterbury Ferintosh
Glenfield Auckland Freemans
Glenfield Auckland Glenfield North
Glengregg Waikato Moeatoa
Glenholm Bay of Plenty Rotorua West
Gleniti Canterbury Glen-iti
Glen-iti Canterbury Wai-iti
Glenkenich Southland Tapanui
Glenledi Otago Glen Lady
Glenlee Hawke's Bay Dannevirke
Glenlee Marlborough Pauri
Glenmore Otago Mount Stuart
Glenoamaru Otago Ahuriri Flat
Glenomaru Otago Romahapa
Glenorchy Otago Head of the Lake
Glenorchy Otago Ree's River
Glenore Otago Woolshed
Glenore Otago Woolshed, The
Glenquoich Southland Nokomai
Glenside Wellington Halfway
Glenside Wellington Pukehuia
Glentunnel Canterbury Homebush
Glenwood Manawatu Makino Road
Glenwood Manawatu Ridgelands
Glenwye Canterbury Glynn Wye
Gloucester Town Bay of Islands Kerikeri
Glynn Wye Canterbury Glenwye
Goat Valley (School name) Wanganui Kai Iwi
Golden Bay Nelson Aorere
Golden Bay Nelson Massacre Bay
Golden Cross Thames Maratoto
Golden Cross Thames Waitekauri
Golden Cross Thames Waitekauri North
Golden Cross Thames Whakamoehau
Golden Downs Nelson Gordons Downs
Golden Ridge Nelson Taitapu
Golders Hill Wellington Goldies Brae
Goldies Brae Wellington Golders Hill
Goldsborough West Coast Big Dam
Goldsborough West Coast Fox's
Goldsborough West Coast Six Mile Township
Goldsborough West Coast Waimea
Gonland's Ferry Marlborough Blenheim
Gonville Wanganui Mount Desert Estate
Goodwood Otago Flag Swamp
Gordon Southland East Gore
Gordon Nelson Hiwipango
Gordons Downs Nelson Golden Downs
Gordonton Waikato Hukanui
Gore Southland Long Ford, The
Gore Southland Longford
Gore Southland Maruawai
Gore Southland Otakarama
Gore Bay Canterbury Port Robinson
Gorge Bridge Village Northern Wairarapa Woodville
Gorge Creek Otago Tawhiti
Gorge Creek Otago Chamounix
Gorge Road Southland Oteramika
Goulands Ferry Marlborough Marlborough
Goulands Ferry Marlborough Marlborough Town
Goulands Ferry Marlborough Peninsula
Goulands Ferry Marlborough Spring Creek
Goulands Ferry Marlborough Wairau Ferry
Goulburn Island Southland Ruapuke Island
Goulthards Auckland Orua Bay
Governor's Bay Canterbury Ohinetahi
Governor's Bay Canterbury Teddington
Gowan Bridge Nelson Gowanbridge
Gowanbridge Nelson Gowan Bridge
Gowanbridge Nelson Pikomanu
Grahams North Auckland Onerahi
Grahams Beach Auckland Taitimu
Grahamsfern North Auckland Hoanga
Grahamstown North Auckland Onerahi
Grahamstown Thames Thames North
Grahamstown on Thames Thames Grahamstown
Grande Plage Nelson Sandy Bay
Grandview Otago Black Knob Mountin
Granity Southland Pourakino Valley
Granity Southland Torea
Granity West Coast Granity Creek
Granity Creek West Coast Granity
Grants Brae Otago Waverley
Granville West Coast Duffer's Creek
Granville West Coast Half Ounce
Grass Cove Marlborough Wharehunga
Grassondale Wairarapa Te Nui
Grassy Point Otago Acheron Head
Great Barrier Island Auckland Aotea
Great Mercury Island Auckland Ahuahu
Green Island Otago Burnside
Green Lake (Rotorua) Bay of Plenty Rotokakahi
Greenburn Marlborough Reserve, The
Greendale Canterbury Selwyn Forks
Greeney's Road Canterbury Amberley
Greenhills Southland Colyer's Island
Greenhills Canterbury Pukekakariki
Greenhithe Auckland Pine Hill
Greenhithe Auckland Wainoni
Greenmeadows (Napier) Hawke's Bay Jevoiston
Greenstone West Coast Greenstone Creek
Greenstone Creek West Coast Greenstone
Greenvale Otago Parkhill
Greer's Road Canterbury Bryndwr
Greigs West Coast Karoro
Greta Valley Canterbury Motonau
Greta Valley Canterbury Motunau
Grey Town Wairarapa Greytown
Greymouth West Coast Cameron's Terrace
Greymouth West Coast Coal Creek Flat
Greymouth West Coast Crescent City
Greymouth West Coast Kaiata
Greytown Wairarapa Greytown North
Greytown Wairarapa Morrison's Bush
Greytown Otago Allanton
Greytown North Wairarapa Greytown
Greytown South Otago Allanton
Gricedale Waikato Rotoorangi
Griffiths West Coast Birchfield
Griffiths (West Coast) West Coast Waumangaroa Junction
Grono Bay Fiordland Groznoz
Gropers Otago Fairfax
Gropers Southland Gropers Bush
Gropers Bush Southland Gropers
Grove Southland Grove Bush
Grove Marlborough Okiwi
Grove Bush Southland Grove
Grove Bush Southland Rakahouka
Grove Bush Southland Woodlands
Grovetown Marlborough Big Bush
Grovetown Marlborough Tuamautire
Groznoz Fiordland Grono Bay
Guards Bay Marlborough Tititangi
Gummies Bush Southland Gummys Bush
Gummies Bush Southland Thornbury
Gummys Bush Southland Gummies Bush
Gumtown Coromandel Coroglen
Guneye Bay Marlborough Te Kanae Bay
Gunns West Coast Wataroa
Guthrie Bay of Plenty Guthrie's Settlement
Guthrie's Settlement Bay of Plenty Guthrie
Guys Cliff Motuihe Island Te Raeokahu
Haast West Coast Haast River
Haast River West Coast Haast
Hackthorne Canterbury Lismore (Ashburton)
Hadfield Wellington Waikanae
Hadfield Town Wellington Otaki
Haewai Wellington Houghtons Bay
Haggers Point North Auckland Kaimaumau
Haggers Point North Auckland Waiharara
Hahae Coromandel Hahei
Hahei Coromandel Hahae
Hairini Bay of Plenty Ireland
Hairini Waikato Rangiaohia (Te Awamutu)
Haitaiti Wellington Kilbirnie South
Hakana Marlborough Ngakuta
Hakaroa Canterbury Akaroa
Hakaru North Auckland Kaiwaka
Hakaru North Auckland Mangawai
Hakaru North Auckland Mangawai
Hakataramea Otago Kaingapai
Hakataramea Otago Sandhurst
Hakataramea Otago Upper Ferry
Hakatere Canterbury Ashburton Gorge
Hakatere Canterbury Ashburton River
Halcombe Rangitikei Kakairiki
Haldane Southland Six Mile
Haldon Canterbury Selwyn Forks
Half Moon Bay Stewart Island Horse Shoe Bay
Half Moon Bay Stewart Island Oban
Half Ounce West Coast Granville
Halfway Wellington Glenside
Halfway Bush Southland Dacre (near Gore)
Halfway Bush (Dunedin) Otago Kirkland Hill
Halfway Bush (Dunedin) Otago Whakaari
Halfway House Canterbury Kuritapu
Halfway House Otago Waenga
Halfway House Nelson Whangamoa
Halkett Canterbury Halkett Town
Halkett Town Canterbury Halkett
Hall Block Manawatu Te Rauparaha
Hallville Manawatu Ruaroa
Halswell Canterbury Lansdowne
Halswell Canterbury Tankerville
Halswell, Point Wellington Kaitawharo
Hamama Nelson Waingaro
Hamilton Canterbury Fairlie Creek
Hamilton Waikato Kirikiriroa
Hamilton Burn Southland Matuku
Hamilton East Waikato Kirikiriroa
Hamilton Junction Waikato Frankton
Hamilton Plain Canterbury Hanmer Plain
Hamilton South Otago (Ghost town in Maniototo, Otago)
Hamilton South Otago Hamiltons
Hamiltons Otago (Ghost town in Maniototo, Otago)
Hamiltons Otago Pukepuri
Hamiltons Station Otago (Ghost town in Maniototo, Otago)
Hampden Nelson Longford
Hampden Nelson Murchison
Hampden Hawke's Bay Tikokino
Hampstead Canterbury Ashburton
Hamua Wairarapa Hawera (near Pahiatua)
Hanmer Plain Canterbury Hamilton Plain
Hanmer Plain Otago Hanmer Springs
Hanmer Plains Otago Upper Waiau Ferry
Hanmer Springs Otago Hanmer Plain
Hannaton Village Canterbury Studholme Junction
Hape Creek Thames Thames
Happy Valley Nelson Hira
Happy Valley Canterbury Motunau
Happy Valley Nelson Wakapuaka
Hapuakohe Waikato Hoe-o-Tainui
Harataunga Coromandel Kennedy's Bay (Coromandel)
Haratonga Great Barrier Island Okupu
Harben West Coast Waimangaroa Junction
Harcourt's Ferry West Coast Arahura
Hardington's Flat Auckland Onehunga
Harewood Canterbury Harewood Settlement
Harewood Settlement Canterbury Harewood
Harihari West Coast Hende's Ferry
Harlington Otago Mount Cargill
Harold Pass West Coast Engineer Pass/Col
Harrington Southland Kauana
Harringtons Southland Fernhills
Harringtons Southland Fernhills Village
Harrington's Southland Benmore
Harrisville Southland Avenal
Harrisville Southland Gladstone
Harrodsville Waikato Otorohanga
Hartley Township Otago Dunstan
Hartley's Township Otago Dunstan
Haruru Falls Bay of Islands Waitangi Falls
Harwea Road Wairarapa Tutaekura
Hastings Hawke's Bay Heretaunga
Hastings Hawke's Bay Hicksville
Hastings Thames Tapu (Thames)
Hastings Hawke's Bay Whakatu
Hastings East Hawke's Bay Parkvale
Hastings South Hawke's Bay Karamu
Hastings West Hawke's Bay Raureka
Hastwell Wairarapa Hastwell's
Hastwell's Wairarapa Hastwell
Hastwell's Wairarapa Hastwell's Clearing
Hastwell's Wairarapa Mangamahoe
Hastwell's Wairarapa Mauriceville North
Hastwell's Clearing Wairarapa Hastwell's
Hatfield Canterbury Rakaia
Hatters Terrace Nelson Nelson Creek (Greymouth)
Hau Nelson Cate's Corner
Hau Hau West Coast Ho Ho
Hau Hau West Coast Hoho Creek
Hau-kawakawa Wellingon Thorndon
Haumoana Hawke's Bay Tahamoana
Haumuri Canterbury Amuri
Haumuri Otago Croydon
Haunui Wairarapa Utewai
Haupapa Canterbury Craigieburn
Hau-papakia Marlborough Iron Gate Stream
Haupoto (Motu River) Bay of Plenty Maraenui
Hauraki Corner Auckland Clifton (Devonport)
Hauraki Gulf Auckland Shouraki Gulf
Hauraki Plains Waikato Piako Swamp
Haurua Waikato Otorohanga
Hautanoa East Coast Waima
Hautapu Waikato Fencourt
Hautapu Waikato Pukeroro
Hautapu Rangitikei Taihape
Hautapu Settlement Rangitikei Taihape
Hautere Southland Solander Island
Hautere Cross Horowhenua Te Horo
Hauturu Waikato Te Awaroa
Hauturu Valley Waikato Honikiwi
Havelock Marlborough Dangerous Creek
Havelock Hawke's Bay Havelock North
Havelock Auckland Mangatawhiri
Havelock Marlborough North West Bay
Havelock Marlborough Waimaru
Havelock Otago Waitahuna
Havelock North Hawke's Bay Havelock
Havelock Suburban Marlborough Kaituna
Hawai Bay of Plenty Opotiki
Hawainga Rangitikei Mangaweka
Hawarden Canterbury Gladstone
Hawarden Canterbury Horsley Down
Hawea Flat Otago Lower Hawea
Hawera Taranaki Te Hawera
Hawera Wairarapa Teatukara
Hawera (near Pahiatua) Wairarapa Hamua
Hawkesbury Otago Hawksbury
Hawkesbury Otago Isaactown
Hawkesbury Marlborough Omaka
Hawkesbury Otago Waikouaiti
Hawkeswood Marlborough Conway Hills
Hawkeswood Marlborough Hundalee
Hawkins Canterbury Darfield
Hawkins Canterbury Koiawa
Hawkins Canterbury Koiawa
Hawksbury Otago Hawkesbury
Hawksbury Otago Waikouaiti
Hawksbury Bush Otago Flag Swamp
Hawthorn Southland Clifton
Hawthorndale Otago Wakari
Hawtrey Bay Wellington Days Bay
Hawtrey Bay Wellington Day's Bay
Haye's Lake Otago Lower Shotover
Hayland Canterbury Tauhinu
Haywards Wellington Haywards Camp
Haywards Camp Wellington Haywards
Haywards Camp Wellington Manor Park Camp
Hayward's Point Otago Mihiwaka
Hazlett's Otago Fairfax
Head of the Lake Otago Glenorchy
Heao Waikato Heao Valley
Heao Valley Waikato Heao
Heathcote Canterbury Heathcote Valley
Heathcote Valley Canterbury Heathcote
Heathdale Greymouth Taylorville
Heatherlea Wairarapa Wainuioru
Heathfield Otago Chaslands
Heawa North Auckland Aratapu (Kaipara)
Hector Buller Ngakawau
Heddon Bush Southland Drummond
Heddon Bush Southland Gladfield
Heddon Bush Southland Taringatura
Hedgehope Southland Glencoe
Heifer Station Wairarapa Kaiwaiwai
Hekeia Southland Longwood
Helens Bay Wellington Kau Bay
Helenslee Road (Pokeno) Franklin Razorback Road
Helensville Auckland Mount Rex
Helensville Auckland Ohirangi
Helensville Auckland Wharepapa
Helensville (Hot Springs) Auckland Parakai
Hellensvilla Auckland Hellensville
Hellensville Auckland Hellensvilla
Hell's Gate (Rotorua) Bay of Plenty Tikitere
Hellyer's Creek Auckland Beach Haven
Hellyer's Creek Auckland Birkdale
Hellyer's Creek Auckland Freemans
Helvetia Auckland Swiss Settlement
Henderson Auckland Henderson's Mill
Henderson's Mill Auckland Henderson
Henderson's Point Auckland Te Atatu
Hende's Ferry West Coast Harihari
Hende's Ferry West Coast Hokitika
Henley Otago Taieri Ferry
Henley Otago Mataipapa
Henley West Otago Cranley
Henley-on-Taieri Otago Taieri Ferry
Hennington Marlborough Picton
Henrys Hill Auckland Mt Atkinson
Henry's Point North Auckland Marsden Point
Henry's Point North Auckland Marsden Point
Hepworth Canterbury Tai Tapu
Hepworth Canterbury Tai Tapu
Hepworth Canterbury Taitapu
Herald Island Auckland Pine Island
Herald Island Auckland Woods Island
Herbert Otago Otepopo
Herbert Otago Waianakarua
Herbert Otago Waimotu
Herbertville Hawke's Bay Wainui
Herd's Point Hokianga Rawene (township)
Herekeno Auckland Manukau Harbour (township)
Herekino Bay of Islands Whangape
Herepoho Hawke's Bay Eskdale
Heretaunga Hawke's Bay Hastings (township)
Heretaunga Wellington Hutt Valley
Heretaunga Manawatu Mataiwi
Heriot Otago Swift Creek
Hermitage North Auckland Huarau
Hervey Island Chatham Islands Manuae
Hexton East Coast Waiwhero
Hickfords Manawatu Rongotea
Hick's Bay East Coast Wharekahika
Hicksville Hawke's Bay Hastings
Highbury Auckland Birkenhead
Highbury Auckland Birkenhead
Highbury Manawatu Takaro
Highcliff Otago Highcliffe
Highcliffe Otago Highcliff
Highfield Canterbury Amuri
Hihitahi Rangitikei Turangaarere Railway
Hikeao Canterbury Anama
Hikoekoea Marlborough Titirangi
Hikuai Thames Laycock's
Hikuai Thames Upper Landing
Hikurangi East Coast Aorangi
Hikurangi North Auckland Drevess Valley
Hikurangi North Auckland Jordan
Hikurangi North Auckland Otonga
Hikurangi North Auckland Waro
Hikurangi North Auckland Whananaki
Hikuwai East Coast Arero
Hikuwai Thames Laycock's
Hildethorpe Otago Oamaru
Hillcrest (Hamilton) Waikato Kinleith
Hillcrest (Hamilton) Waikato Seddon's Hill
Hillend Otago Bishop's
Hillend Otago Lovell's Flat
Hilles Otago Kurow
Hillgrove Otago Kartigi
Hillgrove Otago Moeraki Junction
Hill's Creek Otago Blackstone Hill
Hill's Creek Otago Blackstone Hill
Hill's Road Canterbury Leeston
Hillsborough Auckland Waikowhai
Hillsborough Canterbury Woolston
Hillside (School) Canterbury Puaha
Hillside (School) Nelson Wakapuaka
Hilltop Taupo Taupo South
Hilton Canterbury Kakahu
Himitangi (Railway name) Manawatu Carnarvon Junction
Hinakura Wairarapa Pahaua Valley
Hinau Rangitikei Curl's Clearing
Hinau Rangitikei Marshalls
Hinau Rangitikei Ohingaiti
Hindon Otago West Taieri Goldfield
Hindon Railway Otago Hindon Township
Hindon Township Otago Hindon Railway
Hinehaka Murchison Punt, The
Hinemoa Wairarapa Tiraumea Valley
Hinuera Waikato Mangawhara
Hira Nelson Happy Valley
Hirstfield Southland Orepuki
Hiruharama Wanganui Jerusalem
Hiruharama Lake Taupo Motutere
Hiruharama Wanganui Patearero (Pati-arero)
Hiruharama East Coast Waitakaro
Hitaua Marlborough Te Weka
Hiwera Wanganui Ohinewairua
Hiwipango Nelson Gordon
Hiwipango Nelson Upper Wai-iti Valley
Hiwirau Bay of Plenty Cheddar Valley (Ohiwa)
Hiwiroa Southland Longridge North
Ho Ho West Coast Bluespur
Ho Ho West Coast Houhou
Ho Ho West Coast Three Mile
Hoanga North Auckland Grahamsfern
Hobsons Folly Bay of Islands Russell
Hocquards Marlborough Te Puru
Hodstock Canterbury Pleasant Point
Hoe-o-Tainui Waikato Hapuakohe
Hogburn Otago Mount Ida
Hogburn Otago Naseby
Hoho West Coast Ho Ho
Hoho West Coast Houhou
Hohonu West Coast Taramakau
Hohoura North Auckland Ohora
Hohoura North Auckland Te Koa
Hokanui Otago Croydon Bush
Hokanui Otago East Peak
Hokanui Otago Forest Hill
Hokianga North Auckland Horeke
Hokianga North Auckland Mangatu
Hokianga North Auckland Rawene (township)
Hokianga Heads North Auckland Onoke Point
Hokio Horowhenua Hokio Beach
Hokio Beach Horowhenua Hokio
Hokitika West Coast Hende's Ferry
Hokitika West Coast Mahinapua
Hokitika West Coast Okitiki
Hokitika West Coast Waipara
Hokonui Southland Hokanui
Hollyburn Southland Te Tua
Hollyford Southland Camp Marion
Hollyford Fiordland Marian Camp
Holmdale Southland Elbow
Holmsdale Southland Lumsden
Holmslea Canterbury Holmslee
Holmslee Canterbury Holmslea
Homebush Canterbury Coalgate
Homebush Canterbury Glentunnel
Homedale Wellington Wainuiomata
Homewood Marlborough St Marys Bay
Homewood Marlborough St Omer (Picton)
Honikiwi Waikato Hauturu Valley
Honikiwi Waikato Honingakiwi
Honingakiwi Waikato Honikiwi
Hook Canterbury Studholme Junction
Hoopers Inlet Otago Kapuke-tu-roto
Hopai Marlborough Eastern Crail Bay
Hope Nelson Ranzau
Hope Junction Marlborough Kawatiri
Hopelands Manawatu Crosse Estate
Horahora Waikato Aniwaniwa
Horahora Waikato Mangatautari No 2 (School)
Horahora North Auckland Te Mai
Hordon Junction Canterbury Darfield
Hordon Junction Canterbury White Cliffs Junction
Horeke North Auckland Deptford
Horeke North Auckland Hokianga
Horeke North Auckland Opara
Hornby Canterbury Southbridge Junction
Horne Bay Marlborough Picton
Horoeka Manawatu Rising Sun Block
Horoera East Coast Te Araroa
Horokiri Wellington Horokiwi
Horokiwi Wellington Horokiri
Hororata Canterbury Selwyn Forks
Horotiu Waikato Pukete
Horowhenua Horowhenua Oeinekokeoa
Horowhenua Horowhenua Waikawe
Horrellville Canterbury Horrelville
Horrelville Canterbury Horrellville
Horrelville Canterbury West Eyreton
Horse Flat Otago Macraes Flat
Horse Shoe Bay Stewart Island Half Moon Bay
Horse Shoe Bend Otago Ettrick
Horse Shoe Bend Otago Rigney's
Horse Shoe Bend Otago Tallaburn
Horse Shoe Bush Auckland Wade
Horse Terrace Nelson Upper Matakitaki
Horsley Down Canterbury Hawarden
Horsley Down Canterbury Medbury
Hoteo North Auckland Tauhoa
Hoteo North Auckland Wayby
Hoteo North Auckland Wellsford
Houghtons Bay Wellington Haewai
Houhora North Auckland Hohoura
Houhora North Auckland Ohore
Houhora Landing North Auckland Pukenui
Houhou West Coast Ho Ho
Houipapa Otago Owaka
Houipapa Otago Ribbonwood Flat
Houipapa Otago Upper Catlins
Houlbrooke Wairarapa Tiraumea
Houpoto Bay of Plenty Maraenui (School)
Howards Southland Mangarua
Howe Otago Howe's Ford
Howe's Ford Otago Howe
Howick Auckland Paparoa
Huarahi Southland Raymonds Gap
Huarahi Southland Sharpridge
Huarau North Auckland Hermitage
Huarau Auckland Paparoa
Huarau North Auckland Wharera
Huatoki Taranaki Carrington
Huatoki Taranaki Frankleigh Park
Huatoki Taranaki Frankley Road
Huhue Auckland Pohuehue
Huhuka West Coast Upper Turnbull
Huhutahi Wanganui Ranana
Huia Auckland Little Huia
Huia Auckland Mill Bay
Huia Auckland Whatipu
Huiakama Taranaki Mangaere
Huiakama Taranaki Mangaere
Huiakarua Taranaki Strathmore
Huiarau East Coast Huiarua
Huiarau Wairarapa Ihuraua
Huiarau Rotorua Ruatahuna
Huiarua East Coast Huiarau
Huiarua East Coast Whakoau
Huinga Taranaki Toko Road
Hukanui Wairarapa Brownston
Hukanui Wairarapa Brownstown
Hukanui Waikato Gordonton
Hukarere West Coast Blackwater
Hukatere Auckland Pahi
Hukatere Wanganui Pariroa Pa
Hukatere (Kaipara) Auckland Matakohe
Hukawai West Coast Snowy River
Hukinga Wellington Martin's River
Hukinge Otago Rock and Pillar
Hull Otago Taieri Beach
Humphreys West Coast Humphreys Gully
Humphreys West Coast Upper Arahura (School)
Humphreys Gully West Coast Humphreys
Hundalee Marlborough Hawkeswood
Hunter Canterbury Makikihi
Hunter Canterbury Upper Makikihi
Hunterville Rangitikei Ingram's Homestead
Hunterville Rangitikei Mangainako
Hunterville Rangitikei Mongahoe
Hunterville Rangitikei Overton
Hunterville Rangitikei Poukiore
Hunterville Rangitikei Pukiore
Huntley Waikato Huntly
Huntly Waikato Huntley
Huntly Waikato Ruawaro
Huntly Waikato Rahuipokeka
Huntly Lodge Waikato Huntly
Huntly West Waikato Rakaumanga (School)
Hunt's Beach West Coast Gillespie's Beach
Hunt's Beach West Coast Raleigh
Hunt's Road Otago Katea (Owaka)
Hunua Siding Auckland Opaheke
Hurimoana Taranaki Whitianga
Huri-whenua Wellington Te Aro Flat
Hutchinsville Taranaki Rerekapa
Hutt Wellington Aglionby
Hutt Wellington Hutt Valley
Hutt Wellington Hutt Bridge
Hutt (Lower) Wellington Richmond
Hutt Bridge Wellington Hutt
Hutt River Wellington Awa-kairangi
Hutt Valley Wellington Heretaunga
Hutt Valley Wellington Hutt
Hutt Valley Wellington Hutt, The
Hutt, The Wellington Hutt Valley
Hyde Otago Eight Mile
Hyde Otago Emerald City
Hyde Otago Hyde Township
Hyde Otago Newton
Hyde Railway Otago Newtown
Hyde Township Otago Awareo
Hyde Township Otago Hyde
Ida Valley Otago Ophir
Idaburn Otago Rough Ridge
Ihukoi Wairarapa Tanglewood
Ihumatao Auckland Mangere (Auckland)
Ihuraua Wairarapa Huiarau
Ikamatua West Coast Blackwater
Ikamatua West Coast Little Grey Junction
Ikawai Canterbury Glenavy
Ikawai Canterbury Redcliff
Inaha Taranaki Riverdale
Inangahua Junction Inangahua Christy's Junction
Inch Clutha Otago Inch-Clutha
Inch Clutha Otago North Molyneaux
Inch Valley Otago Dunback
Inch-Clutha Otago Clutha Junction
Inch-Clutha Otago Inch Clutha
Inch-Clutha Otago Island, The
Inch-Clutha Otago Junction Clutha
Inch-Clutha Otago Tauhinu
Inch-Holme Otago Incholme
Inch-Holme Otago Island, The
Inch-Holme Otago Maheno
Incholme Otago Inch-Holme
Inglewood Southland Invercargill
Inglewood Taranaki Milton
Inglewood Taranaki Moa
Inglewood Taranaki Moa Block
Inglewood Taranaki Moatown
Ingram's Homestead Rangitikei Hunterville
Inland Mokau Taranaki Maryville
Inland Patea Rangitikei Erewhon
Inland Rangitikei Rangitikei Tututotara
Insolvency Court Otago Dansey Pass
Inumea North Auckland Kaeo
Invercargill Southland Clifton
Invercargill Southland Inglewood
Invercargill Southland Otatara
Invercargill Southland Roslyn Bush
Invercargill East Southland Sylvan Park
Invercargill South Southland Appleby
Ireland Bay of Plenty Hairini
Irihuka Otago Long Point
Irirangi (HMNZS) Rangitikei Waiaruhe (Waiouru)
Iron Gate Stream Marlborough Hau-papakia
Iron Pot, The Hawke's Bay Port Ahuriri (Napier)
Isaactown Otago Hawkesbury
Isaactown Otago Waikouaiti
Isla Bank Southland Calcium
Isla Bank Southland Limestone Plains
Island Block Otago Tallaburn
Island Cliff Otago Tokarahi (School)
Island Cliff Otago Windsor Junction
Island, The Otago Inch-Clutha
Island, The Otago Inch-Holme
Islay Down's Otago Morrisons
Islington Bay Auckland Drunken Bay
Iwikatea Otago Clutha Ferry
Iwiroa East Coast Te Iwiroa
Jackey Town Manawatu Palmerston North
Jackeytown Manawatu Palmerston North
Jackeytown Manawatu Tiakitahunga
Jacks Point Canterbury Patiti Point
Jacks Point Canterbury Tuhawaiki Point
Jackson Bay West Coast Jackson's Bay
Jacksons West Coast Lake Brunner
Jacksons Southland Sylvan Bank
Jackson's West Coast Lake Brunner
Jackson's Bay West Coast Arawata
Jackson's Bay West Coast Jackson Bay
Jackson's Bay West Coast Okahu
Jackson's Bay West Coast Seacombe
Jacobs River Southland Aparima River
Jacobs River Southland Riverton
Jacob's River West Coast Bruce Bay
Jacob's River Southland Manakaiaua
Jamestown Southland Martins Bay
Jamestown Canterbury Rangitata
Jericho Franklin Pukekohe East
Jerusalem Wanganui Hiruhārama
Jerusalem East Coast Waitakaro
Jevoiston Hawke's Bay Greenmeadows (Napier)
Johnson's Clearing Wellington Johnsonville
Johnsonville Wellington Johnson's Clearing
Johnsonville Wellington Johnstown
Johnstone Otago Waitahuna
Johnstown Wellington Johnsonville
Jollie's Pass Canterbury Hanmer Plains
Jolliffetown West Coast Blackball
Jones Diggings West Coast Ross
Jones Diggings West Coast Totara
Jones Flat West Coast Ross
Jones Island Southland Colyer Island
Jones's Creek West Coast Ross
Jordan North Auckland Hikurangi
Jordan North Auckland Tanekaha
Josephville Southland Caroline
Junction West Coast Fairdown Junction
Junction Clutha Otago Inch-Clutha
Junction Road Wanganui Moumahakinui
Junction, The Otago Alexandra
Junction, The Otago Cromwell
Junction, The Otago Lawrence
Junction, The Northern Wairarapa Woodville
Kaawa Waikato Waikaretu
Kackarow Island Stewart Island Mokinui Island
Kaeo North Auckland Inumea
Kaeo North Auckland Kaio
Kaeo North Auckland Papuka
Kaeo North Auckland Pupuka
Kaeo North Auckland Taraire
Kaeo North Auckland Waiari
Kaeo North Auckland Wesleydale
Kaeo North Auckland Woodside
Kahahimakatea Wellington Battery Hill
Kaheke Manawatu Marton Block
Kahikatea West Coast Butler's
Kahikatea East Coast Gladstone
Kahikatea West Coast Gladstone
Kahikatearoa North Auckland Waipapa
Kahokawa North Auckland Scotts Point
Kahotea Waikato Otorohanga
Kahoutara Wairarapa Featherston
Kahuika Otago Caberfeidh
Kahukura East Coast Tikitiki
Kahutara Wairarapa Te Maire
Kahutara Wairarapa Te Pare
Kahuwera Otago Kaiwera
Kai Iwi Wanganui Goat Valley (School name)
Kai Iwi North Auckland Rotorima
Kai Iwi Beach Wanganui Mowhanau
Kaianga Canterbury Kainga
Kaianga Canterbury Stewart's Gully
Kaiangapipi Hawke's Bay Camp No 4
Kaiapohia Canterbury Kaiapoi
Kaiapoi Canterbury Church Bush
Kaiapoi Canterbury Kaiapohia
Kaiapoi Island Canterbury Coutt's Island
Kaiapoi Island North Canterbury Clarkville
Kaiapoi Pa Canterbury Tuahiwi
Kaiapoi River Canterbury Cam River
Kaiarero Hawke's Bay Petane
Kaiarero Otago South Oamaru
Kaiata West Coast Greymouth
Kaiata East Coast Mount Buckley
Kaiatea North Auckland Kiripaki
Kaiatea North Auckland Kaitea
Kaiaua Thames Kai-awa
Kaiaua Thames New Brighton
Kaiauai Taranaki Kaimiro
Kai-awa Thames Kaiaua
Kai-hau-o-kupe Wanganui Wanganui
Kaihere Waikato Ngarua
Kaihiku Otago Kaihiku Bridge
Kaihiku Otago Waiwera South
Kaihiku Bridge Otago Kaihiku
Kaihu North Auckland Awatuna
Kaihu Northland Dargaville
Kaihu North Auckland Dargaville
Kaihu North Auckland Mahurangi
Kaihu North Auckland Mungatu
Kaihu North Auckland Opanake
Kaik Otago Kaiki
Kaik Otago Otakou
Kaik, The Otago Kaiki
Kaiki Otago Kaik
Kaiki Otago Kaik, The
Kaikohe Northland Opangu
Kaikohe North Auckland Oruoru
Kaikora Hawke's Bay Otane
Kaikora North Hawke's Bay Otane
Kaikora North Hawke's Bay Pourere
Kaikoura Marlborough Ferniehurst
Kaikoura Marlborough Lookers On
Kaikoura Rangitikei Utiku
Kaikoura Island Hauraki Gulf Selwyn Island
Kaimakau Thames Kennedy's Bay (Coromandel)
Kaimamaku North Auckland Otonga
Kaimango Hawke's Bay Spooners Point
Kaimanuka Wanganui Waitotara
Kaimarama Coromandel Whitianga
Kaimata West Coast Kokiri
Kaimaumau North Auckland Waiharara
Kaimiro Taranaki Egmont Road
Kaimiro Taranaki Kaiauai
Kainga Canterbury Kaianga
Kainga Wellington Te Kainga
Kaingapai Otago Hakataramea
Kaingaroa North Auckland Mangatete
Kaio North Auckland Kaeo
Kaipai Beach Otago Kartigi Beach
Kaipara North Auckland Mangawhare
Kaipara North Auckland Pahi
Kaipara Flats North Auckland Kaurawhero
Kaipara Flats North Auckland Tauhoa
Kaipara Heads North Auckland Pouto
Kaiparoro Wairarapa Eketahuna
Kaipo Auckland Tuakau
Kaipororo Wairarapa Mangagahoe
Kairaki Beach Canterbury Pines, The (Kaiapoi)
Kairoa East Coast Ruakaka
Kairua (Tauranga) Bay of Plenty Otaimatua
Kaitaia North Auckland Ahu
Kaitaia North Auckland Takahue
Kaitaia North Auckland Te Ahu
Kaitangata Otago Coal Point
Kaitangata Otago Kaitiria
Kaitangata Junction Otago Stirling
Kaitara North Auckland Kara
Kaitara Wairarapa Morrison's Bush
Kaitara North Auckland Whangarei
Kaitarau Marlborough Fyffe, Mt
Kaitawa Wairarapa Te Aurapa
Kaitawa Wairarapa Tiraumea
Kaitawharo Wellington Halswell ,Point
Kaitea (Whangarei) North Auckland Kaiatea
Kaiteratahi East Coast Ormond
Kaitiria Otago Kaitangata
Kaitohi Great Barrier Island Okupu
Kaitoke Wellington Pakuratahi
Kaitoke Great Barrier Island Claris
Kaituna Canterbury Ataahua
Kaituna Canterbury Barrys Bay
Kaituna Marlborough Gibson
Kaituna Marlborough Gibsontown
Kaituna Marlborough Havelock Suburban
Kaituna Marlborough Onamalutu
Kaituna Wairarapa Waingawa
Kaituna Marlborough Okaramio
Kaituna Valley Marlborough Okaramio
Kaituna Valley Canterbury Ataahua Valley
Kaiwaitiri Nelson Buller River
Kaiwaiwai Wairarapa Heifer Station
Kaiwaka North Auckland Hakaru
Kaiwaka Auckland Pukekararo
Kaiwaka Hawke's Bay Tareha
Kaiwarawara Wellington Kaiwharawhara
Kaiwarra Wellington Kaiwharawhara
Kaiwera Otago Kahuwera
Kaiwera Southland Karere
Kaiwharawhara Wellington Kaiwarawara
Kaiwharawhara Wellington Kaiwarra
Kaka Nelson Manu
Kaka Point Otago Molyneaux Beach
Kakahi King Country Oio
Kakahoroa Bay of Plenty Whakatane
Kakahu Canterbury Kakahu Bush
Kakahu Canterbury Pleasant Point
Kakahu Canterbury Hilton
Kakahu Bush Canterbury Kakahu
Kakahu School Canterbury Rapuwai
Kakairiki Manawatu Halcombe
Kakanui Otago Allday Bay
Kakanui Otago Maheno
Kakapuaka Otago Kakapuawaka
Kakapuaka Otago Kakapuawaka
Kakapuaka Otago McKees
Kakapuaka Otago McKee's
Kakapuaka Otago Waitapeke
Kakapuawaka Otago Kakapuaka
Kakapuawaka Otago Kakapuaka
Kakariki Wairarapa Maungaraupi
Kakatahi Wanganui Kakatihi
Kakatihi Wanganui Aberfeldie
Kakatihi Wanganui Kakatahi
Kakatihi Wanganui Kotikotia
Kaka-whirinaki North Auckland Whirinaki
Kakepuku Waikato Kopua
Kamahi Otago Edendale
Kamaka West Coast No Town Road
Kamo North Auckland Kauri-Ho-Hore
Kanakanae East Coast Kanakanaia
Kanakanaia East Coast Kanakanae
Kanekani East Coast Te Karaka
Kangarua Cooks West Coast Gillespie's Beach
Kaniere West Coast Kanieri
Kanieri West Coast Five Mile
Kanieri West Coast Kaniere
Kanieri West Coast Woodstock
Kanieri Forks West Coast Cockertown
Kanohi Auckland Kaukapapa
Kapanga Coromandel Coromandel (township)
Kapara Wanganui Taumatatahi
Kapeahete Coromandel Camels Back
Kapetaua Auckland Bean Rock
Kapiti Island Wellington Entry Island
Kaponga Bay of Plenty Mamaku (Rotorua)
Kapuatarua Manawatu Koputarua
Kapuka Southland Mokotua
Kapuka Southland Oteramika
Kapukariki Canterbury Cust
Kapukuriki Canterbury Little Racecourse Hill
Kapuri Taranaki Manaia (Taranaki)
Kaputahi Waikato Te Kawa
Kapu-tu-roto Otago Hoopers Inlet
Kara North Auckland Kaitara
Kara West North Auckland Kokopu
Karaka Auckland Kingseat
Karaka Auckland Waiau Pa
Karaka Auckland Waiau Pa
Karaka Bay Auckland Orama
Karamea West Coast Riverdale
Karamea Heads West Coast Flagstaff
Karamea River Tasman Mackay River
Karamu Hawke's Bay Hastings South
Karamuramu Auckland Plum Pudding Island
Karangahake Thames Mackay Town
Karangarua West Coast Scott's Gap
Karangarua West Coast Welcome Pass
Karaponia Taranaki California
Karatia Wanganui Galatea (Wanganui)
Karehana Bay Wellington Plimmerton Extension
Karekare Auckland Nihotupu
Karere Southland Kaiwera
Karere Manawatu Longburn
Karetu North Auckland Owae
Karetu Bay of Islands Taumarere
Karewa Island Bay of Plenty Karewha
Karewha Bay of Plenty Karewa Island
Karikari Bay North Auckland Whakapouaka
Karioi Wanganui Niania
Karioi, Waipapa Point Southland Woodyhead
Karitane Otago Brinn's Point
Karitane Otago Port Waikouaiti
Karitane Otago Puketeraki
Karoha Auckland Weymouth
Karori Wellington Creswick
Karoro West Coast Greigs
Kartiga Otago Katiki
Kartigi Otago Hillgrove
Kartigi Beach Otago Kaipai Beach
Kartigi Beach Otago Katiki Beach
Karuotewhenua Waikato Paemako
Katea Otago Owaka
Katea (Owaka) Otago Hunt's Road
Katherine Bay Great Barrier Island Catherine Bay
Katherine Bay Great Barrier Island Motairehe
Kati Kati Bay of Plenty Katikati
Katikati Bay of Plenty Kati Kati
Katikati Bay of Plenty Uretara
Katikati Bay of Plenty Waterford
Katikati Heads Bay of Plenty Bowentown
Katiki Otago Kartiga
Katiki Beach Otago Kartigi Beach (Otago)
Kau Bay Wellington Helens Bay
Kauaeranga Thames Thames
Kauana Southland Harrington
Kauana Southland Pukearuhe
Kauananuka Wanganui Waitotara
Kaukapakapa Auckland Makarau
Kaukapapa Auckland Kanohi
Kaukau Otago Dip Creek
Kaurawhero North Auckland Kaipara Flats
Kauri North Auckland Kaurihohore
Kauri Point Bay of Plenty Te Hono Point
Kaurihohore North Auckland Kauri
Kaurihohore North Auckland Kauri-Ho-Hore
Kaurihohore North Auckland Kirktown
Kauri-Ho-Hore North Auckland Kamo
Kauri-Ho-Hore North Auckland Kirktown
Kauroo Hill Otago Kauru Hill
Kauru Wellington Kilbirnie
Kauru Hill Otago Kauroo Hill
Kauwhata Manawatu Awahuri (Dairy Factory)
Kawa Waikato Te Kawa
Kawakapatu Southland Wakapatu
Kawakawa Waikato Ongarue
Kawakawa Auckland Ruakawakawa
Kawakawa East Coast Te Araroa
Kawakawa Bay Auckland Ruakawakawa
Kawarau Otago Bannockburn
Kawarau Otago Cromwell
Kawarau Otago Georgetown
Kawarau Gorge Otago Georgetown
Kawatau Wellington Kawhatau
Kawatiri Nelson Claybank
Kawatiri Nelson Hope Junction
Kawatiri River Nelson Buller River
Kawau Auckland Mullet Point
Kawau Landing Auckland Sandspit (Rodney)
Kaweheitiki North Auckland Rangi Point
Kaweku Southland Sandstone
Kawhai-nui Bay of Plenty Tauranga
Kawhaka West Coast Dillman's
Kawhaka West Coast Fox's
Kawhatau Wellington Kawatau
Kawhia Waikato Aotea South
Kawhia Waikato Oparou
Kawhia Waikato Puruha
Kawhia Waikato Rokaunui
Kawhia Waikato Taharoa
Kawhia Waikato Te Waitere
Kawhia Waikato Waiharakiki
Kawhia (township) Waikato Pouwewe
Kays West Coast Taipo
Kea Nelson Flowers Terrace
Kekepuke Waikato Kopua
Kekerangu Marlborough Kekerengu
Kekerengu Marlborough Giggerigoo
Kekerengu Marlborough Kekerangu
Kellys Beach Auckland Puru Creek
Kelly's Creek West Coast Kellytown
Kellytown West Coast Kelly's Creek
Kenakena Wellington Bel Air
Kenana Bay of Plenty Canaan
Kenana North Auckland Kohumaru
Kenara North Auckland Mangonui
Kenepuru Marlborough Torea
Kennedy's Wanganui Makirikiri
Kennedy's Bay Coromandel Kaimakau
Kennedy's Bay Coromandel St Andrew
Kennedy's Bay Coromandel Harataunga
Kennedy's Isle Marlborough Pohuenui
Kennington Southland Bridge Inn
Kennington Southland Bridge Inn
Kennington Southland Longbush
Kennington Southland One Tree Point
Kenny's Flat Auckland Onehunga
Kereone Waikato Kiwitahi Railway
Kerepeehi Waikato Kerepehi
Kerepehi Waikato Kerepeehi
Kereru Manawatu Koputarua
Kereru Hawke's Bay Poporangi Station
Kereta Thames Otakeo
Kereta Thames Otakeo
Kerikeri Bay of Islands Gloucester Town
Kerrs Hill Nelson Berneygoosal
Kerr's Station Canterbury Waitohi
Kerry Canterbury Kerrytown
Kerrytown Canterbury Kerry
Ketemarae Taranaki Normanby
Ketu Bay Marlborough Bulwer
Ketu Bay Marlborough Pohuenui
Ketu Bay Marlborough Port Ligas
Kiaarero Otago Oamaru
Kiangawari Nelson Madsen
Kihi Waikato Maungatautari
Kihikihi Waikato Paikuku
Kihikihi Waikato Ranpoahia
Kihikihi Waikato Wakau
Kihikihi Waikato Warahoe
Kikiwa Nelson Blue Glen
Kikowhakarere Coromandel Kikowhakariri
Kikowhakariri Coromandel Kikowhakarere
Kilbirnie Wellington Kauru
Kilbirnie South Wellington Haitaiti
Killinchy Canterbury Dunsandel
Kimberley Canterbury Upper Courtenay
Kimbolton Manawatu Birmingham
Kimbolton Manawatu Fowlers
Kimbolton Road (School) Manawatu Kiwitea
Kingsdown Chatham Islands Raorao
Kingsdown Canterbury Timaru
Kingseat Auckland Karaka
Kingsland Auckland Cabbage Tree Swamp
Kingsland Gully Auckland Glen Osborne
Kingston Otago Georgetown
Kingston Southland St Johnstown
Kingston Crossing Southland Longridge Village
Kinleith Waikato Hillcrest (Hamilton)
Kinloch Southland Dartmoor
Kinloch Southland Dartmoor
Kinloch Canterbury Te Oka
Kiokio Waikato Puketarata
Kioreroa North Auckland Opau
Kioreroa North Auckland Port Whangarei
Kipua Hawke's Bay Gamman's
Kiri Kiri Canterbury Bexley
Kiri Kiri Canterbury Oxford
Kirikiri Thames Kopu
Kirikiri-katata Southern Alps Mt Wakefield
Kirikiriroa Waikato Hamilton
Kirikiriroa Waikato Hamilton East
Kirikiri-tatangi Wellington Seatoun
Kiripaka North Auckland Kaiatea
Kiritaki Hawke's Bay Maharahara East
Kirkland Hill (Dunedin) Otago Halfway Bush
Kirktown North Auckland Kauri-Ho-Hore
Kirtleburn Otago Roaring Meg
Kirwee Canterbury Brett's Corner
Kirwee Canterbury Courtenay
Kisbee Bay Southland Cromarty
Kisselton Canterbury Lake Coleridge
Kiwai Canterbury Leithfield Beach
Kiwinui Bay of Plenty Whakatane Junction
Kiwitahi Railway Waikato Kereone
Kiwitea Manawatu Kimbolton Road (School)
Knapdale Southland Chatton
Knightstown Canterbury Edgeware
Knockladye Hawke's Bay Tahekenui
Knowsley Wanganui Wanganui River Mouth
Knowsley Bay Southland Foveaux Strait
Knowsley Bay Wanganui Wanganui River Mouth
Knowsley River Southland Aparima River
Knowsley River Southland Riverton
Knowsley River Wanganui Wanganui River Mouth
Kohi Road Hawke's Bay Pahautuhia
Kohitere North Auckland Port Whangarei
Kohumaru North Auckland Kenana
Kohupatiki Hawke's Bay Kohuratahi Pa
Kohuratahi Pa Hawke's Bay Kohupatiki
Kohurau Otago Kurow
Koiawa Canterbury Hawkins
Koiro Waikato Otuiti
Koiterangi West Coast Kowhitirangi
Kokako Auckland Port Albert Central
Kokakotangireka Wellington Windy Point
Kokatahi West Coast Lower Kokatahi
Kokiri West Coast Kaimata
Kokoamo [Komako] Otago Waipiata
Kokohuia Wanganui Balgownie
Kokohuia Wanganui Castlecliff Beach
Kokonga Otago Ryans Crossing
Kokopu North Auckland Kara West
Kokotahi-te-taniwha Wellington Evans Bay
Kokourata Canterbury Port Levy
Kollack Bay Southland Colac Bay
Komako Otago Waipata
Komiti North Auckland Oruru Valley
Komokoriki Auckland Ahuroa
Konini Manawatu Makakahi
Kononi Otago Corkscrew
Kononi Otago Lower Tuapeka West
Kononi Otago Makakahi
Kopaki King Country Paratikana
Kopara Greymouth Kopara Flats
Kopara Flats Greymouth Kopara
Kope Whakatane Kopeopeo
Kopeopeo Whakatane Kope
Kopikopiko Wairarapa Waiwera
Kopu Thames Kirikiri
Kopu Thames Takapua
Kopua East Coast Bartletts
Kopua East Coast Bartlett's
Kopua Waikato Kakepuku
Kopua Waikato Kekepuku
Kopua Hawke's Bay Otawhao
Kopua Hawke's Bay Ormondville
Kopuarahi Thames Pipiroa East
Kopuaranga Wairarapa Dreyerton
Kopuaranga Wairarapa Opaki
Kopuawhara Hawke's Bay Camp No 3
Kopuku Auckland Bridgewater
Kopungara Wairarapa Pahautea
Kopuranga Wairarapa Dreyerton
Kopuru North Auckland Te Kopuru
Koputai Otago Port Chalmers
Koputarua Manawatu Kapuatarua
Koputarua Manawatu Kereru
Koraha North Auckland Lower Ramarama
Koreke Nelson Quail Valley
Korepo Manawatu Glencoe
Korere Nelson Upper Motupiko
Koreromaiwaho Manawatu Mingiroa
Korokonui Rangitikei Taihape
Koromiko Marlborough Para
Koromiko Southland Waihoaka
Koromiko Marlborough Waitohi
Koroniti Wanganui Corinth
Kororareka Bay of Islands Russell
Kotemaori Hawke's Bay Te Maori (Wairoa)
Kotikotia Wanganui Kakatihi
Kotikotia Wanganui Parapara
Kotinga Nelson Long Plain
Kotinga Nelson Long Plain
Kotuku West Coast Clonmore
Kourow Otago Kurow
Kourow Otago Upper Ferry
Koutu North Auckland Hokianga Heads
Koutu North Auckland Onoke Point
Kowai Otago Black Cleugh
Kowai Canterbury Leithfield
Kowai Pass Canterbury Springfield
Kowai Rock Canterbury Rock Ford
Kowhai East Coast Motuhora
Kowhatu Otago Rocky Point
Kowhitirangi West Coast Koiterangi
Kuka Creek North Auckland Ohauroro Island
Kukuae North Auckland Parua Bay
Kukuwai North Auckland Parua Bay
Kumara West Coast Kumara Junction
Kumara Beach Road West Coast Kumara Junction
Kumara Junction West Coast Kumara
Kumara Junction West Coast Kumara Beach Road
Kumeu Auckland Pomona
Kumeu Flat Auckland Ararimu North
Kuranga Thames Thames
Kurani Thames Thames
Kuratawhiti Canterbury Otarama Peak
Kura-te-au Marlborough Tory Channel
Kuri-a-paoa East Coast Young Nick's Head
Kuripapanga Hawke's Bay Kuripapango
Kuripapango Hawke's Bay Kuripapanga
Kuripuni Wairarapa Kurupuni
Kuritapu Canterbury Halfway House
Kuriwao Otago Clinton
Kurow Otago Hilles
Kurow Otago Kohurau
Kurow Otago Kourow
Kurow Otago Pukaki
Kurow Otago Strachans
Kurow Otago Wharekuri
Kurupuni Wairarapa Kuripuni
Kutarere Whakatane Ohiwa
Kutarere Whakatane Waiotahi
Kyeburn Otago Cows Creek
Kyeburn Diggings Otago Upper Kyeburn
Kyle Canterbury Pendarves
Kynnersley West Coast Waimarie
Lady Barkly (Railway name) Southland Barkly
Laingholm Auckland Langholm
Laingholm Auckland Little Muddy Creek
Laingholm Auckland Roseneath
Lairdvale King Country Lairdville
Lairdville King Country Lairdvale
Lake Acland Canterbury Lake Emma
Lake Arthur Nelson Lake Rotoiti
Lake Brunner West Coast Jackson's
Lake Brunner West Coast Laketown
Lake Coleridge Canterbury Coleridge
Lake Coleridge Canterbury Kisselton
Lake Coleridge Canterbury Whakamatau
Lake Ellesmere Canterbury Waihora
Lake Emma Canterbury Lake Acland
Lake Hay Otago Lake Hayes
Lake Hayes Otago Lake Hay
Lake Ohau Otago Long Bush
Lake Rotoiti Nelson Lake Arthur
Lake Takapuna Auckland Pupuke Lake
Lake Waipori Otago Berwick
Lakes Hill Camp Wanganui 31 Mile Camp
Lakes Hill Camp Wanganui Okopua
Laketown West Coast Lake Brunner
Lamplough West Coast Awatuna
Land of Promise West Coast Umere
Langdale Wairarapa Whareama
Langhmor Canterbury Westerfield
Langholm Auckland Laingholm
Langridge Marlborough Middlehust
Langs Beach North Auckland Wairahi
Langthorne East Coast Rakauroa
Lansdowne Canterbury Halswell
Laodicea Wanganui Raorikia
Larry's Creek West Coast Colyton
Lauriston Canterbury Mitcham
Lauriston Canterbury Sherwood
Lauriston Otago Tahakopa
Lauriston Canterbury Urral
Lavenham East Coast Patutahi
Lawrence Otago Forsyth
Lawrence Otago Junction, The
Lawrence Otago Tuapeka
Laycock's Thames Hikuai
Laycock's Thames Hikuwai
Le Bon's Bay Canterbury Bon Bay
Le Pic Mascarin Taranaki Mt Egmont/Taranaki
Lea Stream Otago Lee Stream
Leader Canterbury Riversdale
Leamington Waikato Cambridge West
Lee Stream Otago Lea Stream
Lee Stream Otago Traquair
Leeston Canterbury Hill's Road
Leeston Road (Railway name) Canterbury Burnham
Leigh Auckland Big Omaha
Leigh Auckland Little Omaha
Leigh's Stockade Wellington Tawa Flat
Leithfield Canterbury Kowai
Leithfield Beach Canterbury Kiwai
Lennons Bush Southland Flints Bush
Leper Island Wellington Mokopuna Island
Lepperton Taranaki Manutahi North
Lethbridge Wanganui Turakina
Levels Canterbury Pleasant Point
Levels, The [farm] Canterbury Timaru [now part of]
Levin Horowhenu Taitoko
Levin Horowhenua Wereroa
Lewis Hill Rotorua Lynmore
Liberton Dunedin Pine Hill
Lichfield Waikato Wauts
Lillburn Southland Wairoto
Limehills Southland Ords
Limehills Southland Oreti
Limehills Southland Woody Knoll
Limerick Otago Fruitlands
Limestone Hill North Auckland Waipu
Limestone Island, Whangarei Harbour North Auckland Matakohe
Limestone Plains Southland Isla Bank
Linburn Otago Linnburn
Lincoln Road Taranaki Waitoriki
Linden Wellington Tawa Downs
Lindis Otago Tarras
Lindis Crossing Otago Bendigo
Linds Bridge Southland Makarewa
Lindsay Hawke's Bay Ruataniwha
Lindsay Hawke's Bay Vernon
Linkwater Marlborough Mahakipawa
Linnburn Otago Linburn
Lintley Village Southland Lumsden
Linton Manawatu Fitzherbert West
Linton Manawatu Whitmore
Linwood Railway Canterbury Wilson's Road
Lisburn Auckland Albany
L'Isle Sterile Hawke's Bay Bare Island
Lismore (Ashburton) Canterbury Hackthorne
Little Akaloa Canterbury Akaloa Bay
Little Akaloa Canterbury Decanter Bay
Little Akaloa Canterbury Raupo Bay
Little Grey Junction West Coast Ikamatua
Little Grey Junction West Coast Waipuna
Little Huia Auckland Huia
Little Karoro Creek Otago Burnt Scrub Creek
Little Manly Auckland Little Manly Beach
Little Manly Beach Auckland Little Manly
Little Muddy Creek Auckland Laingholm
Little Omaha Auckland Leigh
Little Omaha Auckland Little Omaha Harbour
Little Omaha Harbour Auckland Little Omaha
Little Racecourse Hill Canterbury Kapukuriki
Little Racecourse Hill Canterbury Malvern
Little Scotland Auckland Pohuehue
Little Taranaki Wanganui Maben Road
Little Waitaha West Coast Fergusons
Little Wanganui West Coast Wanganui
Little Wanganui Ferry West Coast Te Namu
Little Wanganui River West Coast Poerua
Livingston (Hawera) Taranaki Tokaora
Livingstone Otago Maerewhenua
Livingstone Otago Ramsaytown
Livingstone Manawatu Sandon Block
Livingstone's East Coast Waingake
Lloyd's West Coast Blackwater
Loburn Otago Lowburn Ferry
Loburn Canterbury South Loburn
Lochiel Southland Elderslie
Lochiel Southland Forest Hill
Logantown Otago Bendigo
London Wanganui Ranana
Long Bush Otago Lake Ohau
Long Bush Southland Woodlands
Long Ford, The Southland Gore
Long Ford, The Murchison Longford
Long Island Southland Ruapuke Island
Long Plain Nelson Kotinga
Long Plain Nelson Kotinga
Long Plain Nelson Lotinga
Long Plain Nelson Takaka
Long Point Otago Irihuka
Long Valley Otago McKenzies Flat
Longbeach Southland Cromarty
Longbeach Southland Te Oneroa
Longbeach Railway Station Canterbury Winslow
Longburn Manawatu Karere
Longburn Manawatu Tiakitahuna
Longburn Manawatu Whitmore
Longbush Southland Chatham
Longbush Southland Kennington
Longbush Southland Seven Mile Crossing
Longbush Southland Rimu
Longford Southland Gore
Longford Murchison Long Ford, The
Longridge Southland Balfour
Longridge Southland Balfour
Longridge North Southland Hiwiroa
Longridge Village Southland Kingston Crossing
Longwood Southland Hekeia
Longwood Southland Oraki
Lookers On Marlborough Kaikoura
Lorne Otago Enfield
Lorne Southland Wallacetown Junction
Lorne Otago Whitstone
Lorneville Southland Wallacetown Junction
Lotinga Nelson Kotinga
Loudon's Otago Fairfield
Loury Bay Wellington Lowry Bay
Lovell's Flat Otago Crichton
Lovell's Flat Otago Hillend
Lovet Canterbury Aylesbury
Lowburn Otago Loburn
Lowburn Otago Lowburn Ferry
Lowburn Ferry Otago Lowburn
Lowburn Ferry Otago Perriam's
Lowcliffe Canterbury Coldstream
Lowden Hills East Coast Puketawa
Lower Cashmere Canterbury Thorrington
Lower Dunstan Otago Alexandra
Lower Dunstan Otago Manuherikia
Lower Eweburn Otago Waipiata
Lower Hawea Otago Hawea Flat
Lower Heathcote Canterbury Ferry Road
Lower Kaituna Nelson Aorere
Lower Kokatahi West Coast Kokatahi
Lower Moawhango Rangitikei Taoroa
Lower Nevis Otago Nevis
Lower Otira West Coast Aickens
Lower Pareora Canterbury St Andrew
Lower Port Chalmers Canterbury Mansford Town
Lower Ramarama North Auckland Koraha
Lower Rangitata Canterbury Ealing
Lower Rangitikei Rangitikei Scotts Ferry
Lower Retaruke King Country Retaruke
Lower Shotover Otago Haye's Lake
Lower Taieri Otago East Taieri
Lower Township Otago Alexandra
Lower Tuapeka West Otago Kononi
Lower Tutaenui Rangitikei Marton
Lower Waianiwa Southland Waianiwa
Lower Waiawa Rotorua Omarumutu
Lower Waihou Thames Eastport
Lower Wairau Marlborough Spring Creek
Lower Wakefield Nelson Wakefield
Lowood Southland Winton
Lowrie's Wanganui Turakina Valley
Lowry Bay Wellington Whiorau
Lowther Southland Lumsden
Lucas Creek Auckland Albany
Luggate Otago Lugget
Lugget Otago Luggate
Lumsden Southland Elbow
Lumsden Southland Elbow, The
Lumsden Southland Five Rivers
Lumsden Southland Holmsdale
Lumsden Southland Lintley Village
Lumsden Southland Lowther
Lumsden Southland New Elbow
Luscombe North Auckland Parahi
Lyall Bay Wellington False Bay
Lyall Bay Wellington Maranui
Lyalldale Canterbury Pareora No 2 Settlement
Lymore Rotorua Lewis Hill
Lyndon Canterbury Temara
Lyttelton Canterbury Port Cooper
Lyttelton Canterbury Port Victoria
Lyttelton [Port] Canterbury Te Whaka
Lyttelton [Port] Canterbury Te Whaka-raupo
Lyttelton Harbour Canterbury Cook's Harbour
Lyttelton Harbour Canterbury Tokolabo
Maanu North Auckland Maunu
Maata Taranaki Mata
Mabel Southland Mabel Bush
Mabel Bay West Coast Meybille Bay
Mabel Bush Southland Mabel
Maben Road Wanganui Little Taranaki
Maben Road Wanganui Matukuroa
Maben Road Wanganui Opaku
Macetown Otago Twelve Mile
Mackay River Tasman Karamea River
Mackay Town Thames Karangahake
Mackay Town Thames Mackaytown
Mackaytown Thames Mackay Town
MacKenzie Otago Mina
Mackenzie Country Canterbury MacKenzie Plains
Mackenzie Plains Canterbury Mackenzie Country
MacKenzie's Canterbury Cheviot
Maclennan Otago Papatowai
MacManamen's Marlborough Terawhiti
Macrae's Otago Macraes Flat
Macraes Flat Otago Fullartons
Macraes Flat Otago Horse Flat
Macraes Flat Otago Macrae's
Macraes Flat Otago Murphys Flat
Madsen Nelson Kiangawari
Maerewhenua Otago Marowhenua
Maerewhenua Otago Maruwenua
Maerewhenua West Otago Livingstone
Maggie Creek Nelson Berneygoosal
Maggie Creek Nelson Kerrs Hill
Mahakipawa Marlborough Cullen Creek
Mahakipawa Marlborough Cullensville
Mahakipawa Marlborough Linkwater
Mahakirau Coromandel Whitianga
Mahana Nelson Bronte
Maharahara Hawke's Bay Matahiwi
Maharahara Hawke's Bay Mataiwi
Maharahara Hawke's Bay Ruangarehu
Maharahara East Hawke's Bay Kiritaki
Maharakeke Hawke's Bay Marakeke
Mahau Marlborough Bittle's
Maheno Otago Kakanui
Maheno Otago Inch-Holme
Maheno Otago Reidston
Mahia East Coast Old Mahia
Mahia East Coast Opoutama
Mahia Hawke's Bay Oraka
Mahia East Coast Te Mahia
Mahia Beach East Coast Maina
Mahinapua West Coast Ogilvies
Mahinepua North Auckland Stephenson Island
Mahirakau Waikato Pukeraumati
Mahitahi West Coast Condon's
Mahitahi West Coast Maitahi
Mahora Hawke's Bay Tomoana
Mahunga Military Settlement Gisborne Ormond
Mahurangi Auckland Brown's
Mahurangi North Auckland Kaihu
Mahurangi Auckland Mahurangi Heads
Mahurangi Auckland Te Kapa
Mahurangi Auckland Warkworth
Mahurangi Central Auckland Craigieburn
Mahurangi Heads Auckland Mahurangi
Mahuta Auckland Ralphville
Maimai Nelson Squaretown
Maina East Coast Mahia Beach
Maioro Auckland Waiuku
Mair North Auckland Whangarei
Mairtown North Auckland Whangarei
Maitahi Auckland Dairy Flat
Maitahi Auckland Mahitahi
Makahoe Otago Papanui Inlet
Makahu Taranaki Gatton
Makairo Wairarapa Pahiatua
Makairo Wairarapa Tiraumea
Makairohia Otago Edwards, Mt
Makaka Auckland Destruction Gully
Makakahi Manawatu Konini
Makakahi Otago Kononi
Makakahikatoa Otago Outram
Makaraka East Coast Makauri
Makaraka East Coast New Gisborne
Makarau Auckland Kaukapakapa
Makaretu Hawke's Bay Makaretu North
Makaretu North Hawke's Bay Makaretu
Makarewa Southland Linds Bridge
Makarika East Coast Aorangi
Makauri East Coast Gisborne
Makauri East Coast Makaraka
Makeretu Hawke's Bay Ashley Clinton
Makerua Manawatu Makurerua
Makerua Manawatu Makurerua
Makerua Manawatu Shannon
Maketawa Taranaki Durham Road
Maketawa Taranaki Te Tawa
Maketu Auckland Opaheke
Maketu Auckland Ramarama
Maketu Auckland Te Maketu
Makikihi Canterbury Hunter
Makino Wellington Pikiariki
Makino Road Manawatu Glenwood
Makirikiri Wanganui Kennedy's
Makirikiri Wanganui Upokongaro
Makohine Rangitikei Ohingaiti
Makomako Wairarapa Mangaho
Makomako Waikato Moerangi
Makotuku Wanganui Raetihi
Makowhai Manawatu Mickeytown
Maku Hawke's Bay Pongaroa
Makukupara Manawatu Waione
Makurerua Manawatu Makerua
Makurerua Manawatu Makerua
Makuri Wairarapa Coonoor
Malaghan's Otago Miller's Flat
Malaghan's Otago Speargrass Flat
Malaghan's Otago Wharehuanui
Malaspina Sound Fiordland Smith Sound
Malfroy Rotorua Rotorua West
Malton Southland Te Hiwi
Malvern Canterbury Annat
Malvern Canterbury Little Racecourse Hill
Malvern Canterbury Waddington
Malvern Canterbury Malvern Hills
Malvern Canterbury Sheffield
Malvern Hills Canterbury Malvern
Mamaku (Rotorua) Bay of Plenty Kaponga
Mana (Paremata) Wellington Dolly Varden
Mana Island Wellington Table Island
Manaia Thames Dunbars
Manaia Taranaki Kapuri
Manaia Taranaki Waimate Plains
Manaia (Dunbar's) Thames Ahimia
Manaia Station Wairarapa Solway
Manakaiaua West Coast Jacob's River
Manakau Harbour Auckland Manou-kao
Manakau Harbour Auckland Manukoe [Harbour]
Mananu Thames Anuanu
Manawa Hawke's Bay Tenui
Manawaora North Auckland Clendon Cove
Manawaora Bay Bay of Islands Manawara Bay
Manawara Bay Bay of Islands Manawaora Bay
Manawatu Manawatu Oroua Downs (township)
Manawatu Gorge Manawatu Te Apiti
Manawatu Gorge Manawatu Te Au-rere-a-te-tonga
Manawatu Heads Manawatu Foxton Beach
Manchester (School name) Manawatu Bunnythorpe
Manchester (School name) Manawatu Mugby Junction
Mandeville Southland Otamete
Mandeville Southland Retreat Station
Mandeville Southland Wantwood Station
Mandeville (North) Canterbury Swannanoa
Mandeville North Canterbury Ohoka
Manga Taranaki Taurakawa
Mangaehu Taranaki Pahautuhia
Mangaehu Taranaki Puniwhakau
Mangaere Taranaki Huiakama
Mangaere Taranaki Huiakama
Mangaetaroa Wanganui Mangaituroa
Mangaha Manawatu Pokokomuka
Mangahao Wairarapa Moku Moku
Mangaho Wairarapa Makomako
Mangainako Rangitikei Hunterville
Mangaiti Taranaki Bell Block
Mangaituroa Wanganui Mangaetaroa
Mangaituroa Wellington Waipuna
Mangakahia North Auckland Awarua
Mangakahia North Auckland Oruoru
Mangakahia North Auckland Pakotai
Mangakahia North Auckland Pipwai
Mangakura Auckland Chalmerston
Mangamahoe Wairarapa Hastwells
Mangamaire Wairarapa Tutaekara
Mangamaunu Marlborough Sandy Bay
Mangamoko Rangitikei Ohingaiti
Mangamuka North Auckland Maungamuka
Mangamuka North Auckland Taikawhana
Mangamuka Bridge North Auckland Mangamuka
Mangamutu Wairarapa Scarborough
Manganui Taranaki Midhirst
Manganui Taranaki Waipuku
Mangaohiku Hawke's Bay Reporua
Mangaohutu King Country Ohutu Landing
Mangaone Wairarapa Coleton
Mangaone Manawatu Colyton
Mangaone Wairarapa Pleckville
Mangaone North Wairarapa Pahiatua
Mangaone Valley Wairarapa Eketahuna
Mangaone Valley Hawke's Bay Tangitere
Mangaone Village Wairarapa Rongomai
Mangaonui Waikato Newstead
Mangaonui-o-wae North Auckland Broadwood
Mangaorongo Waikato Rangiatea
Mangapai Auckland Ruarangi
Mangapai Auckland Waikiekie
Mangapai Wharf North Auckland Oakleigh
Mangapapa King Country Aria
Mangapapa Hawke's Bay Maryville
Mangapapa Hawke's Bay Pariwaro
Mangapapa Valley Waikato Otangiwai
Mangapiko Waikato Te Awamutu
Mangapiri Southland Belmont
Mangapuaka Hawke's Bay Ngapaeruru Block No 2
Mangarakau Collingwood Southend
Mangarakau Collingwood West Wanganui
Mangarawa Wairarapa Pinfold Road
Mangarimu Manawatu Beef Creek
Mangarimu Manawatu Beef Creek
Mangaroa Rotorua Maroa
Mangaroa Wellington Maymorn
Mangaroa King Country Ohura
Mangaroa Valley Wellington Wallaceville (Hutt Valley)
Mangarua Southland Howards
Mangatangi Auckland Maungatawhiri
Mangatangirau Auckland Touwai
Mangatapu Waikato McArthurs Siding
Mangatara Dannevirke Mangatera
Mangatau Taranaki Opunake
Mangatautari No 2 (School) Waikato Horahora
Mangatawhiri Auckland Havelock
Mangatepopo Waimarino Taurewa
Mangatera Dannevirke Mangatara
Mangatete North Auckland Awanui
Mangatete North Auckland Kaingaroa
Mangati Taranaki Bell Block
Mangati Great Barrier Island Okupu
Mangatoetoe North Auckland Victoria Valley
Mangatu North Auckland Auckland
Mangatu North Auckland Hokianga
Mangatu North Auckland Marlborough
Mangatua Otago Woodside
Mangawai Auckland Coal Hill
Mangawai North Auckland Hakaru
Mangawai Auckland Mangawhai
Mangawai Auckland Molesworth
Mangawai Auckland North Albertland
Mangawara Thames Manuwaru
Mangawara Waikato Orini
Mangaweka Rangitikei Hawainga
Mangaweka Rangitikei Three Log Whare
Mangawhai Auckland Mangawai
Mangawhai Auckland Mangowhai
Mangawhara Waikato Hinuera
Mangawharariki Manawatu Ruahine
Mangawhare Canterbury Cricklewood
Mangawhare North Auckland Kaipara
Mangawhera Taranaki Mata
Mangawhero Taranaki Eltham
Mangere Auckland Ihumatao
Mangere Auckland One Tree Point
Mangere Auckland Pukaki
Mangoihe Waimarino Tawaglen
Mangonui North Auckland Kenara
Mangonui North Auckland Mongonui
Mangonui North Auckland Oruaiti
Mangonui North Auckland Oruru
Mangonui North Auckland Taemaro
Mangonui North Auckland Waimahara
Mangonui-o-wae North Auckland Broadwood
Mangorei (New Plymouth) Taranaki Mongorei
Mangowhai Auckland Mangawhai
Maniaroa Nelson Tapawera
Maniatoto Otago Maniototo
Maniototo Otago Maniatoto
Manly Auckland Big Manly
Manly Auckland Polkinghornes Beach
Mannings Valley Auckland Moumoukai
Manor Park Camp Wellington Haywards Camp
Manou-kao Auckland Manukau Harbour
Mansford Town Otago Lower Port Chalmers
Manu Nelson Kaka
Manuae Chatham Islands Hervey Island
Manuherikia Otago Alexandra South
Manuherikia Otago Lower Dunstan
Manui Wairarapa Masterton-Tenui
Manukau Harbour (township) Auckland Herekeno
Manukou [Harbour] Auckland Manukau Harbour
Manurewa South Auckland Churchill
Manutahi North Taranaki Lepperton
Manuwaru Thames Mangawara
Maori Creek Greymouth Dungaville
Maori Gully West Coast Arnold
Maori Gully West Coast Brunnerton
Maori Hill Dunedin Murrayville
Maori Kaik Otago Kaiki
Maori Point Southland Charleston
Maorirua Southland Edendale
Mapua Nelson Ruby Bay
Maraekoa Southland Gladfield
Maraekoa Southland Gladfield
Maraenui Bay of Plenty Haupoto (Motu River)
Maraenui Hawke's Bay Richmond Block
Maraenui (School) Bay of Plenty Houpoto
Maraetaha East Coast Whareata
Maraetaho Hawke's Bay Tarewa
Marahea East Coast Tokomaru Bay
Marakeke Hawke's Bay Maharakeke
Marakura Fiordland Te Anau
Marama Auckland Maungarei
Marama Marlborough Richmond Brook
Maranui Wellington Lyall Bay
Maratoto Thames Golden Cross
Marawiti Canterbury Barrhill
Maretutu North North Auckland Taipuha
Marewhenua Otago Ramsaytown
Marian Camp Fiordland Hollyford
Mariomoto Otago Wedderburn
Marlborough Marlborough Goulands Ferry
Marlborough North Auckland Mangatu
Marlborough Town Marlborough Goulands Ferry
Marlow Bay of Islands Towai
Maroa Wairarapa Alfredton
Maroa Rotorua Mangaroa
Marohemo North Auckland Bickerstaffe
Marowhenua Otago Maerewhenua
Marsden Manawatu Coylton
Marsden Point North Auckland Belle View
Marsden Point North Auckland Henry's Point
Marsden Point North Auckland Ruakaka
Marsdens Vale Bay of Islands Paihia
Marshalls Rangitikei Hinau
Marshall's Ferry Canterbury Arundel
Marshland Canterbury Bottle Lake
Marshmeadows Waikato Newstead
Martinborough Wairarapa Te Waihenga
Martinborough Wairarapa Waihenga
Martins Bay Southland Jamestown
Martin's River Wellington Hukinga
Marton Rangitikei Lower Tutaenui
Marton Rangitikei Pukepapa
Marton Rangitikei Tutaenui
Marton Block Manawatu Kaheke
Marua North Auckland Otonga East
Maruakoa Otago Barbriderry
Maruawai Southland Gore
Maruia Murchison Matakitaki
Maruia Murchison Walker's
Maruia South Murchison Burnbrae
Marumoko East Coast Aorangi
Maruwenua Otago Maerewhenua
Maryvale Hawke's Bay Omahanui
Maryville Taranaki Inland Mokau
Maryville Taranaki Mangapapa
Maryville Taranaki Pariwaro
Mason's Flat Canterbury Woodgrove
Massacre Bay Nelson Golden Bay
Massey (Waitemata) Auckland Birdwood
Massey (Waitemata) Auckland Massey-Birdwood
Massey-Birdwood Auckland Massey (Waitemata)
Masterton East Wairarapa East Side
Masterton-Te Nui Wairarapa Manui
Mata Taranaki Maata
Mata Taranaki Mangawhera
Mata (Hokianga) North Auckland Mata North
Mata North North Auckland Mata (Hokianga)
Mataahu East Coast Akuaku
Mataatua Rotorua Ruatahuna
Matahiwi Hawke's Bay Maharahara
Matahorua Stream Hawke's Bay Matahoura
Matahoura Hawke's Bay Eskdale Railway Camp
Matahoura Hawke's Bay Matahorua Stream
Matahoura Hawke's Bay Tatara
Matahura Waikato Waeranga
Matai Southland Otapiri
Matai West Coast Ngahere
Matai (Matamata) Waikato Mati
Mataikuna Wairarapa Whakataki
Mataiwi Manawatu Heretaunga
Mataiwi Hawke's Bay Maharahara
Matakana Auckland Craigieburn
Matakanui Otago Tinkers
Matakanui Otago Drybread
Matakitaki Murchison Maruia
Matakohe Auckland Hukatere
Matakohe North Auckland Limestone Island, Whangarei Harbour
Matakope Auckland Ararua
Matangi Waikato Tamahere
Matapouri Bay North Auckland Whananaki
Matarehua East Coast East Cape
Matariki Nelson Wangapeka Settlement
Matata Bay of Plenty Richmond
Matau Otago Clutha River
Matauhi Bay of Islands Matauwhi Bay
Mataura Southland Tuturau
Mataura Southland Waimumu
Mataura Plains Southland Edendale
Mataura River Southland Toetoe River
Matauwhi Bay Bay of Islands Matauhi
Matauwhi Bay Bay of Islands Matawhi
Matawai East Coast Flemings Homestead
Mataweka Hawke's Bay Tapairu
Mataweka Hawke's Bay Te Tapairu
Matawhero East Coast Bushmere
Matawhi Bay of Islands Matauwhi Bay
Mati (Matamata) Waikato Matai
Matiapapa Otago Henley
Matiri West Coast Murchison
Matiu Wellington Somes Island
Matoro Southland Otama
Matuku Southland Glenelg
Matuku Southland Hamilton Burn
Matukuroa Wanganui Maben Road
Mauao Bay of Plenty Mount Maunganui (hill)
Maud Island Marlborough Maude Island
Maud Island Marlborough Te Hoiere
Maude Island Marlborough Maud Island
Maungakakaramea Bay of Plenty Rainbow Mountain (Rotorua)
Maungakawa Waikato Sanitorium Hill (Cambridge)
Maungakiekie Auckland One Tree Hill
Maungakohatu North Auckland Bryn Avon
Maungamuka North Auckland Mangamuka
Maunganui Bay of Islands Deep Water Cove
Maunganui Bluff Hokianga Aranga
Maungaraupi Wairarapa Kakariki
Maungarei Auckland Marama
Maungarei Auckland Mount Wellington (hill)
Maungatapu Waikato McArthurs Siding
Maungatautari Waikato Kihi
Maungatawhiri Auckland Mangatangi
Maungatua Otago Woodside
Maungaturoto North Auckland Rowsells
Maungaturoto North Auckland Wairau Creek
Maungerkeruhi Wanganui Mangamahu
Maunu North Auckland Maanu
Maunu North Auckland Whangarei
Mauriceville North Wairarapa Hastwell's
Ma-waro Canterbury Mawaro
Mawaro Canterbury Ma-waro
Mawheraiti West Coast Waimaunga
Maxwell Wanganui Maxwelltown
Maxwell Wanganui Okehu
Maxwelltown Wanganui Maxwell
Maxwelltown Wanganui Okehu
Maybelle Bay West Coast Meybille Bay
Mayfield Auckland Birkenhead
Mayfield Auckland Freemans
Mayfield Auckland Glenfield
Maymorn Wellington Mangaroa
Mayor Island Bay of Plenty Tuhua
Maytown Canterbury Waimate
McArthurs Siding Waikato Maungatapu
McCaskill's Driving Creek Coromandel Driving Creek
McCleverty, Mount Wellington Tinakori Hill
McConnells Bush Thames Otamakitai
McConnell's Bush Thames Otamakitai
McDonalds West Coast Otira Gorge
McDonald's Cove Hawke's Bay Ahuriri Harbour
McDonnell's Cove Hawke's Bay Ahuriri Harbour
McKee's Otago Kakapuaka
McKellars Flat Otago Crookston
McKenzie Canterbury Cheviot
McKenzies Flat Otago Long Valley
McLean Township Auckland Pokeno
McLean's Canterbury Arno
McLean's Canterbury Pukeraruhe
Mead Canterbury Mead Settlement
Mead Settlement Canterbury Mead
Mechanics Bay Auckland Waipapa
Medbury Canterbury Horsley Down
Medbury Canterbury Peaks
Medlands Great Barrier Island Oruawharo
Mellenskov Wairarapa Eketahuna
Menzie's Ferry Southland Wyndham
Mercer Waikato Point Russell
Mercer Auckland Point Russell
Mercer Auckland Te Paina
Mercury Island Auckland Ahuahu
Merrijigs West Coast Big River Junction
Merrijigs West Coast Reefton
Meybille Bay West Coast Mabel Bay
Meybille Bay West Coast Maybelle Bay
Mickey Town Manawatu Sanson
Mickeytown Manawatu Makowhai
Middle Island New Zealand New Munster
Middle Island New Zealand South Island
Middle Rangitikei Rangitikei Bulls
Middlehurst Marlborough Lampridge
Middlemarch Otago Blair Taieri
Middlemarch Otago Springs
Middlemarch Otago Strath Taieri
Middlemarch Otago Sutton
Middlevale Southland Charlton
Midhirst Taranaki Manganui
Midhirst Taranaki Midhurst
Midhurst Taranaki Midhirst
Mihiwaka Otago Haywards Point
Mihiwaka Otago Purakanui
Mikanui Marlborough Oaro
Milburn Otago Circle Hill
Milburn Otago Millburn
Mildura East Coast Tamarau
Milford Manawatu Awapuni
Milford Canterbury Temuka
Mill Bay Auckland Huia
Millar's Flat Otago Ettrick
Millburn Otago Milburn
Miller's Flat Otago Malaghan's
Mills Marlborough Wharanui
Milltown Otago Milton
Milton Otago Fairfax
Milton Otago Tokomairiro
Milton Taranaki Inglewood
Milton Otago Milltown
Milton Taranaki Moa
Milton Taranaki Moatown
Milton Otago Southbridge
Milton Otago Table Hill
Mimihau Southland Waerikiki
Mina Otago Mackenzie
Mingaroa Mingiroa
Minginui Whakatane Minginui Forest
Minginui Forest Whakatane Minginui
Mingiroa Manawatu Koreromaiwaho
Mingiroa Mingaroa
Miramai Wellington Worser Bay
Miramar Peninsula Wellington Whataitai
Miranda Auckland Pokorokoro
Miranda Auckland Pukorokoro
Mirimar (Peninsula) Wellington Watt's Peninsula
Miro Taranaki Norfolk
Mironni West Coast Ross
Mirza Marlborough Ward
Mitcham Canterbury Lauriston
Mitchellstown Southland North Invercargill
Mititai Auckland Arapohoue
Moa Taranaki Inglewood
Moa Flat Otago Dumbarton
Moa Flat Otago Ettrick
Moa Flat Otago Roxburgh
Moanariri Otago Bull Creek
Moanaroa Rangitikei Scotts Ferry
Moanatairi Thames Thames
Moatown Taranaki Inglewood
Moatown Taranaki Milton
Moeatoa Waikato Glengregg
Moehau Thames Geard's Bay
Moeraki Downs Canterbury Cust
Moeraki Junction Otago Hillgrove
Moerangi Waikato Mokomoko
Moewhare Whangarei Omywhare
Mokamoka Otago Newhaven
Mokamoka Otago Pounawea
Mokao Taranaki Mokau
Mokau Taranaki Mokao
Mokauiti King Country Aria
Mokihinui Nelson Bayfield's Flat
Mokihinui Nelson Durham
Mokihinui West Coast St Helen's
Mokinui Island Southland Kackarow Island
Mokomoko Inlet Southland Duck Bay
Mokonui East Coast Te Araroa
Mokopuna Island Wellington Leper Island
Mokotua Southland Bush Siding
Mokotua Southland Kapuka
Mokotua Southland Oteramika
Mokotua Southland Woodlands
Moku Moku Wairarapa Mangahao
Molesworth Auckland Mangawai
Molyneaux Beach Otago Kaka Point
Molyneaux River Otago Clutha River
Momahaki Wairarapa Richardson
Moneymore Otago South Toko
Mongahoe Rangitikei Hunterville
Mongaone Wairarapa Eketahuna
Mongaorongo King Country Otorohanga
Mongatuhu Taranaki Strathmore
Mongonui North Auckland Mangonui
Mongorei Taranaki Mangorei (New Plymouth)
Moonlight Creek West Coast Atarau
Moretown Southland New Brighton
Morley Southland Nightcaps
Moroa Wairarapa Alfredton
Morrins Landing Waikato Morrinsville
Morrinsville Waikato Morrins Landing
Morrinsville Waikato Motumaoho
Morrinsville Waikato Murray's
Morrinsville Waikato Waitoa
Morrisons Otago Islay Down's
Morrisons Otago Pigroot
Morrisons Otago Shingley Creek
Morrisons Otago Swinburn
Morrisons Otago Waihemo
Morrison's Bush Wairarapa Greytown
Morrison's Bush Wairarapa Kaitara
Morton Mains Southland Oteramika
Morven Canterbury Waihao
Morven Hills Otago Cromwell
Mosgiel Otago Ballarat
Mosquito Point Bay of Islands Tokatokahau Point
Mossburn Otago Centre Hill
Mosston Wanganui Mosstown
Mosstown Wanganui Mosston
Motairehe Great Barrier Island Catherine Bay
Motairehe Great Barrier Island Katherine Bay
Motatau North Auckland Towai
Motherly Bay - South Taranaki Bight
Motonau Canterbury Greta Valley
Motonau Canterbury Happy Valley
Motopohue Southland Bluff Hill
Motoremu Southland Seaward Moss
Motuareoiti Nelson Adele Island
Motuareoiti Nelson Fisherman Island
Motuarohia Bay of Islands Roberton Island
Motuhora East Coast Kowhai
Motuhora (Whakatane) Bay of Plenty Whale Island
Motuiti Manawatu Carnarvon
Motukaraka North Auckland Rawene
Motukorea Auckland Browns Island
Motukura Hawke's Bay Bare Island
Motumaoho Waikato Morrinsville
Motunau Canterbury Cabbage Tree Flat
Motunau Canterbury Greta Valley
Motuotaria Hawke's Bay Wanstead
Motupiko Railway Nelson Bromell's
Motupipi Nelson Clifton
Motutere Lake Taupo Hiruharama
Moumahakinui Wanganui Junction Road
Moumoukai Auckland Mannings Valley
Mount Albert Auckland Edendale
Mount Buckley East Coast Kaiata
Mount Cargill Otago Harlington
Mount Cook Canterbury Aorangi
Mount Desert Estate Wanganui Gonville (Wanganui)
Mount Edgecombe Bay of Plenty Putauaki
Mount Egmont Taranaki Mt Taranaki
Mount Egmont/Taranaki Taranaki Le Pic Mascarin
Mount Hobson Auckland Ohinerau
Mount Hyde Otago Parere
Mount Ida Otago Hogburn
Mount Ida Otago Naseby
Mount Maunganui (hill) Bay of Plenty Mauao
Mount Maunganui (township) Bay of Plenty Mount, The
Mount Rascal Auckland Mount Roskill
Mount Rex Auckland Helensville
Mount Roskill Auckland Mount Rascal
Mount Roskill Auckland Puketapapa
Mount Somers Canterbury Buccleugh
Mount Stuart Otago Glenmore
Mount Taranaki Taranaki Mt Egmont
Mount Victoria, Devonport Auckland Flagstaff Hill
Mount Wakefield Wellington Tinakori Hill
Mount Wellington (hill) Auckland Maungarei
Mount, The Bay of Plenty Mount Maunganui (township)
Moutere Otago Chatto Creek
Moutere Nelson St Paulidorf
Moutoa Manawatu Foxton
Mowhanau Wanganui Kai Iwi Beach
Mt Aspiring Canterbury Tititea
Mt Atkinson Auckland Henrys Hill
Mt Ida Otago Naseby
Mt Ngauruhoe Waimarino Auruhoe
Muddy Creek Auckland Brooklynn
Muddy Creek Southland Freshford
Muddy Creek Auckland Nihotapu
Mugby Junction Manawatu Bunnythorpe
Muka West Coast Flaxmill
Muller Marlborough Muller, The
Muller, The Marlborough Muller
Mullet Point Auckland Kawau
Mungapakeha Wairarapa Te Nui
Mungatu Auckland Kaihu
Munro's Gully Otago Evan's Flat
Murchison Nelson Foxhill
Murchison West Coast Hampden
Murchison West Coast Matiri
Murdering Beach Otago Whareakeake
Murihuku - Southland District
Muriomato Otago Wedderburn
Murpheys Flat Otago Macraes Flat
Murray Creek West Coast Black's Point
Murray's Waikato Morrinsville
Murrayville Dunedin Maori Hill
Murupara Bay of Plenty Galatea
Musick Point Auckland East Head
Mutton Bird Islands Southland Titi Islands
Mutton Town Gully Hokianga Waikerikeri
Naenae Wellington Nae Nae
Naenae Wellington Nai Nai
Naeroa Southland New River Ferry
Nai Nai Wellington Naenae
Nanuhu Auckland Pukeatua
Nanuhu Auckland Wade
Napier (original settlement) Hawke's Bay Ahuriri
Nardoo Nelson Upper Matakitaki
Narrow Neck Auckland Devonport North
Naseby Otago Hogburn
Naseby Otago Mount Ida
Naseby Otago Mt Ida
Naseby Otago Parkers Diggings
Naseby Otago Parkers Town
Naseby Otago Vincent
National Park (township) Waimarino Waimarino
Neavesville Thames Puriri (Thames)
Nelson Nelson Beuckville
Nelson (original settlement) Nelson Wakatu
Nelson Creek Greymouth Hatters Terrace
Nelson Goldfields Nelson Diggings
Nelson Haven Nelson Wakatu
Netherby Otago Pomahaka
Nevesville Thames Puriri
Nevilles Nelson Newton Flat
Nevis Otago Lower Nevis
New Brighton Thames Kaiaua
New Brighton Southland Moretown
New Edinburgh Otago Dunedin
New Elbow Southland Lumsden
New Gisborne East Coast Makaraka
New Leinster New Zealand Stewart Island
New Leith Otago Port Chalmers
New Munster New Zealand Middle Island
New Munster New Zealand South Island and southern part of North Island
New Perth Otago Port Chalmers
New Plymouth (original settlement) Taranaki Ngamotu
New River Otago Oreti River
New River Ferry Southland Naeroa
New Side Canterbury Bushside
New Ulster New Zealand North Island
Newark Northland Pakanae
Newcastle Otago Albert Town
Newcastle Waikato Ngaruawahia
Newcastle Waikato Queenstown
Newcastle Otago Wanaka
Newhaven Otago Mokamoka
Newhaven Harbour Southland Owaka Harbour
Newland Canterbury Cambridge
Newlands Wellington Pukehuia
Newman Wairarapa Eketahuna
Newport North Auckland Dargaville
Newport Bay of Islands Opua
Newstead Waikato Mangaonui
Newstead Waikato Marshmeadows
Newton Otago Hyde
Newton Marlborough Picton
Newton Marlborough Waitohi
Newton Flat Nelson Flowers Flat
Newton Flat Nelson Nevilles
Newton West Auckland Arch Hill
Newtown Otago Hyde Railway
Newtown Otago Tinker's Gully
Nga Timote Nelson Pokororo
Ngaawapurua Manawatu Awapurua
Ngaere Taranaki Ngaire
Ngaere Taranaki Te Ngaere
Ngahauranga Wellington Ngauranga Gorge (Wellington)
Ngahere West Coast Matai
Ngaio Wellington Crofton
Ngaire Taranaki Ngaere
Ngakawau River West Coast Hector
Ngakuta Marlborough Hakana
Ngamotu Taranaki New Plymouth (original settlement)
Ngapaeruru Block No 2 Hawke's Bay Mangapuaka
Ngapara Otago Queen's Flat
Ngapipito North Auckland Ngawha
Ngapohatu Southland Riverton
Ngaro Southland Beaumont
Ngarua Waikato Kaihere
Ngaruawahia Waikato Newcastle
Ngaruawahia Waikato Pukete
Ngatea Thames Orchard, The
Ngatoro Taranaki Dudley Road
Ngauranga Gorge Wellington Ngahauranga
Ngawaierimu Southland Five Rivers
Ngawapurua Wairarapa Woodville
Ngawha North Auckland Ngapipito
Ngawha North Auckland Ngawhitu
Ngawhitu North Auckland Ngawha
Ngtuwera Wanganui Richardson
Niagara Southland Waikawa Falls
Niania Wanganui Karioi
Nightcaps Southland Morley
Nihoniho King Country Ratatomokia
Nihotapu Auckland Brooklynn
Nihotapu Auckland Muddy Creek
Nihotupu Auckland Karekare
Nikau Manawatu Waiata
Nineteen Mile Otago Queensberry
Ninety Mile Beach Canterbury Canterbury Bight
Nireaha Wairarapa Evergreen
No Mans Land Auckland Cornwallis
No Town West Coast Stillwater
No Town Creek West Coast Onganui
No Town Road West Coast Kamaka
Nohoroa Rotorua Oturoa
Nokomai Southland Athol
Nokomai Southland Fairlight
Nokomai Southland Glenquoich
Nokomai Saddle Otago Garston
Nolantown Taranaki Taupatete
Norfolk Taranaki Miro
Normanby Taranaki Ketemarae
Normanby Taranaki Waihi
North Albertland Auckland Mangawai
North Albertland Auckland Oruwharo North
North Auckland New Zealand Northland
North Avon Canterbury Richmond
North Beach Wellington Bel Air
North Forest Hill (School) Southland Gap
North Halcombe Manawatu Stanway
North Invercargill Southland Mitchellstown
North Island New Zealand New Ulster
North Linwood Canterbury Dallington
North Moeraki Downs Canterbury Springbank
North Molyneaux Otago Inch Clutha
North Ormond East Coast Willows, The
North River North Auckland Waipu North
North Shore Auckland Devonport
North West Bay North Avon Havelock
Northcote Canterbury Casebrook
Northcote Auckland Stokes Point
Northern Wairarapa New Zealand Forty-Mile Bush
Northland New Zealand North Auckland
Northport Canterbury Saltwater Creek
Norton Canterbury Wainono
Norwood Canterbury Selwyn
Nugget Point Otago Nuggets, The
Nuggets, The Otago Nugget Point
Nukumaru Wanganui Waitotara
Nukutawhiti North Auckland Opouteke
Oahau North Auckland Batley
Oahau North Auckland Otamatea
Oakati North Auckland Whangarei
Oakleigh North Auckland Mangapai Wharf
Oakura Taranaki Oakura Beach
Oakura Beach Taranaki Oakura
Oakura Beach Taranaki Te Ahuahu
Oamaru Otago Hildethorpe
Oamaru Otago Kiaarero
Oamaru Otago Otiake
Oamaru Otago Waiareka Junction
Oanaka Otago Wanaka
Oaro Marlborough Mikanui
Oasbore Canterbury Birdling's Flat
Oban Stewart Island Broad Bay
Oban Stewart Island Half Moon Bay
Ocean Grove Otago Tomahawk
Oeinekokeoa Horowhenua Horowhenua
Oero Hawke's Bay Patangata
Ogilvies West Coast Mahinapua
Ohaeawai North Auckland Taiamai
Ohakea Manawatu Ohakia
Ohakea Manawatu Pukapukatea Bush
Ohakea Manawatu Pukenui
Ohakia Manawatu Ohakea
Ohape Canterbury Temuka
Ohapuku Canterbury Wetheral Railway
Ohariu Wellington Owhariu
Ohauroro Island North Auckland Kuka Creek
Ohauroro Island North Auckland Peach Island
Ohinemoa Thames Shaftesbury
Ohinemuri Waikato Paeroa
Ohinemutu Bay of Plenty Rotorua
Ohinerau Auckland Mount Hobson
Ohinetahi Canterbury Governor's Bay North
Ohinewairua Wanganui Hiwera
Ohinewha Hawke's Bay Wallingford
Ohingaiti Rangitikei Hinau
Ohingaiti Taranaki Makohine
Ohingaiti Rangitikei Mangamoko
Ohingaiti Taranaki Ponwhakaroa
Ohirangi Auckland Helensville
Ohiro Wellington Brooklyn
Ohiwa Bay of Plenty Kutarere
Ohoka Canterbury Mandeville North
Ohonga Manawatu Aohanga
Ohonga Ferry Manawatu Aohanga
Ohora North Auckland Hohoura
Ohui Coromandel Tairua
Ohui Bay of Plenty Waiohau (Whakatane)
Ohura Taranaki Mangaroa
Ohutu Landing King Country Mangaohutu
Ohutu Landing King Country Torere
Oihi Bay of Islands Rangihoua Bay
Oio King Country Kakahi
Oira Auckland Runciman
Okaehau North Auckland Okaihau
Okahau Otago Warrington
Okahu West Coast Jackson's Bay
Okahu Waiheke Island Toka Toka
Okahukura Auckland Tapora (Wellsford)
Okaihau North Auckland Bothaville
Okaihau North Auckland Okaehau
Okains Bay Canterbury Opara
Okains Bay Canterbury Stony Bay West
Okakuri Marlborough Te Awaite
Okanagan Rangitikei Scotts Ferry
Okaramio Marlborough Kaituna
Okaramio Marlborough Kaituna Valley
Okawa Hawke's Bay Fernhill
Okehu Wanganui Tewkesbury
Okehu Wanganui Maxwell
Okehu Wanganui Maxwelltown
Okiato Bay of Islands Old Russell
Okitiki West Coast Hokitika
Okiwi Marlborough Grove
Okiwi Wellington Rona Bay
Okoha Marlborough Anakoa Bay
Okoha Marlborough Anakoha Bay
Okoha Marlborough Forsyth Bay
Okopua Wanganui Lakes Hill Camp
Okupu Great Barrier Island Claris
Okupu Great Barrier Island Haratonga
Okupu Great Barrier Island Kaitohi
Okupu Great Barrier Island Mangati
Okupu Great Barrier Island Owana
Okura Auckland Red Vale (Birkenhead)
Old Diggings Nelson Berlin's (Nelson)
Old Mahia East Coast Mahia
Old Man Bluff Southland Bluff Hill
Old Russell Bay of Islands Okiato
Oldham's Creek Nelson Atawhai
Oldham's Creek Nelson Atawhai
Omaha Bay Auckland Big Omaha
Omahanui Hawke's Bay Maryvale
Omaka Marlborough Hawkesbury
Omakere Hawke's Bay Tamumu
Omaru Waiheke Island Putiki Bay
Omaru Waiheke Island Toka Toka
Omarumutu Rotorua Lower Waiawa
Omarunui Hawke's Bay Taradale
Omau West Coast Cape Foulwind
Omoho Coromandel Tokatea
Omywhare Whangarei Moewhare
Onapua Marlborough Dacre Bay
Onapua Marlborough Dieffenbach
Onapua Marlborough Redheugh
One Tree Hill Auckland Maungakiekie
One Tree Point Southland Kennington
One Tree Point Auckland Mangere
Onehunga Auckland Hardington's Flat
Onehunga Auckland Kenny's Flat
O'Neill's Point Auckland Bayswater
Onekeneke Terraces Taupo Terrace, The (Taupo)
Onerahi North Auckland Grahams
Onerahi North Auckland Grahamstown
Oneroa Auckland Blackpool (School name)
Oneroa Auckland Torbay
Onetapu Desert Waimarino Rangipo Desert
Onetea North Auckland Avoca
Onganui West Coast No Town Creek
Ongarue Waikato Kawakawa
Onoke Point North Auckland Hokianga Heads
Opaheke Auckland Ararimu South
Opaheke Auckland Hunua Siding
Opaheke Auckland Maketu
Opaki Wairarapa Dreyerton
Opaki Wairarapa Kopuaranga
Opaku Wanganui Maben Road
Opanake Auckland Kaihu
Opango Auckland Dacre
Opangu Northland Kaikohe
Opapa Hawke's Bay Te Aute (Railway Station)
Opara North Auckland Horeke
Opara Canterbury Okains Bay
Oparou Waikato Kawhia
Opau North Auckland Kioreroa
Ophir Otago Black's
Ophir Otago Black's Diggings
Ophir Otago Ida Valley
Opihi Canterbury Pleasant Point
Oporo Southland Waianiwa
Opotiki Bay of Plenty Hawai
Opotiki Bay of Plenty Pakowhai
Opouriao North Whakatane Taneatua
Opouriao West Whakatane Waimiha
Opoutama East Coast Mahia
Opouteke North Auckland Nukutawhiti
Opoutere Thames Wharekawa Harbour
Opoutia Waikato Churchill
Opua Marlborough Dieffenbach
Opua Bay of Islands Newport
Opuha Canterbury Ashwick
Opuha Canterbury Pleasant Point
Opunake Taranaki Mangatau
Opunake Taranaki Punehu
Oraka Southland Colac Bay
Oraka Hawke's Bay Mahia
Orakeikorako Taupo Atiamuri
Oraki Southland Longwood
Oraki Southland Tihaka (in Colac Bay)
Orama Auckland Karaka Bay
Orari Bridge Canterbury Struggler's Flat
Orari Swamp Canterbury Bulmer
Orari Swamp Canterbury Clandeboye
Oratia Auckland Sunnyvale
Oraukura Rangitikei Raukura
Orawia Southland Cabra
Orawia Southland Feldwick
Orawia Southland Orewia
Orawia Southland Rosehill
Orawia Southland Sharpridge
Orawia Southland Waiau
Orchard, The Thames Ngatea
Ords Southland Limehills
Orepuki Southland Garfield
Orepuki Southland Hirstfield
Orepuki Southland Round Hill
Orepuki Southland Te Ina
Orepuki Southland Waiau River
Orere Auckland Cashmores
Oreti Southland Dipton
Oreti Southland Limehills
Oreti Plains Southland Farmers Rest
Oreti River Southland New River
Orewia Southland Orawia
Organs Island Nelson Garden Island
Oriental Bay Wellington Duppa
Orini Waikato Mangawara
Orinoco Nelson Oronoko
Orira Hokianga Umawera
Ormond East Coast Kaiteratahi
Ormond Gisborne Mahunga Military Settlement
Ormond East Coast Waimarie
Ormondville Hawke's Bay Kopua
Oronoko Nelson Orinoco
Oropi Bay of Plenty Europe
Oropi (Tauranga) Bay of Plenty Eighteen Mile Bush
Oroua Bridge Manawatu Rangiotu
Oroua Downs (township) Manawatu Manawatu
Oroua River Manawatu Styx River
Orton Canterbury Canavan's
Orton Canterbury Canavans
Orua Bay Auckland Coulhards Bay
Orua Bay Auckland Goulthards
Oruaiti North Auckland Mangonui
Oruamatua Rangitikei Erewhon
Oruapou North Auckland Scarrotts
Oruapukapuka Island Bay of Islands Urupukapuka
Oruawharo Auckland Medlands
Oruawharo Auckland Tryphena
Oruoru North Auckland Kaikohe
Oruoru North Auckland Mangakahia
Oruoru North Auckland Pakotai
Oruru Taranaki Douglas
Oruru North Auckland Mangonui
Oruru Valley North Auckland Komiti
Oruwharo North Auckland Albertland North
Oruwharo North Auckland North Albertland
Ostend Waiheke Island Putiki
Ostend Waiheke Island Putiki Bay
Ota Creek Southland Brydone
Ota Creek Southland Edendale
Otago New Zealand Otakou
Otago Harbour Otago Port Daniel
Otago Harbour Otago Port Oxley
Otago Heads Otago Taiaroa
Otahu Southland Otahu Valley
Otahu Valley Southland Otahu
Otahuti Southland Springburn
Otaihape Rangitikei Taihape
Otaika North Auckland Whangarei
Otaimatua (Tauranga) Bay of Plenty Kairua
Otairi Rangitikei Braemore
Otairi Rangitikei Otiwhiti
Otaitai Southland Otaitai Bush
Otaitai Bush Southland Otaitai
Otakairangi North Auckland Ruatangata
Otakarama Southland Gore
Otakarama Southland Pukerau
Otakaro Canterbury Avon River
Otakeo Thames Kereta
Otakeo Thames Kereta
Otaki Wellington Hadfield Town
Otakou Otago Kaiki
Otakou Otago Otago
Otakou Otago Taiaroa Heads
Otama Southland Matoro
Otama Bridge (Mataura) Southland Otamita
Otamahono Nelson Wairangi
Otamakitai Thames McConnells Bush
Otamakitai Thames McConnell's Bush
Otamatea North Auckland Batley
Otamatea North Auckland Oahau
Otamatea North Auckland Young's Point
Otamete Southland Mandeville
Otamita (Mataura) Southland Croydon
Otamita (Mataura) Southland Otama Bridge
Otane Hawke's Bay Kaikora
Otane Hawke's Bay Kaikora North
Otangiwai Waikato Mangapapa Valley
Otapiri Southland Matai
Otapiri Southland Otapiri Gorge
Otapiri Southland Winton
Otapiri Gorge Southland Otapiri
Otara Southland Fortrose
Otara Point Southland Waipapa Point
Otaraia Otago Arthurton
Otaraia Southland Pukerau
Otarama Peak Canterbury Kuratawhiti
Otarawao Nelson Waituna
Otatara Southland Invercargill
Otau Auckland Clevedon
Otaua Auckland Otaua North
Otaua North Auckland Punakitere
Otaua North Auckland Otaua
Otautau Southland Ringway
Otawhao Hawke's Bay Kopua
Otawhao Waikato Te Awamutu
Otawhiwhi Bay of Plenty Bowentown
Otehi Bay Bay of Islands Zane Grey Camp
Otekaike Otago Duntroon
Otematata Otago Benmore
Otepope Otago Herbert
Otepoti Otago Dunedin
Oteramika Southland Kapuka
Oteramika Southland Gorge Road
Oteramika Southland Mokotua
Oteramika Southland Morton Mains
Oteramika Southland Woodlands
Otewa King Country Otorohanga
Otewhakauki Otago Windsor
Otiake Otago Kuroa
Otiake Otago Strachan's
Otipua Canterbury Beaconsfield
Otira Gorge West Coast McDonalds
Otira Gorge West Coast Rolleston Gorge
Otiria North Auckland Scoria Flat
Otiwhiti Rangitikei Otairi
Otoia Taranaki Alton
Otonga North Auckland Hikurangi (Northland)
Otonga North Auckland Kaimamaku
Otonga East North Auckland Marua
Otopae (Dannevirke) Hawke's Bay Otope
Otope Hawke's Bay Otopae (Dannevirke)
Otoroa North Auckland Woodside
Otorohanga Waikato Harrodsville
Otorohanga Waikato Haurua
Otorohanga Waikato Kahotea
Otorohanga Waikato Mongaorongo
Otorohanga Waikato Otewa
Otorohanga Waikato Puketarata
Otorohanga Waikato Te Kumi
Otuiti Waikato Koiro
Otupuraho Bay of Plenty Pye's Pa (Tauranga)
Oturehua Otago Rough Ridge
Oturoa Rotorua Nohoroa
Oue North Auckland Rawene
Ouihi Canterbury Digby's Bridge
Ouruhia Canterbury Chaney's
Ouruhia Canterbury Chaney's Corner
Outram Otago Makakahikatoa
Outram Otago Shands
Overdale Canterbury Rakaia
Overdale Canterbury Rosedale Settlement
Overton Rangitikei Hunterville
Owae North Auckland Karetu
Owahanga (Palmerston North) Manawatu Aohanga
Owaka Otago Catlins River
Owaka Otago Houipapa
Owaka Otago Katea
Owaka Otago Quakerfield
Owaka Harbour Southland Newhaven Harbour
Owana Auckland Awanga
Owana Auckland Okupu
Oware Southland Sunnyside
Owen Reefs Murchison Bulmer Creek
Owhariu Wellington Ohariu
Oxford Canterbury Carleton
Oxford Canterbury Kiri Kiri
Oxford Waikato Tirau
Oxford Canterbury Woodside
Pa New Zealand Pah
Packington Auckland Brookside
Packington Auckland Glenbrook
Packington Auckland Pukekohe
Paemako Waikato Karuotewhenua
Paerau Otago Styx
Paeroa Thames Ohinemuri
Pah New Zealand Pa
Paharekeke Waikato Te Aroha
Pahaua Valley Wairarapa Hinakura
Pahautane West Coast Powellville
Pahautea Wairarapa Kopungara
Pahautuhia Hawke's Bay Kohi Road
Pahautuhia Taranaki Mangaehu
Pahi North Auckland Hukatere
Pahi North Auckland Kaipara
Pahia Southland Dalmore
Pahia Village Southland Dalmore
Pahiatua Wairarapa Makairo
Pahiatua Wairarapa Mangaone North
Pahiatua Wairarapa Scarborough
Pahiatua Wairarapa Tiraumea
Pahiatua Wairarapa West Mangitainoka
Pahiki West Coast Charleston
Pahiki West Coast Constant Bay
Paihia Bay of Islands Marsdens Vale
Paikuku King Country Kihi Kihi
Pakanae Northland Newark
Pakaratahi Wellington at foot of Rimutaka's near Kaitoke
Pakatoa Auckland Bell's Island
Pakawai Nelson Collingwood
Pakihi West Coast Pahiki
Pakihi Hauraki Gulf Sandspit Island
Pakihikura Rangitikei Tapuae
Pakington West Coast Canoe Creek
Pakipaki Hawke's Bay Allerton
Pakotai North Auckland Mangakahia
Pakotai North Auckland Oruoru
Pakowai Hawke's Bay Pakowhai
Pakowai Wairarapa Whakataki
Pakowhai Bay of Plenty Opotiki
Pakowhai Hawke's Bay Pakowai
Pakowhai Hawke's Bay Papakura
Pakuratahi Wellington Kaitoke
Palmerston Manawatu Palmerston North
Palmerston North Manawatu Jackey Town
Palmerston North Manawatu Palmerston
Palmerston North Manawatu Papaioea
Panmure Auckland Tauoma
Papahaoa West Coast Giles Terrace
Papahaoa West Coast Sergeants Hill
Papaioea Manawatu Palmerston North
Papa-iti Wanganui Preston
Papakaio Otago Gibson's
Papakaio Otago Peebles
Papakura Hawke's Bay Pakowhai
Papakura South Auckland Rosehill
Papakura Valley (School) Auckland Alfriston
Papakura Valley (School) Auckland Brookby
Papanui Inlet Otago Makahoe
Paparata Auckland Surrey Redoubt
Paparoa Auckland Howick
Paparoa West Coast Huarau
Paparoa West Coast Wairere
Papatawa Wairarapa Tahua
Papatawa Wairarapa Victoria
Papatiki Bay Stewart Island Carter Bay
Papatoetoe Auckland Papatoitoi
Papatoetoe Auckland Woodside
Papatoitoi Auckland Burton's Camp
Papatoitoi Auckland Papatoetoe
Papatotara Southland Tuatapere
Papatowai Otago Maclennan
Papuka North Auckland Kaeo
Para Marlborough Koromiko
Parae Otago Tahora
Paraekaretu Wanganui Silverhope
Parahaki North Auckland Parihaki
Parahaki North Auckland Whangarei
Parahara Nelson Collingwood
Parahi North Auckland Luscombe
Parakai Auckland Helensville (Hot Springs)
Parakakau Auckland Wainui
Paramatta Wellington Paremata
Parapara Wanganui Kotikotia
Pararahi Southland Etal Creek
Pararata (Village) Wellington Waikanae
Paratikana King Country Kopaki
Parawai Thames Thames
Parawanui Rangitikei Parewanui
Paremata Wellington Paramatta
Parenga North Auckland Parengarenga
Parenga North Auckland Paua (North Cape)
Parengarenga North Auckland Parenga
Pareokawa North Auckland Awaroa
Pareora Canterbury Beaconsfield
Pareora Canterbury Priest's Corner
Pareora Canterbury Springbrook
Pareora East
Pareora No 2 Settlement Canterbury Lyalldale
Pareora Settlement Canterbury Springbrook
Pareora Village Settlement Canterbury Springbrook
Parera Otago Taioma
Parere Otago Duck Point
Parere Otago Mount Hyde
Parewanui Rangitikei Parawanui
Parihaki North Auckland Parahaki
Parininihi Taranaki White Cliff's
Pariroa Pa Wanganui Hukatere
Paritu East Coast Camp No 5
Pariwaro Taranaki Maryville
Parkers Diggings Otago Naseby
Parkers Town Otago Naseby
Parkeston Nelson Collingwood
Parkhill Otago Greenvale
Parkhurst Auckland Babylon
Parkvale Wairarapa Eke-manuka
Parkvale Hawke's Bay Hastings East
Parkville Wairarapa Eketahuna
Paroa West Coast Cobden
Parore West Coast Flaxmill
Parrawa Southland Athol
Paru Southland Freshford
Parua North Auckland Kukuae
Parua North Auckland Kukuwai
Parua North Auckland Pataua
Parua North Auckland Patua
Parua North Auckland Taihoruru
Parua North Auckland Taranui
Parua North Auckland Waiparera
Passage Rock Stewart Island Whero Rock
Patangata Hawke's Bay Oero
Pataua North Auckland Parua
Patea Taranaki Hukatere
Patea Taranaki Carlyle
Patearero Wanganui Hiruhārama (Wanganui River)
Patearoa Otago Sowburn
Patiti Otago Richmond
Patiti Point Canterbury Jacks Point
Patua North Auckland Parua
Patutahi East Coast Lavenham
Paua (North Cape) North Auckland Parenga
Paulin Falls Fiordland Donkeys Tail Falls
Pauri Marlborough Glenlee
Pautahanui Wellington Pawatahanui
Pawatahanui Wellington Pauatahanui
Peach Island North Auckland Ohauroro Island
Peaks Canterbury Medbury
Peebles Otago Papakaio
Pegleg West Coast Stafford
Peka Peka Waikato Piako
Pekapeka Hawke's Bay Rissington
Pelichet Bay Otago Dunedin
Pemberton Manawatu Rangiwahia
Pembroke Otago Wanaka
Pendarves Canterbury Chertsey
Pendarves Canterbury Kyle
Peninsula Marlborough Goulands Ferry
Pentland Hills Canterbury Waihao Forks
Peria North Auckland Fernflat
Perriam's Otago Lowburn Ferry
Petane Hawke's Bay Bay View (Napier)
Petane Hawke's Bay Bethany
Petane Hawke's Bay Kaiarero
Peterehema Bay of Plenty Bethlehem
Petone Wellington Pito-one
Petre Wanganui Wanganui/Whanganui
Phillipstown Canterbury Ferry Road
Piako Waikato Peka Peka
Piako Swamp Waikato Hauraki Plains
Picton Marlborough Cromwell
Picton Marlborough Fernhill
Picton Marlborough Hennington
Picton Marlborough Horne Bay
Picton Marlborough Newton
Picton Marlborough Waitohi
Pig Hunting Flat Canterbury Adair
Pigroot Otago Morrisons
Pikomanu Nelson Gowanbridge
Piliariki Wellington Makino
Pine Hill Auckland Greenhithe
Pine Hill Dunedin Liberton
Pine Island Auckland Herald Island
Pine Valley (Waitemata) Auckland White Hills
Pineall Waikato Athol (Matamata)
Pines, The (Kaiapoi) Canterbury Kairaki Beach
Pinfold Road Wairarapa Mangarawa
Pinkertons Ford Otago Howe
Pinkertons Ford Otago Howe's Ford
Pinnacles, The Wellington Steeples, The (Wellington Harbour)
Pipiroa East Thames Kopuarahi
Pipiwai North Auckland Mangakahia
Pirongia Waikato Alexandra
Pitcaithleys Wellington Andrews (Hutt Valley)
Pito-one Wellington Petone
Pitt Island Chatham Islands Rangiauria
Pleasant Point Canterbury Ashwick
Pleasant Point Canterbury Hodstock
Pleasant Point Canterbury Kakahu
Pleasant Point Canterbury Levels
Pleasant Point Canterbury Opihi
Pleasant Point Canterbury Opuha
Pleasant Point Canterbury Raincliff
Pleasant Point Canterbury Totara
Pleasant River Otago Flag Swamp
Pleckville Wairarapa Eketahuna
Pleckville Wairarapa Mangaone
Plimmerton Wellington Taupo Pa
Plimmerton Extension Wellington Karehana Bay
Plum Pudding Island Auckland Karamuramu
Plunket Otago Corriedale
Poatiri Otago Wycliffe Bay
Poerua West Coast Little Wanganui River
Pohangina Manawatu Puhangina
Pohaturoa Taupo Atiamuri
Pohuehue Auckland Huhue
Pohuehue Auckland Little Scotland
Pohuenui Marlborough Kennedy's Isle
Pohuenui Marlborough Ketu Bay
Pohui Hawke's Bay Te Pohue
Point Russell Waikato Mercer
Point, The Otago Cromwell
Pokeno Auckland McLean Township
Pokeno Auckland Queen's Redoubt
Pokeno Ranges Auckland Razorback Hills
Pokokomuka Manawatu Mangahao
Pokorokoro Auckland Miranda
Pokororo Nelson Nga Timote
Polkinghornes Beach Auckland Manly
Pomahaka Otago Conical Hill
Pomahaka Otago Netherby
Pomahaka Downs Otago Popotunoa
Pomona Auckland Kumeu
Ponatahi (School) Wairarapa Ahiaruhe
Poneke Wellington Port Nicholson (Wellington Harbour)
Pongaroa Wairarapa Maku
Ponsonby Auckland Dedwood
Ponsonby Auckland Surrey Hills
Ponui Island Auckland Chamberlin's Island
Ponwhakaroa Rangitikei Ohingaiti
Poolburn (Railway name) Otago Auripo
Poporangi Station Hawke's Bay Kereru
Popotunoa Otago Clinton
Popotunoa Otago Pomahaka Downs
Poranui Canterbury Birdling's Flat
Porirua Wellington Elliott's Stockade
Porirua Pa Wellington Takapuwahia
Porowhita Canterbury Winchmore
Port Ahuriri (Napier) Hawke's Bay Iron Pot, The
Port Ahuriri (Napier) Hawke's Bay Spit, The
Port Albert Auckland Albertland
Port Albert Auckland Topuni
Port Albert Central Auckland Kokako
Port Awanui East Coast Waiomatatini
Port Chalmers Otago Koputai [Bay]
Port Chalmers Otago New Leith
Port Chalmers Otago New Perth
Port Cooper Canterbury Lyttelton
Port Daniel Otago Otago Harbour
Port Levey Canterbury Port Levy
Port Levy Canterbury Kokourata
Port Levy Canterbury Port Levey
Port Ligas Marlborough Ketu Bay
Port Macquarie Southland Bluff Harbour
Port Marion Bay of Islands Bay of Islands
Port Molyneaux Otago Reomoano
Port Murton West Coast Burnett's Face
Port Nicholson Wellington Wellington Harbour
Port of Manawatu Manawatu Foxton
Port Oxley Otago Otago Harbour
Port Philipe Canterbury Akaroa
Port Robinson Canterbury Gore Bay
Port Victoria Canterbury Lyttelton
Port Waikato Waikato Putataka
Port Waikouaiti Otago Karitane
Port Whangarei North Auckland Kioreroa
Port Whangarei North Auckland Kohitere
Portage, The Marlborough Torea Neck (Marlborough)
Portobello Otago Wickliffe Bay
Potae-rua Otago Seacliff
Poukawa Hawke's Bay Te Aute
Poukiore Rangitikei Hunterville
Pounawea Otago Cannibal Bay
Pounawea Southland Catlins River
Pounawea Otago Mokamoka
Pounawea Otago Mokamoka
Pounawea Otago Romeriki
Pourakino Valley Southland Granity
Pourakino Valley Southland Torea
Pourere Hawke's Bay Kaikora North
Pourewa Island East Coast Sporings Island
Poutama Island Stewart Island Evening Island
Pouto North Auckland Kaipara Heads
Poutu (Taupo) Taupo Te Poutu
Poututu East Coast Waihuka
Pouwewe Waikato Kawhia (township)
Poverty Bay East Coast Turanga
Powellville West Coast Pahautane
Precipice Creek Otago Temple Burn
Preston Wanganui Papa-iti
Priest's Corner Canterbury Pareora
Prince Regent Channel Auckland Astrolabe Channel
Prince Regent Channel Auckland Rangitoto Channel
Progress Valley Mill Southland Young Valley
Promised Land West Coast Arapito
Puaha Canterbury Hillside (School)
Puhangina Manawatu Pohangina
Puhinui Auckland Cambria
Pukaki Auckland Kurow
Pukaki Auckland Mangere (Auckland)
Pukapuka Island Chatham Islands Danger Island
Pukapukatea Bush Manawatu Ohakea
Pukearuhe Taranaki Clifton
Pukearuhe Southland Kauana
Pukearuhe Taranaki White Cliffs
Pukeatua Auckland Nanuhu
Pukehinahina Bay of Plenty Gate Pa (Tauranga)
Pukehuia Wellington Glenside
Pukehuia Wellington Newlands
Pukekakariki Canterbury Greenhills
Pukekararo Auckland Kaiwaka
Pukekohe Auckland Camerontown
Pukekohe Auckland Packington
Pukekohe East Auckland Jericho
Pukekohe East Auckland Tuimata
Pukekoikoi Marlborough Edgecumbe Bay
Pukekura Cambridge Crows Nest, The
Pukemutu Southland Upper South Hillend
Pukenui North Auckland Houhora Landing
Pukenui Manawatu Ohakea
Pukepapa Rangitikei Marton
Pukepito Otago Balmoral
Pukepuke North Auckland Pupuke
Pukepuri Otago Hamiltons
Pukerangi Otago Barewood
Pukeraruhe Canterbury McLean's
Pukerau Southland Otakarama
Pukerau Southland Otaraia
Pukerau Southland Taylor's Creek
Pukeraumati Waikato Mahirakau
Pukeraumati Canterbury Summerhill
Pukeroro Waikato Hautapu
Puketapapa Auckland Mount Roskill
Puketapu Hawke's Bay Dartmoor
Puketapu Hawke's Bay Woodthorpe
Puketarata Waikato Kiokio
Puketarata Waikato Otorohanga
Puketawa East Coast Lowden Hills
Pukete Waikato Horotiu
Pukete Waikato Ngaruawahia
Puketeraki Otago Karitane
Puketowai Canterbury Birch Hill
Puketui Thames Broken Hills
Puketutu Auckland Bombay
Pukeuri Otago Richmond
Pukewitahi Otago Shag Point
Pukiore Rangitikei Hunterville
Pukiti Bay of Islands Te Ahuahu
Pukorokoro Auckland Miranda
Punakitere North Auckland Otaua
Punaruawhiti Marlborough Big Bay
Punehu Taranaki Opunake
Punga Flat Thames (Ghost town near Thames)
Puniwhakau Taranaki Mangaehu
Punt, The Murchison Hinehaka
Puponga Auckland Cornwallis
Puponga Point North Auckland Abel Head
Pupu Springs Nelson Waikoropupu Springs
Pupuka North Auckland Kaeo
Pupuke North Auckland Pukepuke
Pupuke Lake Auckland Lake Takapuna
Purakanui Otago Mihiwaka
Purerua Bay of Islands Ake Ake
Puriri Thames Neavesville
Puriri Thames Nevesville
Puru Creek Auckland Kellys Beach
Puruha Waikato Kawhia
Pururu King Country Tapairu
Pusey Canterbury Cattle Valley
Putaringamotu Canterbury Riccarton
Putataka Waikato Port Waikato
Putauaki Bay of Plenty Mount Edgecombe
Putiki Bay Waiheke Island Omaru
Putiki Bay Waiheke Island Ostend
Putiki Bay Waiheke Island Rocky Bay
Putoetoe Waikato Raglan
Putoetoe Waikato Raglan
Putorino Hawke's Bay Waikare
Putorino Hawke's Bay Waikari
Pututaka Waikato Port Waikato
Puysegar Point Southland Cromarty
Pye's Pa (Tauranga) Bay of Plenty Otupuraho
Quail Valley Nelson Foxhill
Quail Valley Nelson Koreke
Quakerfield Otago Catlin's River
Quakerfield Otago Owaka
Quarantine Island Otago St Martins Island
Quarry Hills Southland Waikawa Valley
Quartz Ranges Nelson Bainham
Quartzopolis West Coast Reefton
Queen Charlotte Sound Marlborough Totaranui
Queen's Flat Otago Ngapara
Queen's Redoubt Auckland Pokeno
Queensberry Otago Nineteen Mile
Queenstown Waikato Ngaruawahia
Rae's Junction Otago Bastings
Raetihi Waimarino Makotuku
Raetihi (Marlborough Sounds) Marlborough Double Bay
Raglan Waikato Putoetoe
Raglan (Marlborough) Marlborough Wash, The
Raglan Harbour Waikato Whaingaroa
Raglan Harbour Waikato Whangaroa
Ragland Waikato Putoetoe
Rahuipokeka Waikato Coal Mines, Waikato
Rahuipokeka Waikato Huntly
Rai Falls Marlborough Flat Creek
Rainbow Mountain (Rotorua) Bay of Plenty Maungakakaramea
Raincliff Canterbury Pleasant Point
Rainy River Nelson Atapo
Rakahouka Southland Grove Bush
Rakahuri Canterbury Ashley River
Rakaia Canterbury Hatfield
Rakaia Canterbury Overdale
Rakaia Gorge Canterbury Windwhistle
Rakaia, Gorge of the Canterbury Windwhistle
Rakaumanga (School) Waikato Huntly West
Rakauroa East Coast Langthorne
Rakautara Marlborough Aniseed
Rakitu Auckland Arid Island
Rakiura Stewart Island Stewart Island
Raleigh West Coast Hunt's Beach
Raleigh Taranaki Waitara
Ralphville Auckland Mahuta
Ramarama Auckland Maketu
Ramarama Auckland Sheppards Bush
Ramarama Auckland Te Maketu
Ramsaytown Otago Livingstone
Ramsaytown Otago Marewhenua
Ranana Wanganui Huhutahi
Ranana Wanganui London
Ranfurly Otago Eweburn
Rangi Point North Auckland Kaweheitiki
Rangiaohia Waikato Hairini
Rangiaohia Waikato Rangiowhia
Rangiaohia Waikato Te Awamutu
Rangiatea Waikato Mangaorongo
Rangiauria Chatham Islands Pitt Island
Rangihoua Bay Bay of Islands Oihi
Rangi-ita Taupo Te Rangiita
Rangikura Taranaki Whenuakura (Patea)
Rangikura (Patea) Taranaki Whenuakura
Rangiotu Manawatu Oroua Bridge
Rangiowhia Waikato Rangiaohia (Te Awamutu)
Rangipo Desert Waimarino Onetapu Desert
Rangitaiki Bay of Plenty Edgecumbe
Rangitaiki Bay of Plenty Thorndon
Rangitata Canterbury Arundel
Rangitata Canterbury Coldstream
Rangitata Canterbury Ealing
Rangitata Canterbury Jamestown
Rangitata Canterbury Woodbridge
Rangitata Canterbury Ealing
Rangitata Ferry Canterbury Arundel
Rangitata Ferry Canterbury Marshall's Ferry
Rangitata North Canterbury Arundel
Rangitata North Canterbury Ealing
Rangitikei Ferry Rangitikei Scotts Ferry
Rangitikei, Inland Rangitikei Tututotara
Rangitikei, Middle Rangitikei Bulls
Rangitoto Marlborough D'Urville Island
Rangitoto Channel Auckland Astrolabe Channel
Rangitoto Channel Auckland Awanui-o-Peretu
Rangitoto Channel Auckland Prince Regent Channel
Rangitukia East Coast Waiapu
Rangiwahia Manawatu Pemberton
Rangiwahia Manawatu Ruahine
Rangiwhakaoma Wairarapa Castlepoint
Rannock Southland Awapoto
Ranpoahia King Country Kihi Kihi
Ranzau Nelson Hope
Raorao Chatham Islands Kingsdown
Raorikia Wanganui Laodicea
Rapuwai Canterbury Kakahu School
Ratana Wanganui Ratana Pa
Ratana Pa Wanganui Ratana
Ratanui Otago Catlin's
Ratanui Otago Paparowai
Ratanui Otago Tauhupu
Ratanui (School name) Taranaki Auroa
Ratatomokia King Country Nihoniho
Raukapuka Canterbury Geraldine
Raukapuka Canterbury Raukapuka Bush
Raukapuka Bush Canterbury Raukapuka
Raukawa Hawke's Bay Anaroa
Raukawa Manawatu Ashurst
Raukawa Cook Strait Cook Strait
Raukawa Hawke's Bay Te Aute
Raukura Rangitikei Oraukura
Raumati Wellington Whareamuku
Raupo Bay Canterbury Little Akaloa
Rauraukauera Waikato Aotea
Raureka Hawke's Bay Hastings West
Ravensbourne Otago Rothesay
Ravenscliff Marlborough Cannibal Cove
Rawene (township) North Auckland Herds Point
Rawene (township) North Auckland Hokianga
Rawene (township) North Auckland Motukaraka
Rawene (township) North Auckland Oue
Rawhitiroa Taranaki Anderson Road
Raymonds Gap Southland Huarahi
Razorback Hills Auckland Pokeno Ranges
Razorback Road Auckland Helenslee Road (Pokeno)
Red Head Point Stewart Island Weather Point
Red Jack's West Coast Camptown
Red Jack's West Coast Stillwater
Red Post Canterbury Culverden
Red Vale (Birkenhead) Auckland Okura
Redan Southland Carie
Redan Valley Southland Wyndham
Redcliff Canterbury Glenavy
Redcliff Canterbury Ikawai
Redcliffs Canterbury Clifton
Redheugh Marlborough Onapua
Redvale Auckland Wade
Reef Town Greymouth Reefton
Reefs, The Otago Barewood Reefs
Reefs, The Otago Bullendale (ghost town)
Reefs, The Southland Skippers
Reefton Greymouth Merrijigs
Reefton Greymouth Quartzopolis
Reefton Greymouth Reef Town
Reefton Greymouth Rest Town
Reefton Greymouth Tawhai
Ree's River Otago Glenorchy
Reidston Otago Maheno
Reidston Otago Teschemakers
Rekohu Chatham Island Pitt Island
Remureti Waikato Cambridge
Renwick Marlborough Renwicktown
Renwicktown Marlborough Renwick
Reomoano Otago Port Molyneaux
Reporua Hawke's Bay Mangaohiku
Rereatukahia Bay of Plenty Atuakahae
Rerekapa Taranaki Hutchinsville
Reserve, The Marlborough Greenburn
Rest Town Greymouth Reefton
Retaruke King Country Lower Retaruke
Retreat Station Southland Mandeville
Retreat, The Canterbury Cheviot
Ribbonwood Flat Otago Houipapa
Riccarton Otago East Taieri
Riccarton Canterbury Putaringamotu
Riccarton Bush Canterbury Deans Bush
Richardson Wanganui Momahaki
Richardson Wanganui Ngutwera
Richardson West Coast Stillwater
Richmond Christchurch Bingsland
Richmond Wellington Hutt (Lower)
Richmond Bay of Plenty Matata
Richmond Canterbury North Avon
Richmond Otago Patiti
Richmond Otago Pukeuri
Richmond Hawke's Bay Richmond Block
Richmond Block Hawke's Bay Maraenui
Richmond Block Hawke's Bay Richmond
Richmond Brook Marlborough Marama
Ridge Road Waikato Arapae
Ridgelands Manawatu Glenwood
Rigney's Otago Horse Shoe Bend
Rimu Southland Longbush
Rimu West Coast Rimu Flat
Rimu Flat West Coast Rimu
Ringway Southland Otautau
Ripa Island Canterbury Ripapa Island (Lyttelton)
Ripapa Island (Lyttelton) Canterbury Ripa Island
Ririwha North Auckland Stephenson Island
Rising Sun Block Manawatu Horoeka
Rising Sun Block Hawke's Bay Waipatiki
Rising Sun Settlement Hawke's Bay Coonoor
Rissington Hawke's Bay Pekapeka
River Hutt Wellington Hutt Valley
River Terrace Nelson Brightwater
Riverdale Nelson Bainham
Riverdale Nelson Collingwood
Riverdale Taranaki Inaha
Riverdale West Coast Karamea
Riverhead Auckland Ararimu North
Riverhead Auckland Forestdean
Riverhead Auckland Waitemata Mills
Riversdale Canterbury Leader
Riversdale Southland Wendon
Riverside Southland Dipton
Riverside Southland Winton
Riverton Southland Aparima
Riverton Southland Jacobs River
Riverton Southland Knowsley Ruver
Riverton Southland Ngapohatu
Roaring Meg Otago Kirtleburn
Roberton Island Bay of Islands Motuarohia
Robin Hood Bay Marlborough Waikutakuta
Rock and Pillar Otago Hukinge
Rock and Pillar Otago Winfield
Rock Ford Canterbury Kowai Rock
Rocklands West Coast Berlin's
Rocky Bay Waiheke Island Putiki Bay
Rocky Point Otago Kowhatu
Rokaunui Waikato Kawhia
Rolleston Gorge West Coast Otira Gorge
Romahapa Otago Glenomaru
Romeriki Otago Cannibal Bay
Romeriki Otago Pounawea
Rona Bay Wellington Okiwi
Rongomai Wairarapa Eketahuna
Rongomai Wairarapa Mangaone Village
Rongotea Manawatu Hickfords
Rongotea Manawatu Campbelltown
Rosebery Otago Rosebery Settlement
Rosebery Settlement Otago Rosebery
Rosedale Settlement Canterbury Overdale
Rosehill Southland Orewia
Rosehill Auckland Papakura South
Roseneath Auckland Laingholm
Roslyn Bush Southland Invercargill
Ross West Coast Caledonian
Ross West Coast Georgetown
Ross West Coast Jones Flat
Ross West Coast Totara
Ross West Coast Clearwater Creek
Ross West Coast Donelly's Creek
Ross West Coast Donoghues
Ross West Coast German Gully
Ross West Coast Jones's Creek
Ross West Coast Mironni
Ross West Coast Swipers Gully
Ross West Coast Totara
Rothesay Otago Ravensbourne
Roto North Auckland Babylon
Rotokakahi Bay of Plenty Green Lake (Rotorua)
Rotokarangu Uruwera Wahanui
Rotongaru Waikato Wahi Lake
Rotongaru (Huntly) Waikato Waahi Lake
Rotongaru (Huntly) Waikato Wahi Lake
Rotoorangi Waikato Gricedale
Rotorima North Auckland Kai Iwi
Rotorua Bay of Plenty Ohinemutu
Rotorua West Bay of Plenty Glenholm
Rotorua West Rotorua Malfroy
Rototuna Waikato Flaxdale
Rotu North Auckland Babylon
Rough Ridge Otago Idaburn
Rough Ridge Otago Oturehua
Round Bush Southland Winton
Round Hill Southland Orepuki
Rowsells North Auckland Maungaturoto
Roxborough Otago Roxburgh
Roxburgh Otago Moa Flat
Roxburgh Otago Roxborough
Roxburgh Otago Teviot
Roxburgh Otago Teviot Junction
Roys Bay Otago Wanaka
Ruahine Manawatu Mangawharariki
Ruahine Manawatu Rangiwahia
Ruakaka East Coast Kairoa
Ruakaka North Auckland Marsden Point
Ruakawakawa Auckland Kawakawa Bay
Ruakohua Auckland Brookville
Ruakohua Auckland Glenbrook
Ruangarehu Hawke's Bay Maharahara
Ruapuke Waikato Aotea
Ruapuke Island Southland Goulburn Island
Ruapuke Island Southland Long Island
Ruapuna Canterbury Cracroft
Ruarangi Auckland Mangapai
Ruarangi Auckland Waikieke
Ruaroa Manawatu Hallville
Ruatahuna Rotorua Huiarau
Ruatahuna Rotorua Mataatua
Ruatangata North Auckland Otakairangi
Ruataniwha Canterbury Ben Ohau
Ruataniwha Canterbury Cam River
Ruataniwha Hawke's Bay Lindsay
Ruataniwha Plains Hawke's Bay Takapua Plains
Ruato North Auckland Whangaroa
Ruatoki Bay of Plenty Ruatoki North (Whakatane)
Ruatoki North (Whakatane) Bay of Plenty Ruatoki
Ruawaro Waikato Brooklands
Ruawaro Waikato Huntly
Ruby Bay Nelson Mapua
Ruby Island Lake Wanaka Eely Island
Rugged Burn Fiordland Wapiti River
Ruguville Hawke's Bay Taradale
Rukumoana Taranaki Eltham
Runciman Auckland Oira
Russell Bay of Islands Hobsons Folly
Russell Bay of Islands Kororareka
Russell Bay of Islands Whangamumu
Russell Bay of Islands Whangape
Russell, Point Waikato Mercer
Russells Flat Canterbury Tenoti
Russell's Flat Canterbury Annat
Russeltown Southland Fortrose
Rutherglen West Coast Diamond Gully
Ryans Crossing Otago Kokonga
Sail Point Kaipara Tikinui
Sail Rock Manakau Harbour Channel Rock
Sail Rock Manakau Harbour Cutter Rock
Salisbury Otago Taioma
Saltwater Creek Canterbury Northport
Sandfly Bay Southland Elfin Bay
Sandfly Bay Nelson Fairy Cove
Sandfly Bay Nelson Falls River Bay
Sandhurst Canterbury Hakataramea
Sandon Block Manawatu Livingstone
Sandon Block Manawatu Sanson
Sandringham Auckland Cabbage Tree Swamp
Sandringham Auckland Edendale
Sandringham Auckland Edendale North
Sandspit (Rodney) Auckland Kawau Landing
Sandspit Island Hauraki Gulf Pakihi Island
Sandstone Southland Kaweku
Sandy Bay Nelson Grande Plage
Sandy Bay Marlborough Mangamaunu
Sandy Bay Nelson Anatuera
Sanitorium Hill (Cambridge) Waikato Maungakawa
Sanson Manawatu Mickey Town
Sanson Manawatu Sandon Block
Sarau Nelson Upper Moutere
Sawyer's Bay Otago Glendermid
Scarborough Wairarapa Mangamutu
Scarborough Wairarapa Pahiatua
Scarrots Auckland Tatarariki
Scarrotts North Auckland Oruapou
Schachstal Nelson Upper Moutere
Schnapper Point Marlborough Snapper Point (Kenepuru Sound)
Scoria Flat North Auckland Otiria
Scotts Corner Southland Edendale
Scotts Ferry Rangitikei Lower Rangitikei
Scotts Ferry Rangitikei Moanaroa
Scotts Ferry Rangitikei Okanagan
Scott's Gap West Coast Karangarua
Scotts Point North Auckland Kahokawa
Scrogg's Creek Landing Otago Allanton
Scrubby Hill Southland Waikawa Valley
Seacliff Otago Potae-rua
Seacombe West Coast Jackson's Bay
Seaford Nelson Collingwood
Seaforth River Fiordland Alarm River
Seatonville West Coast Seddonville
Seatoun Wellington Kirikiri-tatangi
Seatoun Wellington Turanga-a-kupe
Seaview Canterbury Fairview
Seaward Bush Southland Appleby
Seaward Moss Southland Motoremu
Seaward Moss Southland Woodend
Second River Wellington [a location in the lower Hutt Valley 1840/50s]
Seddon Marlborough Starborough
Seddon's Hill Waikato Hillcrest (Hamilton)
Seddonville Nelson Bayfield's Flat
Seddonville West Coast Corbys
Seddonville West Coast Seatonville
Sedgebrook Wanganui Wanganui East
Sedgemere Canterbury Taumutu
Selwyn Canterbury Norwood
Selwyn Waikato Selwyn's Siding (Putaruru)
Selwyn Bluff (Railway name) Canterbury Coalgate
Selwyn Forks Canterbury Bealey's Track
Selwyn Forks Canterbury Greendale
Selwyn Forks Canterbury Haldon
Selwyn Forks Canterbury Hororata
Selwyn Island (Hauraki Gulf) Auckland Kaikoura Island
Selwyn's Waikato Selwyn's Siding (Putaruru)
Selwyn's Siding (Putaruru) Waikato Selwyn
Selwyn's Siding (Putaruru) Waikato Selwyn's
Sentry-box Hill Wellington Box Hill
Sergeants Hill West Coast Giles Terrace
Sergeants Hill West Coast Papahaoa
Sergeant's Hill West Coast Giles Terrace
Seven Mile Crossing Southland Longbush
Seven Oaks Canterbury Bryndwr
Sevenbays Auckland East Coast Bays
Seventy-Mile Bush Southern Hawke's Bay/Northern Wairarapa Southern Hawke's Bay/Northern Wairarapa
Shaftesbury Thames Ohinemoa
Shaftesbury Waikato Te Aroha
Shag Point Otago Allandale
Shag Point Otago Pukewitahi
Shag Point Otago Vulcan Point
Shag Point Otago Whataparaerae
Shag Valley Otago Glen Park
Shakespeare River Canterbury Avon River
Shands Otago Outram
Shannon Manawatu Buckleys
Shannon Otago Deepstream
Shannon Manawatu Makerua
Shannon Manawatu Te Maire
Sharpridge Southland Huarahi
Sharpridge Southland Orawia
Sheffield Canterbury Malvern
Shelley Beach North Auckland Aotea
Sheppards Bush Auckland Ramarama
Sherwood Canterbury Lauriston
Sherwood Downs Canterbury Ashwick Flat
Shingley Creek Otago Morrisons
Shortland Thames Thames
Shotover Diggings Otago Arthur's Point
Shouraki Gulf Auckland Hauraki Gulf
Silverdale Waikato Dalesford
Silverdale Auckland Wade
Silverhope Wanganui Paraekaretu
Silverstream Canterbury Fairlie
Simpson's Manawatu Bainesse
Six Mile Southland Haldane
Six Mile Diggings West Coast Stafford
Six Mile Diggings West Coast Waimea
Six Mile Township West Coast Goldsborough
Skibbereen West Coast Addison's
Skippers Otago Skippers Point
Skippers Point Otago Skippers
Skulking Bay Marlborough Tara Bay
Slateford Nelson Washbourne
Smith Sound Fiordland Malaspina Sound
Smithfield Canterbury Smithfield Settlement (Winchester)
Smithfield Settlement (Winchester) Canterbury Smithfield
Smith's Gully Otago Bannockburn
Smith's Strait Southland Foveaux Strait
Snapper Point Marlborough Schnapper Point
Snowy River West Coast Hukawai
Sockburn Canterbury Wigram
Solander Island Southland Hautere
Solway Wairarapa Manaia Station
Somerfield Canterbury Barrington
Somes Island Wellington Matiu
Sommerville Rangitikei Taihape
South Guards Bay Marlborough Anakoha Bay
South Island New Zealand Middle Island
South Island New Zealand New Munster
South Island South Island Te Wai Pounamu
South Loburn Canterbury Loburn
South Oamaru Otago Kaiarero
South Selwyn Canterbury Brookside
South Taranaki Bight - Motherly Bay
South Toko Otago Moneymore
Southbridge Otago Milton
Southbridge Junction Canterbury Hornby
Southend Collingwood Mangarakau
Southend Collingwood West Wanganui
Southern Hawke's Bay/Northern Wairarapa Southern Hawke's Bay/Northern Wairarapa Seventy-Mile Bush
Southland District - Murihuku
Sowburn Otago Patearoa
Spar Bush Southland Waianiwa
Spar Cove Stewart Island Bens Bay
Spaxton Canterbury Drayton
Speargrass Flat Otago Bald Hill
Speargrass Flat Otago Fruitlands
Speargrass Flat Otago Malaghan's
Spingbrook Canterbury Pareora Village Settlement
Spit, The Hawke's Bay Port Ahuriri (Napier)
Spit, The Southland Waikawa
Spit, The Hawke's Bay Westshore
Spooners Point Hawke's Bay Kaimango
Sporings Island East Coast Pourewa Island
Spreadeagle Canterbury Ashburton Forks
Spreydon Canterbury Central Heathcote
Spring Creek Marlborough Goulands Ferry
Spring Creek Marlborough Lower Wairau
Springbank Canterbury North Moeraki Downs
Springbrook Canterbury Pareora
Springbrook Canterbury Pareora Settlement
Springbrook Canterbury Stoke
Springburn Southland Otahuti
Springfield Otago Edievale
Springfield Canterbury Kowai Pass
Springs Otago Middlemarch
Springston Railway Canterbury Blackville
Squaretown Nelson Maimai
St Andrew Canterbury Kennedy's Bay
St Andrew Canterbury Lower Pareora
St Bathans Otago Surface Hill
St Bathans Otago Vinegar Hill
St Bathan's Otago Dunstan Creek
St Helen's West Coast Mokihinui
St John's Hill Wanganui St John's Wood
St John's Redoubt Auckland Wiri
St John's Wood Wanganui St John's Hill
St Johnstown Southland Kingston
St Leonard's Canterbury Culverden
St Martins Island Otago Quarantine Island
St Marys Bay Marlborough Homewood
St Omer (Picton) Marlborough Homewood
St Patrick's Southland Balfour
St Patrick's Cove East Coast Te Mawhai (Tokomaru Bay)
St Paulidorf Nelson Moutere
St Paulisdorf Nelson Moutere
Stafford West Coast Six Mile Diggings
Stafford West Coast Flowery Creek
Stafford West Coast Pegleg
Staffordtown West Coast Ballarat Rush
Staircase Canterbury Staircase Gully
Staircase Gully Canterbury Staircase
Stanley Road Taranaki Beaconsfield
Stanway Manawatu North Halcombe
Starborough Marlborough Awatere
Starborough Marlborough Seddon
Staveley Canterbury Bushside
Steeples, The Wellington Pinnacles, The
Stephenson Island North Auckland Mahinepua
Stephenson Island North Auckland Ririwha
Sterling Point Southland Bluff
Stewart Island Stewart Island New Leinster
Stewart Island Stewart Island Rakiura
Stewart's Gully Canterbury Kaianga
Stillwater West Coast Arnold
Stillwater West Coast Brunner
Stillwater West Coast No Town
Stillwater West Coast Red Jack's
Stillwater West Coast Richardson
Stillwater West Coast Stillwater Junction
Stillwater Junction West Coast Stillwater
Stirling Otago Kaitangata Junction
Stoke Nelson Brook Green
Stoke Canterbury Springbank
Stokes Point Auckland Northcote
Stoney Creek Otago Stony Creek
Stony Bay West Canterbury Okains Bay
Stony Creek Otago Stoney Creek
Stony Hill Wairarapa Ahiaruhe
Strachans Otago Kurow
Strachan's Otago Otiake
Stratford Taranaki Stratford-on-Patea
Stratford-on-Avon Taranaki Stratford
Stratford-on-Patea Taranaki Stratford
Strath Taieri Otago Gladbrook
Strath Taieri Otago Middlemarch
Strathmore Taranaki Huiakarua
Strathmore Taranaki Mongatuhu
Streamlands Auckland Dome Valley
Struggler's Flat Canterbury Orari Bridge
Stuarts Bush Southland Edendale
Studholme (Timaru) Canterbury Studholme Junction
Studholme Junction Canterbury Hannaton Village
Studholme Junction Canterbury Hook
Studholme Junction Canterbury Studholme (Timaru)
Styx Otago Paerau
Styx River Manawatu Oroua River
Summerhill Canterbury Cust
Summerhill Canterbury Pukeraumati
Summerlea Nelson Waimarie
Summerleas West Coast Coal Creek
Sumner Head Canterbury Whitewash Head
Sunnyside Auckland Coatesville
Sunnyside Auckland Fernielea
Sunnyside Southland Oware
Sunnyvale Auckland Oratia
Surface Hill Otago St Bathans
Surrey Hills Auckland Ponsonby
Surrey Redoubt Auckland Paparata
Sutherland's Canterbury Timaru
Sutton Otago Blairtanner
Sutton Otago Middlemarch
Swannanoa Canterbury Mandeville (North)
Swift Creek Otago Heriot
Swinburn Otago Morrisons
Swipers Gully West Coast Ross
Swiss Settlement Auckland Helvetia
Switzers Southland Waikaia
Sylvan Bank Southland East Invercargill
Table Hill Otago Milton
Table Island Wellington Mana Island
Taemaro North Auckland Mangonui
Tahakopa Otago Lauriston
Tahamoana Hawke's Bay Clive Grange
Tahamoana Hawke's Bay Haumoana
Taharoa Waikato Kawhia
Taheke Hawke's Bay Anaroa
Tahekenui Hawke's Bay Knockladye
Tahora Otago Parae
Tahua Wairarapa Papatawa
Tahuna Nelson Tatahi
Tai Tapu Canterbury Clanricarde
Tai Tapu Canterbury Hepworth
Tai Tapu Canterbury Hepworth
Tai Tapu Canterbury Taitapu
Taiamai North Auckland Ohaeawai
Taiaotea Auckland Browns Bay
Taiaroa Otago Otago Heads
Taiaroa Heads Otago Otakou
Taieri Beach Otago Hull
Taieri Ferry Otago Henley
Taieri Ferry Otago Henley-on-Taieri
Taihape Rangitikei Collinsville
Taihape Rangitikei Hautapu
Taihape Rangitikei Hautapu Settlement
Taihape Rangitikei Korokonui
Taihape Rangitikei Otaihape
Taihape Rangitikei Sommerville
Taihoruru North Auckland Parua
Taiko Canterbury Tycho
Taingaehe (Dargaville) North Auckland Tangaihe
Taioma Otago Parera
Taioma Otago Salisbury
Taipo West Coast Kays
Taipuha North Auckland Mareretu North
Tairua Coromandel Ohui
Taitapu Nelson Golden Ridge
Taitapu Canterbury Hepworth
Taitapu Canterbury Tai Tapu
Taitimu Auckland Grahams Beach
Taitoko Horowhenu Levin
Takahaka Canterbury Cheviot
Takahue North Auckland Kaitaia
Takaka Nelson Anahau
Takaka Nelson Anatoki
Takaka Nelson Clifton
Takaka Nelson Coal Bay
Takaka Nelson Long Plain
Takaka Nelson Waingaroa
Takaka Nelson Waitapu
Takamatua (Akaroa) Canterbury German Bay
Takapau East Coast Arataha
Takapau Plains Hawke's Bay Ruataniwha Plains
Takapu Wellington Tawa Flat
Takapua Thames Kopu
Takapuwahia Wellington Porirua Pa
Takaro Manawatu Highbury
Talbot Forest Canterbury Geraldine
Tallaburn Otago Beaumont
Tallaburn Otago Horse Shoe Bend
Tallaburn Otago Island Block
Tamahere Waikato Matangi
Tamaki Wairarapa Tapuata (Dannevirke)
Tamarau East Coast Mildura
Tami Tami North Auckland Whangaroa
Tamumu (Waipawa) Hawke's Bay Amblethorn
Tamumu (Waipawa) Hawke's Bay Ansdale
Tamumu (Waipawa) Hawke's Bay Omakere
Tamumu (Waipawa) Hawke's Bay Titoki
Tamure Bay Marlborough Four Fathom Bay
Taneatua Whakatane Opouriao North
Tanekaha North Auckland Jordan
Tangaihe North Auckland Taingaehe (Dargaville)
Tangea Kaipara Tikinui
Tangihua North Auckland Tangiteroria
Tangitere Hawke's Bay Mangaone Valley
Tangiteroria North Auckland Tangihau
Tangiwai (Waiouru) Waimarino Waitangi
Tanglewood Wairarapa Ihukoi
Tangowahine North Auckland Dargaville
Taniwha Springs Bay of Plenty Awahou
Tankerville Canterbury Halswell
Taonui Manawatu Trondheim
Taoroa Rangitikei Lower Moawhango
Tapairau Hawke's Bay Waipawa
Tapairu Hawke's Bay Mataweka
Tapairu King Country Pururu
Tapairu King Country Te Tapairu Pa
Tapanui Southland Glenkenich
Tapawera Nelson Maniaroa
Tapora (Wellsford) Auckland Okahukura
Tapu Thames Hastings
Tapu Thames Waiomo
Tapuae Manawatu Pakihikura
Tapuae Manawatu Waituna West
Tapuata (Dannevirke) Hawke's Bay Tamaki
Taputaemai Taranaki Dawson Falls
Tapuwae Bay of Plenty Te Puke No 2 (School)
Tar White Marlborough Te Awaiti
Tara Bay Marlborough Skulking Bay
Taradale Hawke's Bay Omarunui
Taradale Hawke's Bay Ruguville
Taraire North Auckland Kaeo
Taramakau West Coast Hohonu
Taramauku Taranaki Taramoukou
Taramoukou Taranaki Taramauku
Taranui North Auckland Parua
Tarapatiki Hawke's Bay Terapatiki
Tararu Thames Thames
Taratahi Wairarapa Clareville
Taratahi Wairarapa Taratahi East
Taratahi East Wairarapa Taratahi
Tarawhiti Wellington Terawhiti
Tareha Hawke's Bay Kaiwaka
Tarewa Hawke's Bay Maraetaho
Taringatura Southland Heddon Bush
Tarras Otago Camp Creek
Tarras Otago Cluden
Tarras Otago Dry Creek
Tarras Otago Lindis
Tarwhite Wellington Te Awaiti
Tasman Applelands Nelson Aporo
Tasman Bay Nelson Blind Bay
Tasman Bay Nelson Zeehaen's Bocht
Tatahi Nelson Tahuna
Tatara Hawke's Bay Eskdale Railway Camp
Tatara Hawke's Bay Matahoura
Tataraimaka Taranaki Fort St George
Tatarariki North Auckland Scarrots
Tatarariki North Auckland Te Kopuru
Taueru Wairarapa Tauweru
Tauhinu Canterbury Hayland
Tauhinu Otago Inch-Clutha
Tauhoa Auckland Hoteo North
Tauhoa Kaipara Kaipara Flats
Tauhupu Otago Ratanui
Taumaihi Rangitikei Bulls
Taumaranui King Country Taumarunui
Taumarere Bay of Islands Karetu
Taumarunui King Country Taumaranui
Taumatatahi Wanganui Kapara
Taumatawaenga King Country Eight Mile Junction
Taumutu Canterbury Sedgemere
Tauoma Auckland Panmure
Taupahi Taupo Turangi
Taupatete Taranaki Nolantown
Taupo Taupo Taupō-nui-a-Tia
Taupo Pa Wellington Plimmerton
Taupo South Taupo Hilltop
Taupō-nui-a-Tia Taupo Taupo
Taurakawa Taranaki Manga
Tauranga Bay of Plenty Camp, The
Tauranga Bay of Plenty Kawhai-nui
Tauranga (Auckland) Auckland Drury
Tauranga (CBD) Bay of Plenty Te Papa
Tauranga Harbour Bay of Plenty Te Awanui
Tauraroa North Auckland Tauroroa
Taurewa Waimarino Mangatepopo
Taurico [Tauranga Rimu Company] Bay of Plenty Tauriko
Tauriko Bay of Plenty Taurico [Tauranga Rimu Company]
Tauroroa North Auckland Tauraroa
Tauweru Wairarapa Taueru
Tauweru Wairarapa Taweru
Tawa Wellington Tawa Flat
Tawa Downs Wellington Linden
Tawa Flat Wellington Leigh's Stockade
Tawa Flat Wellington Takapu
Tawa Flat Wellington Tawa
Tawaglen Waimarino Mangoihe
Tawata Taumaranui Tawhata
Tawataia Wairarapa Eketahuna
Taweru Wairarapa Tauweru
Tawhai West Coast Reefton
Tawhata Taumaranui Tawata
Tawhiti Otago Gorge Creek
Tawhiuau Uruwera Tawhiwau
Tawhiuau Uruwera Tawhiwhau
Tawhiwau Uruwera Tawhiuau
Tawhiwhau Uruwera Tawhiuau
Tayler Point Otago Taylor Point
Taylor Point Otago Tayler Point
Taylors Canterbury Yardhurst
Taylor's Creek Southland Pukerau
Taylorville Greymouth Heathdale
Taylorville Wanganui (Dissapeared)
Taylorville West Coast Brunner
Taylorville West Coast Brunnerton
Te Ahu North Auckland Kaitaia
Te Ahuahu Taranaki Oakura Beach
Te Ahuahu Taranaki Pukiti
Te Anau Fiordland Marakura
Te Apiti Manawatu Manawatu Gorge
Te Arai Bridge East Coast Wairakaia
Te Araroa East Coast Horoera
Te Araroa East Coast Kawakawa
Te Araroa East Coast Mokonui
Te Araroa East Coast Pakihi
Te Araroa East Coast Te Kawakawa
Te Araroa East Coast Tutua
Te Araroa East Coast Wairapu
Te Araroa East Coast Wharekahika
Te Aro Flat Wellington Huriwhenua
Te Aroha Waikato Aroha
Te Aroha Waikato Paharekeke
Te Aroha Waikato Shaftesbury
Te Atatu Auckland Henderson's Point
Te Atatu South Auckland Edmonton
Te Aurapa Wairarapa Kaitawa
Te Au-rere-a-te-tonga Manawatu Manawatu Gorge
Te Aute Hawke's Bay Poukawa
Te Aute Hawke's Bay Raukawa
Te Aute Hawke's Bay Te Hauke
Te Aute (Railway Station) Hawke's Bay Opapa
Te Awahou Manawatu Foxton
Te Awaite Marlborough Arapawa
Te Awaite Marlborough Okakuri
Te Awaite Marlborough Yelaton
Te Awaiti Marlborough Tar White
Te Awaiti Marlborough Tarwhite
Te Awaiti Marlborough Wickett
Te Awamutu Waikato Mangapiko
Te Awamutu Waikato Otawhao
Te Awamutu Waikato Rangiaohia
Te Awanui Bay of Plenty Tauranga Harbour
Te Awaroa Waikato Hauturu
Te Hauke Hawke's Bay Te Aute
Te Hawera Taranaki Hawera
Te Henga Auckland Bethells (Beach)
Te Hiwi Southland Malton
Te Hoe Waikato Clover Valley
Te Hoiere Marlborough Maud Island
Te Hono Point Bay of Plenty Kauri Point
Te Horo Wellington Hautere Cross
Te Houhi Uruwera Galatea
Te Ikaamaru Wellington Te Kamaru
Te Ina Southland Orepuki
Te Iwiroa East Coast Iwiroa
Te Kainga Wellington Kainga
Te Kamaru Wellington Te Ikaamaru
Te Kanae Bay Marlborough Guneye Bay
Te Kapa Auckland Mahurangi
Te Kapo Canterbury Burke's Pass
Te Karaka East Coast Kanekani
Te Karaka East Coast Waikohu
Te Kau Canterbury Barry's Bay
Te Kawa Waikato Kaputahi
Te Kawa Waikato Kawa
Te Kawakawa East Coast Te Araroa
Te Koa North Auckland Hohoura
Te Kopuru North Auckland Kopuru
Te Kopuru Auckland Tatarariki
Te Kopuru West Coast Westport
Te Kuiti King Country Te Kuititanga
Te Kuititanga King Country Te Kuiti
Te Kumi King Country Otorohanga
Te Mahia East Coast Mahia
Te Mai North Auckland Horahora
Te Maire Wairarapa Kahutara
Te Maire Manawatu Shannon
Te Maketu Auckland Maketu
Te Maketu Auckland Ramarama
Te Maori (Wairoa) Hawke's Bay Kotemaori
Te Maru Canterbury Timaru
Te Marua Wellington Brown Owl
Te Mata Waikato Waitetuna
Te Mawhai (Tokomaru Bay) East Coast St Patrick's Cove
Te Namu West Coast Little Wanganui Ferry
Te Ngaere Taranaki Ngaere
Te Noti Canterbury Russells Flat
Te Nui Wairarapa Annendale
Te Nui Wairarapa Grassondale
Te Nui Wairarapa Mungapakeha
Te Nui Wairarapa Tinui
Te Oka Canterbury Kinloch
Te Oneroa Southland Longbeach
Te Paina Auckland Mercer
Te Papa Bay of Plenty Tauranga (CBD)
Te Pare Wairarapa Kahutara
Te Pohue Hawke's Bay Pohui
Te Pokohiwi (Wairau River) Marlborough Boulder Bank
Te Poutu Taupo Poutu (Taupo)
Te Puke No 2 (School) Bay of Plenty Tapuwae
Te Puru Marlborough Hocquards
Te Raeokahu Motuihe Island Guys Cliff
Te Rangiita Taupo Rangi-ita
Te Rauparaha Manawatu Hall Block
Te Taho West Coast Dry Creek
Te Tapairu Hawke's Bay Mataweka
Te Tapairu Pa Hawke's Bay Tapairu
Te Tawa Taranaki Maketawa
Te Ti North Auckland Te Ti Mangonui
Te Ti Mangonui North Auckland Te Ti
Te Ti Mangonui North Auckland Te Tii
Te Tii North Auckland Te Ti Mangonui
Te Tua Southland Hollyburn
Te Tuhi Wanganui Ahu Ahu
Te Upoko o te Ika a Maui Wellington Wellington Harbour
Te Wai Pounamu South Island South Island
Te Waihenga Wairarapa Martinborough
Te Waimate North Auckland Waimate North
Te Wairoa Bay of Plenty Buried Village, The (Rotorua)
Te Wairoa Auckland Clevedon
Te Waitere Waikato Kawhia
Te Wakaru Chatham Islands Te Whakuru
Te Weka Marlborough Dieffenbach
Te Weka Marlborough Dieffenbach Point
Te Weka Marlborough Hitaua
Te Whaka Canterbury Lyttelton [Port]
Te Whaka-raupo Canterbury Lyttelton [Port]
Te Whakuru Chatham Islands Te Wakaru
Teaneraki Otago Enfield
Teaneraki Otago Enfield
Teatukara Wairarapa Hawera
Teddington Canterbury Governor's Bay
Tees Strait Southland Foveaux Strait
Tee-total Township Rangitikei Crofton
Teikaparua Stream Taranaki Warea Stream (Taranaki)
Tekapo Military Camp Canterbury Balmoral
Temara Canterbury Lyndon
Temple Burn Otago Precipice Creek
Temuka Canterbury Arowhenua
Temuka Canterbury Milford
Temuka Canterbury Ohape
Tenui Wairarapa Manawa
Terapatiki Hawke's Bay Tarapatiki
Terawhiti Marlborough MacManamen's
Terawhiti Wellington Tarawhiti
Teremakau Greymouth Whitcombe
Tererenga Thames Battery
Terrace, The (Taupo) Taupo Onekeneke Terraces
Teschemakers Otago Reidston
Teviot Otago Roxburgh
Teviot Junction Otago Roxburgh
Tewkesbury Wanganui Okehu
Thames Thames Bunga Flat
Thames Thames Collarbone
Thames Thames Eureka Hill
Thames Thames Grahamstown
Thames Thames Hape Creek
Thames Thames Kauaeranga
Thames Thames Kuranga
Thames Thames Kurani
Thames Thames Moanatairi
Thames Thames Parawai
Thames Thames Punga Flat
Thames Thames Shellback Creek
Thames Thames Shortland
Thames Thames Tararu
Thames Thames Totara
Thames Thames Waiotahi Creek
Thames River Thames Waihou River
The Junction Otago Alexandra
The Junction Otago Cromwell
The Junction Otago Lawrence
The Junction Northern Wairarapa Woodville
The Retreat Canterbury Cheviot
Third River Wellington [a location in the lower Hutt Valley 1840/50s]
Thomson's Crossing Southland Winton
Thornbury Otago Gummies Bush
Thorndon Wellington Hau-kawakawa
Thorndon Bay of Plenty Rangitaiki
Thorndon Wellington Thorndon Flat
Thorndon Flat Wellington Thorndon
Thorpe Nelson Dove Dale
Thorrington Canterbury Lower Cashmere
Three Creeks Canterbury Burkes Pass
Three Log Whare Rangitikei Mangaweka
Three Mile West Coast Ho Ho
Three Mile Bush Wairarapa Carterton
Tiakitahuna Manawatu Longburn
Tiakitahunga Manawatu Jackeytown
Tihaka (in Colac Bay) Southland Oraki
Tikinui Kaipara Sail Point
Tikinui Kaipara Tangea
Tikitapu Bay of Plenty Blue Lake (Rotorua)
Tikitapu Wairarapa Dryer's Rock
Tikitere Bay of Plenty Hell's Gate (Rotorua)
Tikitiki East Coast Kahukura
Tikitikiora Bay of Islands Tikitikioure
Tikitikioure Bay of Islands Tikitikiora
Tikokino Hawke's Bay Hampden
Tikokupu Taranaki Bell Block
Timaru Canterbury Kingsdown
Timaru Canterbury Levels, The (farm)
Timaru Canterbury Sutherland's
Timaru Canterbury Te Maru
Timatanga Marlborough Carluke (Rai Valley)
Tinakori Hill Wellington McCleverty, Mount
Tinakori Hill Wellington Mount Wakefield
Tinkers Otago Matakanui
Tinker's Gully Otago Newtown
Tintown West Coast Darlington
Tinui Wairarapa Te Nui
Tinwald Canterbury Wheatstone
Tirau Waikato Oxford
Tirauemea Wairarapa Houlbrooke
Tiraumea Wairarapa Kaitawa
Tiraumea Wairarapa Makairo
Tiraumea Wairarapa Pahiatua
Tiraumea Valley Wairarapa Hinemoa
Tiromaunga Canterbury Avondale
Tiromoana West Coast Brighton
Tiroti Otago Capburn
Tisbury Southland Waimatua
Titi Islands Southland Mutton Bird Islands
Titirangi Marlborough Guards Bay
Titirangi Marlborough Hikoekoea
Tititea Canterbury Mt Aspiring
Titoki Hawke's Bay Tamumu
Titokino (Hawke's Bay) Hawke's Bay Hampden
Toanga East Coast Gisborne
Toe Toes Southland Fortrose (Southland)
Toetoe River Southland Mataura River
Toi Tois Southland Fortrose (Southland)
Toitois Ferry Southland Fortrose
Toka Toka Waiheke Island Okahu
Toka Toka Waiheke Island Omaru
Tokaanu Junction Taupo Turangi
Tokaora (Hawera) Taranaki Livingston
Tokarahi (School) Otago Island Cliff
Tokatea Coromandel Omoho
Tokatoka Kaipara Andersons Crossing
Tokatokahau Point Bay of Islands Mosquito Point
Toko Road Taranaki Huinga
Tokoiti Otago Milton
Tokolabo Canterbury Lyttelton Harbour
Tokomairiro Otago Fairfax
Tokomairiro Otago Milton
Tokomaru Bay East Coast Marahea
Tolaga Bay East Coast Buckley
Tolaga Bay East Coast Uawa
Tomahawk Otago Ocean Grove
Tomarata Auckland Tomorata
Tomoana Hawke's Bay Mahora
Tomorata Auckland Tomarata
Tongariro Bridge Taupo Turangi
Topuni Auckland Port Albert
Torbay Auckland Deep Creek
Torbay Auckland Oneroa
Torea Southland Granity
Torea Marlborough Kenepuru
Torea Southland Pourakino Valley
Torea Neck Marlborough Portage, The
Torere Wanganui Ohutu Landing
Torlesse Range Canterbury Whataarama
Toroto Road Waikato Awarata
Tory Channel Marlborough Kura-te-au
Totara Canterbury Pleasant Point
Totara West Coast Ross
Totara West Coast Ross
Totara Thames Thames
Totara North Auckland Whangaroa
Totaranui Nelson Awaroa
Totaranui Marlborough Queen Charlotte Sound
Totaranui Nelson Wainui
Touwai Auckland Mangatangirau
Towai Bay of Islands Marlow
Towai Bay of Islands Motatau
Trafalgar Southland Georgetown
Traquair Otago Lee Stream
Trondheim Manawatu Taonui
Tryphena Great Barrier Island Oruawharo
Tua Marina Marlborough Tuamarino
Tuaheni Point East Coast Tuahina Point
Tuahina Point East Coast Tuaheni Point
Tuahiwi Canterbury Kaiapoi Pa
Tuakau Auckland Kaipo
Tuamarino Marlborough Tua Marina
Tuamautire Marlborough Grovetown
Tuapeka Otago Daitonville
Tuapeka Otago Gabriel's Gully
Tuapeka Otago Lawrence
Tuapeka Mouth Otago Dalhousie
Tuapeka West Otago Dartonville
Tuatapere Southland Drummonds Ferry
Tuatapere Southland Papatotara
Tucker Flat Otago Gibbston
Tuhawaiki Point Canterbury Jacks Point
Tuhipa North Auckland Cameron's Crossing
Tuhua Bay of Plenty Mayor Island
Tuimata Auckland Pukekohe East
Tuingaro Marlborough Willawa Point
Tukituki River Hawke's Bay Alma River
Tummil Flats Marlborough Tummil, The
Tummil, The Marlborough Tummil Flats
Tuna Bay Marlborough Brightlands
Tunatahi North Auckland Dargaville
Tunatahi North Auckland Dargaville
Tupurupuru Hawke's Bay Turangakumu Saddle
Tupurupuru Wairarapa Gladstone
Turakina Wanganui Lethbridge
Turakina Valley Wanganui Lowrie's
Turanga East Coast Gisborne
Turanga East Coast Poverty Bay
Turanga East Coast Turanga-a-kiwa
Turanga-a-kiwa East Coast Gisborne
Turanga-a-kiwa East Coast Turanga
Turanga-a-kupe Wellington Seatoun
Turangaarere Railway Rangitikei Hihitahi
Turangakumu Saddle Hawke's Bay Tupurupuru
Turanganui East Coast Gisborne
Turangi Taupo Taupahi
Turangi Taupo Tokaanu Junction
Turangi Taupo Tongariro Bridge
Turiroa Hawke's Bay Cricklewood
Turiwhate West Coast Turiwhati
Turiwhati West Coast Turiwhate
Turtons Canterbury Ashburton
Turton's Canterbury Ashburton
Tutaekara Wairarapa Browntown
Tutaekara Wairarapa Harwea Road
Tutaekara Wairarapa Mangamaire
Tutaekura Wairarapa Hamua
Tutaenui Rangitikei Marton
Tutaki Nelson Braeburn
Tutua East Coast Te Araroa
Tuturau Southland Mataura
Tututotara Rangitikei Inland Rangitikei
Twelve Mile Inangahua Macetown
Tycho Canterbury Taiko
Uawa East Coast Tolaga Bay
Ulva Island Stewart Island Coopers Island
Umawera Hokianga Orira
Umere West Coast Cooper's Creek
Umere West Coast Land of Promise
Umukuri Nelson Brooklyn
Umularoa Hawke's Bay Dannevirke
Umupuia Auckland Duders Beach
Upokongaro Wanganui Makirikiri
Upper Arahura (School) West Coast Humphreys
Upper Catlins Southland Houipapa
Upper Courtenay Canterbury Kimberley
Upper Ferry Otago Hakataramea
Upper Ferry Otago Kourow
Upper Hedgehope Southland Glencoe
Upper Hutt Wellington Fern Ground
Upper Kyeburn Otago Kyeburn Diggings
Upper Landing Thames Hikuai
Upper Landing Thames Laycock's
Upper Makikihi Canterbury Hunter
Upper Matakitaki Nelson Horse Terrace
Upper Matakitaki Nelson Nardoo
Upper Mohaka Hawke's Bay Glenfalls
Upper Motupiko Nelson Korere
Upper Moutere Nelson Sarau
Upper Moutere Nelson Schachstal
Upper South Hillend Southland Pukemutu
Upper Taueru Wairarapa Bickerstaffe
Upper Taueru Wairarapa Bideford
Upper Township Otago Clyde
Upper Turnbull West Coast Huhuka
Upper Valley Wellington Upper Hutt
Upper Waiau Ferry Canterbury Hanmer Plains
Upper Wai-iti Valley Nelson Hiwipango
Upper Waikaia Southland Cosgroves
Upper Waikaia Southland Glenary
Upper Wainui Hawke's Bay Wimbledon
Ure Bridge Marlborough Waima Bridge
Ure River Marlborough Waima River
Uretara Bay of Plenty Katikati
Urral Canterbury Lauriston
Urupukapuka Bay of Islands Oruapukapuka Island
Uruwhenua Nelson Westlands
Utewai Wairarapa Haunui
Utiku Rangitikei Kaikoura
Uxbridge Otago Georgetown
Valetta Canterbury Westerfield
Vernon Hawke's Bay Lindsay
Victoria Wairarapa Papatawa
Victoria Bridge Otago Edwards
Victoria Bridge Otago Waitiri
Victoria Valley North Auckland Mangatoetoe
Victory Beach Otago Wickliffe Bay
Vincent Otago Naseby
Vinegar Flat Otago Cambrian
Vinegar Hill Otago Cambrian
Vinegar Hill Otago St Bathans
Vulcan Point Otago Shag Point
Waahi Lake Waikato Rotongaru (Huntly)
Waddell, Point Wellington Dorset, Point
Waddington Canterbury Malvern
Wade Auckland Horse Shoe Bush
Wade Auckland Nanuhu
Wade Auckland Redvale
Wade Auckland Silverdale
Wade Auckland Weiti
Wade River Auckland Wai-peraro
Wade, The Auckland Silverdale
Waenga Otago Halfway House
Waeranga Waikato Matahura
Waerenga Waikato Wairangi
Waerikiki Southland Mimihau
Wahanui Uruwera Rotokarangu
Wahi Lake Waikato Rotongaru (Huntly)
Waianakarua Otago Herbert
Waianiwa Southland Argyle
Waianiwa Southland Lower Waianiwa
Waianiwa Southland Oporo
Waianiwa Southland Spar Bush
Waiapu East Coast Caves
Waiapu East Coast Rangitukia
Waiareka Otago Weston
Waiareka Junction Otago Brookfield
Waiareka Junction Otago Oamaru
Waiari North Auckland Kaeo
Waiata Manawatu Nikau
Waiau Canterbury Amuri
Waiau West Coast Franz Joseph Glacier (township)
Waiau Marlborough Waiau-ua
Waiau West Coast Waiho Gorge
Waiau Coromandel Coromandel (township)
Waiau Southland Orawia
Waiau Mouth Southland Papatotara
Waiau Pa Auckland Ford Point
Waiau Pa Auckland Karaka
Waiau Pa Auckland Karaka
Waiau River Southland Orepuki
Waiau-toa Marlborough Clarence River
Waiau-ua Marlborough Waiau
Waigona Taranaki Waiongana
Waihaha Bay of Islands Waikare Inlet
Waihakeke Wairarapa Carterton
Waihao Canterbury Waimate
Waihao Canterbury Morven
Waihao Forks Canterbury Elephant Hill
Waihao Forks Canterbury Pentland Hills
Waihao Forks Canterbury Waihaorunga
Waihaorunga Canterbury Waihao Forks
Waiharakeke Marlborough Flaxbourne
Waiharakiki Waikato Kawhia
Waiharara North Auckland Haggers Point
Waiheke Auckland Cowes
Waihemo Otago Dunback
Waihemo Otago Morrisons
Waihenga Wairarapa Martinborough
Waihi Taranaki Normanby
Waihi Thames Borne Town
Waihi (Normanby) Taranaki Waihi Redoubt
Waihi Bush Canterbury Woodbury
Waihi Crossing Canterbury Winchester
Waihi Redoubt Taranaki Waihi (Normanby)
Waihika East Coast Gisborne
Waiho Gorge West Coast Franz Joseph Glacier (township)
Waiho Gorge West Coast Waiau
Waihoaka Southland Koromiko
Waihonhonu Marlborough Deep Bay
Waihora Canterbury Lake Ellesmere
Waihou River Thames Thames River
Waihuka East Coast Poututu
Wai-iti Canterbury Glen-iti
Waikaia Southland Switzers
Waikaia Southland Wai-o-whakaea
Waikaia Southland Wendonside
Waikaia Otago Whitcombe
Waikaka Southland Wendon Valley
Waikanae Wellington Hadfield
Waikanae Wellington Pararata (Village)
Waikaoru Otago Duntroon
Waikaraka North Auckland Whangarei
Waikare Hawke's Bay Putorino
Waikare Inlet Bay of Islands Waihaha
Waikaretu Waikato Kaawa
Waikari Hawke's Bay Putorino
Waikari Canterbury Wakari
Waikari Canterbury Whakaari
Waikato River Waikato Waikatoa (River)
Waikatoa (River) Waikato Waikato River
Waikawa Southland Spit
Waikawa Downs Southland Fortification
Waikawa Falls Southland Niagara
Waikawa Valley Southland Quarry Hills
Waikawa Valley Southland Scrubby Hill
Waikawe Horowhenua Horowhenua
Waikeri Hokianga Waikerikeri
Waikerikeri Hokianga Mutton Town Gully
Waikerikeri Hokianga Waikeri
Waikieke Auckland Ruarangi
Waikiekie Auckland Mangapai
Waikoau Hawke's Bay Eskdale Railway Camp
Waikohu East Coast Te Karaka
Waikomiti Auckland Waikumete
Waikoropupu Springs Nelson Pupu Springs
Waikouaiti Otago Isaactown
Waikouaiti Otago Hawkesbury
Waikouaiti Otago Hawkesbury West
Waikowhai Auckland Hillsborough
Waikumate Auckland Glen Eden
Waikumete Auckland Waikomiti
Waikutakuta Marlborough Robin Hood Bay
Waima East Coast Hautanoa
Waima Bridge Marlborough Ure Bridge
Waima River Marlborough Ure River
Waimahara North Auckland Mangonui
Waimakariri River Canterbury Courtenay River
Waimangaroa West Coast Conn's Creek
Waimangaroa Junction West Coast Harben
Waimarie West Coast Kynnersley
Waimarie East Coast Ormond
Waimarie Nelson Summerlea
Waimarino Waimarino National Park (township)
Waimaru Marlborough Beatrix Bay
Waimaru Marlborough Havelock
Waimata Valley East Coast Combermere
Waimate Canterbury Maytown
Waimate Canterbury Waihao
Waimate Canterbury Waimatemate
Waimate North North Auckland Te Waimate
Waimate Plans Taranaki Manaia
Waimatemate Canterbury Waimate
Waimatua Southland Tisbury
Waimatua Creek Southland Duck Creek
Waimaunga West Coast Mawheraiti
Waimea West Coast Goldsborough
Waimea West Coast Six Mile Diggings
Waimea West Coast Waimea Diggings
Waimea Diggings West Coast Waimea
Waimea West Nelson Brightwater
Waimiha Waikato Ohinemoa
Waimiha Whakatane Opouriao West
Waimotu Otago Herbert
Waimumu Southland Mataura
Waingake East Coast Livingstone's
Waingaro Nelson Hamama
Waingaroa Nelson Takaka
Waingawa Wairarapa Kaituna
Waingongoro Taranaki Dawson Gate
Wainoni Auckland Greenhithe
Wainono Canterbury Norton
Wainui Nelson Anatimo
Wainui Hawke's Bay Herbertville
Wainui Auckland Parakakau
Wainui Nelson Totaranui
Wainuiomata Wellington Homedale
Wainuiomata North Wellington Arakura
Wainuioru Wairarapa Heatherlea
Waiohau (Whakatane) Bay of Plenty Ohui
Waiomatatini East Coast Port Awanui
Waiomio Thames Waiomu
Waiomo Thames Tapu
Waiomo Thames Waiomu
Waiomou Thames Waiomu
Waiomu Thames Waiomio
Waiomu Thames Waiomo
Waiomu Thames Waiomou
Waione Manawatu Makukupara
Waiotahi Whakatane Kutarere
Waiotahi Creek Thames Thames
Waiouru Waimarino Waiouru Camp
Waiouru Camp Waimarino Waiouru
Wai-o-whakaea Southland Waikaia
Waipahi Clutha Waipaihi
Waipaihi Clutha Waipahi
Waipapa North Auckland Kahikatearoa
Waipapa Auckland Mechanics Bay
Waipapa Beach Southland Fortrose
Waipapa Point Southland Otara Point
Waipapakauri North Auckland Awanui
Waipaparoa Stockade Mill
Waipara Canterbury Glasnevin
Waipara West Coast Hokitika
Waiparera North Auckland Parua
Waipata Otago Komako
Waipati River Otago Chasland
Waipati River Southland Chaslands
Waipatiki Hawke's Bay Rising Sun Block
Waipatiki Hawke's Bay Weber
Waipawa Hawke's Bay Abbotsford
Waipawa Hawke's Bay Blackhead
Waipawa Hawke's Bay Tapairau
Waipawa Hawke's Bay Waipawamate
Waipawamate Hawke's Bay Waipawa
Wai-peraro Auckland Wade River
Waipero Bay East Coast Waipiro Bay
Waipiata Otago Kokoamo
Waipiata Otago Lower Eweburn
Waipipi Auckland Waiuku
Waipiro East Coast Gisborne
Waipiro Bay East Coast Waipero Bay
Waipori Falls Otago El Dorado
Waipori, Lake Otago Berwick
Waipu Auckland Limestone Hill
Waipu North North Auckland North River
Waipuku Taranaki Manganui
Waipuna West Coast Ararimu
Waipuna West Coast Little Grey Junction
Waipuna Wellington Mangaituroa
Waipuna Auckland Whangaroa
Wairahi North Auckland Langs Beach
Wairakaia East Coast Te Arai Bridge
Wairaki Southland Eastern Bush
Wairaki Southland Feldwick
Wairangi Nelson Otamahono
Wairangi Waikato Waerenga
Wairapu East Coast Te Araroa
Wairarapa Wairarapa Wyderap'
Wairau Marlborough Blenheim
Wairau Creek North Auckland Maungaturoto
Wairau Ferry Marlborough Goulands Ferry
Wairau Valley Marlborough Beaconsfield
Wairere Wairarapa Paparoa
Wairio Southland Woodlaw
Wairoa Auckland Ardmore
Wairoa Nelson Brightwater
Wairoa Auckland Clevedon
Wairoa Hawke's Bay Clyde
Wairoa Taranaki Waverley
Wairoa Gorge Nelson Brightwater
Wairoa South Auckland Clevedon
Wairoto Southland Lillburn
Wairuna Otago Clinton
Waitahuna Otago Havelock
Waitahuna Otago Johnstone
Waitakaro East Coast Hiruharama (Gisborne)
Waitakere Auckland Waitakerei
Waitakerei Auckland Waitakere
Waitaki North Canterbury Glenavy
Waitaki River Otago Waitangi River
Waitangi Waimarino Tangiwai (Waiouru)
Waitangi Falls (Paihia) Bay of Islands Haruru Falls
Waitangi River Otago Waitaki River
Waitapeka otago Kakapuaka
Waitapeka Otago Waitepeka
Waitapu Nelson Takaka
Waitara Taranaki Waitera
Waitara (Taranaki) Taranaki Raleigh
Waitara River Taranaki Waitera River
Waitaria East Coast Gisborne
Waitati Otago Waiteti
Waitati Otago Blueskin
Waitawa Auckland Castles Bay
Waitekauri Thames Golden Cross
Waitekauri North Thames Golden Cross
Waitemata Harbour Auckland Auckland Harbour
Waitemata Mills Auckland Riverhead
Waitepeka Otago Waitapeka
Waitera Taranaki Waitara
Waitera River Taranaki Waitara River
Waiteti Otago Waitati
Waitetuna Waikato Te Mata
Waitiri Otago Edwards
Waitiri Otago Victoria Bridge
Waitoa Waikato Morrinsville
Waitoetoe Taranaki Waitoitoi
Waitohi Canterbury Kerr's Station
Waitohi Marlborough Koromiko
Waitohi Canterbury Newton
Waitohi Marlborough Picton
Waitohi Canterbury Waitohi Flat
Waitohi Flat Canterbury Waitohi
Waitohu North Auckland Babylon
Waitoitoi Taranaki Waitoetoe
Waitoriki Taranaki Lincoln Road
Waitotara Wanganui Kaimanuka
Waitotara Wanganui Kauananuka
Waituna Nelson Otarawao
Waituna West Manawatu Tapuae
Waiuku Auckland Maioro
Waiuku Auckland Waipipi
Waiuta West Coast Birthday Mine
Waiwatu Wellington Waiwhetu (Hutt Valley)
Waiwatu River Wellington Waiwhetu (Hutt Valley)
Waiwera Wairarapa Kopikopiko
Waiwera Auckland Waiwera North
Waiwera North Auckland Waiwera
Waiwera South Otago Ashley Downs
Waiwera South Otago Kaihiku
Waiwetu Wellington Waiwhetu (Hutt Valley)
Waiwhero East Coast Hexton
Waiwhetu Wellington Waiwetu
Wakaipa Canterbury Day's Road
Wakamarina Marlborough Canvastown
Wakamarina Gorge Marlborough Blenheim
Wakanui Canterbury Ashburton
Wakapatu Southland Kawakapatu
Wakapuaka Nelson Cable Bay
Wakapuaka Nelson Happy Valley
Wakapuaka Nelson Hillside (School)
Wakapuni Wairarapa Whakapuni
Wakari Otago Waikari
Wakari (Dunedin) Otago Hawthorn Hill
Wakatipu Otago Frankton
Wakatu Nelson Annesbrook
Wakatu Nelson Nelson (original settlement)
Wakatu Nelson Nelson Haven
Wakau King Country Kihi Kihi
Wakefield Nelson Lower Wakefield
Wakefield, Mt Southern Alps Kirikiri-katata
Walker's Murchison Maruia
Wallacetown Junction Southland Lorneville
Wallaceville (Hutt Valley) Wellington Mangaroa Valley
Wallingford Hawke's Bay Eparaima Pa
Wallingford Hawke's Bay Ohinewha
Wallsend West Coast Brunner
Walton Otago Fairfield
Walton Park Otago Fairfield
Wanaka Otago Albert Town
Wanaka Otago Albertown
Wanaka Otago Newcastle
Wanaka Otago Oanaka
Wanaka Otago Pembroke
Wanaka Otago Roys Bay
Wangaehu Wanganui Whangaehu
Wangaloa Otago Whangaroa
Wanganui Wanganui Kai-hau-o-kupe
Wanganui West Coast Little Wanganui
Wanganui Wanganui Whanganui
Wanganui East Wanganui Eastbrook
Wanganui East Wanganui Eastown
Wanganui East Wanganui Sedgebrook
Wanganui River Mouth Wanganui Knowsley Bay
Wanganui/Whanganui Wanganui Petre
Wangape Bay of Islands Whangape
Wangapeka Settlement Nelson Matariki
Wangarei North Auckland Eglinton
Wangarei North Auckland Kiripaka
Wangarei North Auckland Parahaki
Wangarei North Auckland Whangarei
Wanstead Hawke's Bay Motuotaria
Wantwood Station Southland Mandeville
Wapiti River Fiordland Rugged Burn
Warahoe King Country Kihi Kihi
Ward Marlborough Flaxbourne
Ward Marlborough Mirza
Warea Stream Taranaki Teikaparua Stream
Warkworth Auckland Mahurangi
Waro North Auckland Ahipara
Waro North Auckland Hikurangi
Waronui Otago Fortification
Warrengate Wanganui Fordell
Warrington Otago Evansdale
Warrington Otago Okahau
Wash, The Marlborough Raglan
Washbourne Nelson Slateford
Washdyke Canterbury Washdyke Junction
Washdyke Junction Canterbury Washdyke
Wataroa West Coast Gunns
Wataroa West Coast Whataroa
Waterfalls Wairarapa Brooklands
Waterfalls Wairarapa Dog Town
Waterford Bay of Plenty Katikati
Watt's Peninsula Wellington Mirimar Peninsula
Waumangaroa Junction West Coast Griffiths
Wauts Waikato Lichfield
Waverley Otago Grants Brae
Waverley (South Taranaki) Taranaki Wairoa
Wayby Auckland Hoteo North
Wayby Auckland Wellsford
Weather Point Stewart Island Red Head Point
Weatherston Otago Weatherstones
Weatherstones Otago Weatherston
Weber Hawke's Bay Waipatiki
Wedderburn Otago Mariomoto
Wedderburn Otago Muriomato
Weedon Canterbury Weedons
Weedons Canterbury Weedon
Weheka West Coast Fox Glacier (township)
Weheka River West Coast Cook River
Weiti Auckland Wade
Welcome Pass West Coast Karangarua
Wellington Wellington Britannia
Wellington Harbour Wellington Poneke
Wellington Harbour Wellington Port Nicholson
Wellington Harbour Wellington Te Upoko o te Ika a Maui
Wellington Harbour Wellington Whanganui-a-Tara
Wellsford Auckland Hoteo North
Wellsford Auckland Wayby
Welshmans Otago Cambrian
Wendon Southland Riversdale
Wendon Valley Southland Waikaka
Wendonside Southland Waikaka
Wereroa Waikato Churchill
Wereroa Horowhenua Levin
Wesleydale North Auckland Kaeo (Mission station)
West Bay Marlborough Endeavour Inlet
West Coast New Zealand Westland
West Eyreton Canterbury Horrelville
West Haven Inlet West Coast Whanganui Inlet
West Mangitainoka Wairarapa Pahiatua
West Taieri Goldfield Otago Hindon
West Wanganui Collingwood Southend
West Wanganui Inlet West Coast Whanganui Inlet
Westerfield Canterbury Langhmor
Westerfield Canterbury Valetta
Westland New Zealand West Coast
Westlands Nelson Uruwhenua
Weston Otago Alam
Weston Otago Ardgowan
Weston Otago Aridale
Weston Otago Awamoa
Weston Otago Cormacks
Weston Otago Waiareka
Weston Taranaki Westown (New Plymouth)
Westport West Coast Buller
Westport West Coast Te Kopuru
Westshore Hawke's Bay Spit, The
Wetheral Railway Canterbury Ohapuku
Wetheral Railway Canterbury Tram Road
Weymouth Auckland Kariha
Whaingaroa Waikato Raglan Harbour
Whaingaroa Harbour Waikato Raglan Harbour
Whaka Bay of Plenty Whakarewarewa (Rotorua)
Whakaari Otago Halfway Bush (Dunedin)
Whakaari East Coast Waikari
Whakamatau Canterbury Lake Coleridge
Whakamoehau Thames Golden Cross
Whakaoho-iti Otago Dunoon
Whakapouaka North Auckland Cape Karikari
Whakapouaka North Auckland Karikari Bay
Whakapuni Wairarapa Wakapuni
Whakarewarewa (Rotorua) Bay of Plenty Whaka
Whakari Bay of Plenty White Island
Whakataki Wairarapa Mataikuna
Whakataki Wairarapa Pakowai
Whakatane Bay of Plenty Kakahoroa
Whakatane Junction Bay of Plenty Kiwinui
Whakatete Bay Thames Woods Bay
Whakatu Hawke's Bay Hastings
Whakoau East Coast Huiarua
Whale Bay Canterbury Caroline Bay
Whale Island (Whakatane) Bay of Plenty Motuhora
Whananaki North Auckland Hikurangi
Whananaki North Auckland Matapouri Bay
Whangaehu Wanganui Wangaehu
Whangamoa Nelson Halfway House
Whangamumu Bay of Islands Russell
Whanganui Wanganui Wanganui
Whanganui Inlet West Coast West Haven Inlet
Whanganui Inlet West Coast West Wanganui Inlet
Whanganui-a-Tara Wellington Wellington Harbour
Whangaparaoa East Coast Cape Runaway
Whangaparaoa Peninsula Auckland Buache Peninsula
Whangape Bay of Islands Herekino
Whangape Bay of Islands Russell
Whangape Bay of Islands Wangape
Whangarae Nelson Croisilles
Whangarei North Auckland Kaitara
Whangarei North Auckland Mair
Whangarei North Auckland Mairtown
Whangarei North Auckland Maunu
Whangarei North Auckland Oakati
Whangarei North Auckland Otaika
Whangarei North Auckland Waikaraka
Whangarei North Auckland Whauwhau
Whangaroa North Auckland Ruato
Whangaroa North Auckland Tami Tami
Whangaroa North Auckland Totara
Whangaroa Auckland Waipuna
Whangaroa Otago Wangaloa
Whangaroa Harbour Waikato Raglan Harbour
Whangaruru Beach Bay of Islands Whangaruru North
Whangaruru North Bay of Islands Whangaruru Beach
Whapu North Auckland Dargaville
Wharaite Manawatu Whariti
Wharanui Marlborough Mills
Whareakeake Otago Murdering Beach
Whareama Wairarapa Langdale
Whareamuku Wellington Raumati (Paraparaumu)
Whareata East Coast Maraetaha
Wharehuanui Otago Malaghan's
Wharehunga Marlborough Grass Cove
Wharekahika East Coast Hick's Bay
Wharekahika East Coast Te Araroa
Wharekakaho Camp East Coast Earls
Wharekauri Chatham Islands Chatham Island
Wharekawa Harbour Thames Opoutere
Wharekuri Otago Kurow
Wharepapa Auckland Helensville
Wharepapa South Waikato Ellicott's Block
Wharepoa Thames Cryers Landing
Wharera North Auckland Huarau
Wharerata (Gisborne) East Coast Maraetaha
Wharite Manawatu Whariti
Whariti Manawatu Wharaite
Whariti Manawatu Wharite
Wharo North Auckland Ahipara
Whataarama Canterbury Torlesse Range
Whataitai Wellington Miramar Peninsula
Whatanpoko East Coast Gisborne
Whataparaerae Otago Shag Point
Whataroa West Coast Wataroa
Whatipu Auckland Huia
Whau Auckland Avondale
Whauwhau North Auckland Whangarei
Wheatstone Canterbury Tinwald
Whenuahou Stewart Island Codfish Island
Whenuakite Coromandel Whitianga
Whenuakura (Patea) Taranaki Rangikura
Whero Rock Stewart Island Passage Rock
Whiorau Wellington Lowry Bay
Whirinaki North Auckland Kaka-whirinaki
Whitcombe Otago Teremakau
Whitcombe Otago Waikaia
White Cliffs Taranaki Pukearuhe
White Cliff's Taranaki Parininihi
White Cliffs Junction Canterbury Hordon Junction
White Hills Auckland Pine Valley (Waitemata)
White Horse Otago Beck's
White Island Bay of Plenty Whakari
White Pine Bush (Whakatane) Bay of Plenty White Pine Valley
White Pine Valley (Whakatane) Bay of Plenty White Pine Bush
Whitefoord Park Auckland Whitford
Whitewash Head Canterbury Sumner Head
Whitford Auckland Whitefoord Park
Whitianga Taranaki Hurimoana
Whitianga Coromandel Kaimarama
Whitianga Coromandel Mahakirau
Whitianga Coromandel Whenuakite
Whitmore Manawatu Linton
Whitmore Manawatu Longburn
Whitstone Otago Cave Valley
Whitstone Otago Lorne
Wickett Marlborough Te Awaiti
Wickliffe Bay Otago Portobello
Wickliffe Bay Otago Victory Beach
Wigan East Coast Arataha
Wigram Canterbury Sockburn
Willawa Point Marlborough Tuingaro
Williamson's Clearing Auckland Bombay
Willow Bank Bay of Plenty Athenree
Willows Southland Winton
Willows, The East Coast North Ormond
Wilson Bay Otago Broad Bay
Wilson's River Southland Cromarty
Wilson's Road Canterbury Linwood Railway
Wimbledon Hawke's Bay Upper Wainui
Winchester Canterbury Waihi Crossing
Winchmore Canterbury Porowhita
Windermere Canterbury Winslow
Windlass Bay Campbell Island Capstan Bay
Windsor Otago Corriedale
Windsor Otago Otewhakauki
Windsor Junction Otago Island Cliff
Windwhistle Canterbury Rakaia Gorge
Windwhistle Canterbury Rakaia, Gorge of the
Windy Point Wellington Kokakotangireka
Winfield Otago Rock and Pillar
Wingate Wellington Avalon
Winiata Rangitikei Wynyard
Winscombe Canterbury Fairlie
Winslow Canterbury Longbeach Railway Station
Winslow Canterbury Windermere
Winton Southland Forest Hill
Winton Southland Lowood
Winton Southland Otapiri
Winton Southland Round Bush
Winton Southland Thomson's Crossing
Winton Southland Willows
Winton Southland Riverside
Wiri Auckland St John's Redoubt
Witako Wellington Etako
Woodbourne Air Force Base Marlborough Blenheim Air Force Base
Woodbridge Canterbury Rangitata
Woodbury Canterbury Waihi Bush
Woodend Southland Seaward Moss
Woodgrove Canterbury Mason's Flat
Woodlands Southland Grove Bush
Woodlands Southland Long Bush
Woodlands Southland Mokotua
Woodlands Southland Oteramika
Woodlands Park Auckland Beverley Hills
Woodlaw Southland Wairio
Woodleight Taranaki Frankleigh Park
Woods Bay Thames Whakatete Bay
Woods Island Auckland Herald Island
Woodside Auckland Birkenhead
Woodside Canterbury Cooper's Creek
Woodside North Auckland Kaeo
Woodside North Auckland Otoroa
Woodside Auckland Papatoetoe
Woodside Auckland Wiri
Woodside Otago Mangatua
Woodside Otago Maungatua
Woodside Canterbury Oxford
Woodstock West Coast Arthurstown
Woodstock Marlborough Deep Creek
Woodstock West Coast Kanieri
Woodthorpe Hawke's Bay Puketapu
Woodville Taranaki Alton
Woodville Northern Wairarapa Gorge Bridge Village
Woodville Northern Wairarapa Junction, The
Woodville Hawke's Bay Ngawapurua
Woodville Village Wairarapa Franklin
Woody Knoll Southland Limehills
Woodyhead Southland Karioi, Waipapa Point
Woolshed Southland Glencoe
Woolshed Otago Glenore
Woolshed, The Otago Glenore
Woolston Canterbury Hillsborough
Worser Bay Wellington Miramai
Worser Bay Wellington Youngs Bay
Worser's Bay Wellington Worser Bay
Wrey's Bush Southland Annandale
Wycliffe Bay Otago Poatiri
Wyderap New Zealand Wairarapa
Wyndham Southland Menzie's Ferry
Wyndham Southland Redan Valley
Wynyard Rangitikei Winiata
Yardhurst Canterbury Taylors
Yelaton Marlborough Te Awaite
Yorktown Canterbury Aylesbury
Yorktown Canterbury Bealey's Road
Young Nick's Head East Coast Kuri-a-paoa
Young Valley Southland Progress Valley Mill
Youngs Bay Wellington Worser Bay
Young's Point North Auckland Otamatea
Zalatown West Coast Alpine Hill
Zane Grey Camp Bay of Islands Otehi Bay
Zeehaen's Bocht Nelson Tasman Bay



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