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A key part of the NZSG is to bring together our members so we can help each other, wherever we are throughout New Zealand.

There are NZSG Branches in many cities and towns. Members of these Branches share your interests and can be specialists in the history and family history within their area. Their meetings are listed on our Events calendar and you can read some of their monthly Branch Newsletters.

As well as the Branches, there are many Interest Groups (IG), which focus on a topic, a country, or ethnicity and can help you with your research in that area. For example, there are Irish, Scottish, and Māori interest groups. Their meetings are listed on our Events calendar.

Within the NZSG Community, there are volunteers who work on Projects. They collect and collate data which becomes part of the unique NZSG Kiwi Collection database. If you would like to contribute, please get in touch.

We are members of a number of organisations – UK’s Family History Federation (FHF), the Australasian Federation of Family History Organisations (AFFHO) and the Archives & Records Association of NZ (ARANZ).

The NZSG is a community of exceptional people. In addition to our Literary Awards, each year members nominate individuals to receive awards for their outstanding work.

Memlist is a members only support forum, where members discuss topics and assist each other with their research. Memlist also provides a platform for new information to members, as does the NZSG Facebook page.



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