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82 2022 Awards
83 Sue Dinsdale Aunt Daisy and other delights
86 Jeanette Grant Dad's conservative taste buds
87 Kae Lewis Kate Hooper's recipe book
93 Terry Logan John Logan's boarding house dining room
94 Barbara Wyley "Kissing don't last; cookery do!"
98 Elizabeth Burden Have you used a recipe book to find genealogy gems?
100 Elizabeth Burden Using Annie Sharp's cookery book inscription for genealogical clues
102 Barbara Marriott Douglas Mary McKain - on food and recipes
104 Alyson de Marco Johanna - pioneer caterer. A short story of the legacy of cooking
107 Jean Fraser Something in the tins
108 Christine Clement The history of crematoria
110 Pauline Weeks Kumara cooks
112 Lianne Sloan David and Carrie Brown - a happy couple?
115 Warren Limbrick The reliability of tradition! Great-grandmother Vincent's Christmas pudding
117 Sue Dinsdale Death at Pernambuco

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