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2 Te Puke Branch of The New Zealand Society of Genealogists loses two original members
3 Sarah Hewitt Follow-up to Tawa Street article (December 2022)
6 Celia Geary Dunolly/Dunollie
7 Susanna Kelly Homes, houses and buildings
9 Sarah Hewitt The New Zealand Genealogist back issues
10 A royal connection
11 Yvonne Millbank "Happy Hilda's 70 years in Moray Street"
14 Yvonne Millbank My childhood home
17 Yvonne Millbank Some ideas for writing a description of a house
17 Yvonne Millbank Some ways to record information about a house
18 Arthur Wilmoor Davis
21 Jeanette Grant Genealogy finds heirs
22 Missing heirs and kindred in 1898
23 Allen Penney Auriferous Otago - dredges in 1899
26 Sarah Hewitt Using Google MyMaps for your family history
27 Sarah Hewitt Disinherited? Or not?
30 Shirley Synnott Family facts and fantasies: The unreliable memory
31 Paul Hickford Unravelling the life of my Greek uncle and revealing his extended family

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